SIMPLE MINDED 8-TRACK MIX TAPE – 1st and 2nd Quarter 2017


It's been a while, but here's our top musical picks for the first half of 2017.  So enjoy the Simple Minded 8-Track Mix Tape for the first 2 quarters of 2017.


TRACK 1 – “Weak” by AJR from the album The Click

PRODUCT OF:  New York City

THIS SONG KICKS ASS BECAUSE:  It has a fresh altnernopop sound that brings indie music sensibilities to a pop scene that can rapidly grow stale.

IF I CLOSE MY EYES I CAN SEE:  AJR dancing around a New York City Subway car fighting ghosts and/or reacting to heavy drug use.  The lack of hobos pissing on the subway makes this video very unrealistic.

WANT TO READ A FANTASTIC FACT RELATING TO THE SONG THAT WE PROBABLY JUST MADE UP?  DID YOU KNOW:  AJR’s name is not a tribute to PBR, the hipster beer, but a combination of the first names of the three brothers in the band – Adam, Jack and Ryan.

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