Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 04/12/2019


THE FIRST RULE OF COMIC CON IS “DON’T STARE AT COSPLAY GIRLS UNCOMFORTABLY” – El Paso Comic Con is back this weekend with more comics, special guests, panels and sexy cosplay.  So be sure to head to Downtown and enjoy the madness that is El Paso Comic Con.  They have Power Rangers this year!  (

THE INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OF ART NEEDS MONEY.  GO GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY – The beloved art museum on Montana Avenue is asking for donations to beef up their Collections Management fund.  The International Museum of Art was established in the 1940s and is the forerunner of the El Paso Museum of Art in Downtown El Paso.  The museum is a very important non-profit in the El Paso area that provides a great art collection to the public and that also does a good job of showcasing local art.  So hit up their IndieGoGo page and drop them a few dimes.  (

LET’S BRING A CHAMPIONSHIP TO EL PASO! – Good luck to the El Paso Rhinos hockey team and the Bel Air and San Elizario (boys and girls) futball teams as they all look to advance in their respective tournaments this weekend.  The El Paso Rhinos will be looking at repeating as Thorne Cup champions while the high school futball teams will look at reaching the final four of the state tournament – which will be held next week.  We’re all rooting for you and, win or lose, you have made us all proud.  GO HIGHLANDERHINAGLES! ( /


SUDAN IS MOVING ALONG WITH ITS BLOODLESS REVOLUTION RATHER QUICKLY.  BY THIS TIME NEXT WEEK IT MIGHT JUST HAVE THE MOST PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT IN AFRICA – After more than 3 decades of rule, Omar al-Bashir has been removed from power as a result of a military coup encouraged by months of protests by the masses.  The people of Sudan have been protesting since December due to the collapse of the country’s economy and the worsening conditions that have been felt by everyone since the latter part of 2018.  Even though a new military government has been set up, people are still protesting on the street and have vowed to keep it up until reforms are implemented and a full democratic government is put in place.  Hopefully this will be a turning point for Sudan and the start of a new, more democratic chapter for the country.  (

EVEN THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION IS SHRUGGING ITS SHOULDERS OVER THE EBOLA OUTBREAK IN THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO.  SURE, IT’S KILLED HUNDREDS, BUT AT LEAST IT HASN’T SPREAD TO ANOTHER COUNTRY – The World Health Organization has said that although the ebola outbreak in DR Congo is severe, it is not yet at the level of a global health emergency.  Over 700 people have died since last August in the northeast portion of the country due to the virus, but because of the borderline civil war in the area it is incredibly difficult to properly render aid in the region.  The same conflict, however, has created an environment with poor infrastructure and population movement that also makes it hard for the virus to spread to other regions.  So while the people that are trapped there are royally fucked, the danger seems to be contained to this specific geographical area.  So much like the WHO, all we can do is just shrug our shoulders and hope for a best case scenario in the outbreak.  (

EL PASO SAND TAKES VACATION TO MINNESOTA AND ELOPES WITH SNOW – In quirky weather news, the massive storm that created the high winds and dust storms in the Paso Del Norte region earlier this week hit with such force that the desert sand was carried all the way to Minnesota and Canada.  The same system also created spring snow storms up north that had a special surprise in each flake.  It appears that the precipitation fell as ‘dirty snow’ with flakes embedded with desert sand.  So now there are little pieces of El Paso randomly scattered across Minnesota and the Great White North.  Weather is weird.  (


Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 04/05/2019


THE BRAVOS DE JUAREZ WON’T BE PROMOTED TO THE BIG LEAGUES THIS SEASON.  BUT THE COPA MX WOULD MAKE A NICE CONSOLATION – Kudos to the Bravos for defeating a storied UNAM futball club in the Copa MX semifinal this week and setting up a historic championship meeting with the douchetastic Aguilas de America next Wednesday in Juarez.  And making things even sweeter for the team was the fact that local player Omar Antonio Panuco was one of the players to score for the Bravos in the game.   For those that aren’t too familiar with the Mexican futball league, Club America is the Mexican equivalent of the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Lakers – only much more insufferable.  So it would be very, VERY cool if the Bravos kicked their ass.  Good luck, Bravos, on your unlikely championship run in the Copa MX.  (

WHEN COCA-COLA ATTACKS!  I TOLD EVERYONE THAT HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP LACED DRINKS WERE HARMFUL, BUT NO ONE WOULD LISTEN – A large spill in the Coca-Cola bottling plant on the Eastside has led to a slow moving Coca-Cola sludge tsunami that has overrun most of Cook Road in the Lower Valley and closed off the neighborhood to through-traffic.  The police managed to stop the flow of the spill by pouring dirt on it, but now the company will have to go in and clean it up.  So until then, the road will remain closed.  The local media covered this story for hours and even managed to record a harrowing bird rescue after a small bird got stuck in the sludge and had to be rescued by a random city employee with a bottle of water.  The entire ordeal had the makings of a major Hollywood movie.  So just to make things clear, the “CRISIS ON THE BORDER OF DOOM” is so severe and important that El Paso-area media spent hours covering the rescue of a bird from a Coca-Cola spill.  (

IF ONLY THE PLAZA DE LOS LAGARTOS HAD PUBLIC RESTROOMS, THEN THEY WOULD HAVE NAMED IT THE GREATEST PUBLIC SPACE IN HISTORY! – Downtown’s historic Plaza De Los Lagartos has been named a Great Public Space by the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association.  The Plaza will now get a plaque and/or certificate and will get the satisfaction of a job well done.  That’ll do Plaza, that’ll do.  Imagine all the awards it will get when they build the public restrooms?  I wouldn’t doubt if it gets at least 3 Oscars and 2 Emmys!  According to random idiot citizens and city employees, park restrooms are important – if not the most important thing plaguing the city.  (


LOOKS LIKE LIBYA IS ABOUT TO HAVE ANOTHER CIVIL WAR.  AT LEAST IT’S NOT A FLAMING CLUSTERFUCK LIKE SYRIA, SO LIBYA HAS SOMETHING TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT – Libya is on the brink of another civil war as Eastern leader Khalifa Haftar has ordered his Libyan National Army group to march on Tripoli to take control of the country from the U.N. backed government.  Judging by past history, Libya should have been broken up into 3 or more countries in order to keep the factions that really don’t like each other from trying to gain dominance in the vacuum left when Gaddafi was “removed from power” in 2011.  But instead of taking this opportunity to create separate nations for people that had no interest in being friends and that had a long history of animosity; the global powers decided that this kumbaya façade of a united Libya was worth maintaining for some unknown reason.  And now we have a general from the east that cleaned up his own part of the country and is now looking to take Tripoli over frustrations of the west’s control over the entire country.  Once more, small countries that can make their own decisions are better than giant Frankenstein countries that are dominated by one region.  (

IT’S BEEN RAINING FOR WEEKS IN IRAN AND IT’S STILL RAINING – Over 40 people have died these past few weeks as heavy rains have contributed to massive flooding in large swaths of Iran.  Evacuations have now been ordered in the southwest part of the country as the flooding is expected to grow in this region.  To add to the calamity, sanctions have severely limited the amount of rescue supplies that Iran has on hand and absurd levels of deforestation in the past few decades have increased the frequency of floods of this type.  As a reminder, it’s never a good idea to cut down half of your forests for industry and agriculture and then do absolutely nothing to replant and restore the lost ecosystem.  (

JEFF BEZOS BASICALLY JUST WASTED $35 BILLION ON PUSSY.  I’M STARTING TO THINK THAT JEFF BEZOS’ WEALTH MIGHT BE MORE A FUNCTION OF LUCK THAN ACTUAL DECISION MAKING SKILLS AND BUSINESS ACUMEN – The divorce between Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie has just been finalized and she will be keeping a 4% stake in the company worth upwards of $35 billion.  Though Jeff Bezos will still keep voting rights on those shares and sole ownership of his other businesses, most people would agree that he overpaid for his side-pussy – which is allegedly now his permanent-pussy.  Lauren Sanchez has a style that I like to call the “retired El Paso stripper look” and, if this is what Jeff Bezos likes, half the strippers in El Paso look like younger versions of her.  Jeff Bezos should have just told me this was his type and I would have taken him down to Dreams Cabaret; it would have been slightly cheaper than $35 billion.  For that price, Lauren Sanchez’ vagina better be covered in gold, make pancakes for breakfast every day and come with its own juice bar.  (


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LOOKS LIKE THE STATE OF TEXAS IS THROWING EL PASO A TRAMWAY-SHAPED BONE – The State of Texas has voted to give out money as part of the House Appropriations Acts and the El Paso region got some of its major projects funded as a result.  The biggest funding news comes in the form of $15 million that will be used to repair the Wyler Aerial Tramway and $20 million that will be used to kickstart the new dental school at the school of medicine.  Some other statewide programs will also get major funding and those will benefit the Paso Del Norte region as more money becomes available for teachers and other members of the community.  Looks like our local elected officials did a good job in Austin this session.  (

THE SNOW IS MELTING IN COLORADO AND WITH THAT COMES HOPE THAT THERE WILL BE MORE WATER IN THE RIO GRANDE – The annual snow melt in Colorado and New Mexico is very important to replenishing the waters of the Rio Grande and thus very, very important in me not getting dehydrated.  In addition to praying for snow and rain along the Rio Grande, El Paso Water has many tools and sources available to make sure that everyone in the city has access to clean water.  EPWater wrote a great guest column on El Paso Herald Post detailing the annual melting snow’s importance as well as highlighting the diversified sources that EPWater has at its disposal.  So if you are interested in where your water comes from, go check out EPWater’s guest column.  (

WE’RE VERY CLOSE TO HAVING A BATMAN MIDDLE SCHOOL IN EL PASO.  NORTHEAST, PLEASE DON’T SCREW THIS UP – EPISD is building a new middle school in Northeast El Paso and they are asking the community for name suggestions.  This year is Batman’s 80th birthday and I can think of no better way of honoring him than by naming the new Northeast middle school in his honor.  Sure, EPISD will close down the school in 3 years because of declining enrollment figures, but the important thing is that Batman gets a school named after him.  So please do your part and submit a nomination for Batman as the namesake of the new school.  (


YUP, THEY STILL CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY WANT TO DO WITH BREXIT – It’s been years in the making, but the British government still can’t figure out how (or if) it wants to leave the EU.  Even after multiple suggestions and votes in parliament, there has not been one plan to get a majority vote.  More votes are coming but it seems like a No Deal Brexit is the most likely scenario unless they take the action back to the people and ask them to either approve the garbage plan that they currently have, leave the EU with no deal or just remain in the EU.  After all the lies and promises of magical unicorns if Britain left the EU, the voters can now see what their options are and should be able to make an educated decision.  Stay tuned for next week, when they ask for another deadline extension and keep on voting for proposals that just barely miss hitting the majority needed for approval.  (

BRUNEI IS A PRETTY FUCKED UP PLACE.  AND IT TOOK AN ANGRY GEORGE CLOONEY BOYCOTT LETTER FOR THE WORLD’S MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS TO FINALLY POINT OUT THAT BRUNEI IS PRETTY FUCKED UP AND BORDERLINE BARBARIC IN ITS TREATMENT OF THE GAY COMMUNITY – Brunei has announced that it will expand it’s crazy version of sharia law by extending the death penalty to people found guilty of engaging in gay sex or committing adultery.  Even if you don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle, stoning someone to death for something they do in private is amazingly horrible.  The outrage over these absurd laws has grown and George Clooney’s proposed hotel boycott is just the first step in trying to bring some attention to this situation.  Although Brunei is tiny and practically insignificant, it has a ton of natural resources and is thus very wealthy.  The boycott of hotels owned by Brunei’s shady investment schemes probably won’t do much to their coffers, but it’s the right thing to do and is a good way for good people to show that they will not be complicit in crazy medieval actions by backwater nations.  (

FOR THOSE THAT DIDN’T KNOW, THE ALLIANCE OF AMERICAN FOOTBALL IS A NEW LEAGUE THAT JUST STARTED THIS YEAR.  IT’S QUITE POSSIBLE THE LEAGUE WILL BE DEAD BY NEXT WEEK, SO ENJOY THE AAF MAGIC WHILE YOU CAN – The AAF is a spring football league that is looking at becoming a sort of feeder league for the NFL.  The league is burning through cash a little too fast and now the owners are begging the NFL to put them in the fold or they will cease operations.  It’s worth pointing out that the owners of the AAF consist of a fine collection of incompetent dreamers and extremely sketchy businessmen that only promise large sums of money and then give you pennies on the dollar.  The moral of the story is NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SKETCHY PEOPLE WITH SKETCHY MONEY WHO ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A CON.(


Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 03/22/2019


PONIES!  PONIES!  PONIES!  2019 – It’s that time of year again.  Time for the Sunland Derby!  The race, which is one of the most important sporting events in the region, will be taking place on Sunday, March 24.  This is the 16th time the event has been run and it has only grown in importance over the years.  The favorite in this race is Mucho Gusto but there are also some local favorites in the running.  The winner is practically guaranteed a start in the Kentucky Derby, so this race is very important in the racing world.  So be sure to tip your hat to the ponies and cheer on your favorites at the Sunland Derby this Sunday.  (

FOR THOSE THAT DON’T LIKE PONIES:  POPPIES!  POPPIES!  POPPIES! – The El Paso Museum Of Archaeology will be hosting their annual Poppies Festival this Saturday and it is an excellent companion to the Sunland Derby or just a great weekend attraction if ponies aren’t your thing.  The festival has been held every year for over a decade now and this year’s fest should have more wild poppies on the Franklin Mountains due to the wetter weather we had this Winter.  So be sure to check out Poppies Fest this weekend at the base of the Franklin Mountains next to the Archaeology Museum.  It’s like a Kermes, but with wildflowers instead of Jesus!  (

RETABLOMANIA AT THE EL PASO MUSEUM OF ART! – The El Paso Museum Of Art has the second largest collection of retablos (tri-paneled, Mexican religious triptych paintings) in the United States and one of the largest collections in the world.  To show off its impressive collection, the museum has created the Joy and Suffering:  EPMA’s Collection Of Mexican Retablos exhibition that will run through May 5.  This is a chance for the public to see many of the great retablos that the museum has in its collection and to encourage a larger appreciation of triptych and polyptych art – which are essentially sequential art and proto comic books.  The exhibition will also feature other religious works from the same time-period as well as various lectures and seminars throughout its run.  So go check out the EPMA’s retablos, they are triptychtastic!  (


CYCLONE IDAI SORT OF CAME OUT OF NOWHERE.  IT WAS SO UNEXPECTED THAT MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS DIDN’T START REPORTING ON IT UNTIL DAYS AFTER THE CYCLONE HIT – In a pretty rare occurrence, Cyclone Idai formed in the waters between Mozambique and Madagascar, looped around a bit and then hit Beira, Mozambique with the same force as a major hurricane.  There was very little news on the build up to the storm and, even though it hit last Thursday, the full devastation was not broadcast to the rest of the world until a few days later.  In addition, to the strong winds, the storm dumped a ton of water on Mozambique and neighboring countries and it is believed that the death toll will reach into the thousands when all is said and done.  Beira is still cut off from aid and the situation there might get worse considering that the storm came just before harvest season and most of their food is practically gone.  It’s really popular to blame global climate change for every natural disaster, but storms this severe don’t normally strike this part of Africa and it’s a good bet that stuff like this will become the norm in the coming decades.  Be safe, Mozambique.  (

BREXIT IS STILL A SHITSHOW, AND NOW THE SHITSHOW HAS BEEN EXTENDED FOR A FEW MORE WEEKS – After parliament twice rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s horrible Brexit deal, it looks like she will now have more time to take the same exact deal back to parliament in an attempt to ram it through.  The Brexit deadline was originally March 29th, but the EU has given the UK a few more weeks to try and pass the horrible final deal or just give up entirely and start the clusterfuck of a no deal Brexit.  The UK still wants to have their cake and eat it too – complete with magical borders around Northern Ireland – but at this point even the most deluded Brexiteer can see that the UK has no leverage and it’s either a shitty deal or no deal at all.  Both plans are horrible and another referendum is the best bet for everyone, but never underestimate the resolve of ignorant, racist, jingoist fuckwads.  (

FROM PCP SUBSTITUTE TO ANESTHETIC TO ANTI-DEPRESSANT, KETAMINE CAN DO IT ALL – Ketamine-derived medications for depression have gone under intense testing the past few years after decades of research and now the FDA has finally started to approve the drug for severe depression.  Originally developed as an anesthetic due to its relative safety and ease of use, Ketamine has risen over the years as one of the most important drugs in the world.  The drug is even found on the World Health Organization’s List Of Essential Medicines and is one of the most common drugs used in developing nations.  Although studies and research are still being conducted on Ketamine and its new found uses; all signs point to Ketamine being a major game changer when it comes to depression and other psychological ailments.  Who knows, maybe this will lead to LSD finally getting a fair shake when it comes to treating psychological problems.  (


Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 03/15/2019


THE WORST KEPT SECRET IN THE HISTORY OF EL PASO IS FINALLY OUT.  BETO O’ROURKE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ……. OR IS HE? – In news that surprised practically no one, Beto O’Rourke has officially announced that he is running for President and will be seeking the nomination from the Democratic Party.  After months of building up hype, he kicked off his campaign by visiting small towns in Iowa and there is no doubt that he is committed to the campaign.  After Beto’s close loss to Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate campaign, his stock has only been rising and he is now one of the front-runners in the election.  Whatever happens, we still love you Beto.  You put Paso Del Norte in a positive light and always stood up when someone said negative things about the city.  Good luck, Beto O’Rourke.  (

EL PASO LOST A J.C. PENNEY IN DOWNTOWN, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE IT WILL BE GAINING AN IMPROVED BUILDING IN THE FUTURE – The loss of the J.C. Penney store in Downtown El Paso was a big economic loss for the area, but with that loss came the hope that an even bigger economic gain might be gained in the future.  That hope appears to have been rewarded as the new owners of the building – M.J.C.P. L.L.C. – look to be pushing forward with their impressive plans to fully renovate the building into an amazing mixed-use project.  The Downtown Management District has just awarded a $25,000 grant to the owners of the building as part of its Commercial Façade Improvement Grant program and this is just the latest piece of the puzzle for this ambitious project that looks to restore the building to its original glory.  Having an economic driver like J.C. Penney was nice for the area, but having that ugly concrete tomb façade that they built around the building removed and replacing it with the original look of the building will be even greater for the area.  (

IT’S JUST LIKE BATTLEBOTS, BUT WITHOUT THE SPARKS AND COOL DESTRUCTION – Congratulations to the Horizon High School Robotics team for winning the state championship at the Vex State Robotics Tournament and for earning a place at the world championships that will take place in Louisville in late April.  Kudos, Horizon High Robot Wranglers.  Your reward for doing good is a trip to Louisville!  Hey, that’s not Disneyland.  (


RIGHT WING NUT JOBS STRIKE AGAIN, THIS TIME WITH A HORRIBLE TERRORIST ATTACK IN NEW ZEALAND.  BUT ACCORDING TO THOSE IN POWER IT’S ONLY TERRORISM WHEN PEOPLE WHO AREN’T WHITE DO IT – Tragedy struck in New Zealand when an idiot, incel, right wing, chan-user decided to take out all his frustrations and racist aggression on innocent Muslims worshiping in two Mosques in Christchurch.  As a result, 49 people were killed and many more were injured in what is the worst terrorist attack in New Zealand’s history.  What made this even more disturbing was that the cunt who did this posted about it on 8chan before starting and even sent a link to the Facebook livestream that he was running while on his terrorist attack.  Add to that the fact that tech companies were unable to stop the spread of the footage after the fact on multiple platforms and you have a situation that lays bare many of the problems that society faces today.  But honestly, fuck this guy and all the other racist fucks on the internet and the people in power who still coddle all these sick fucks by refusing to call it a terrorist attack.  We’re living in really fucked up times.  (

RICH PEOPLE CAN BUY THEMSELVES INTO ELITE COLLEGES?  I’M SHOCKED!  NEXT THING YOUR GOING TO TELL ME THAT RICH AND CONNECTED PEOPLE CAN TRADE MONEY AND FAVORS TO GET GOOD JOBS AND HIGH RANKING GOVERNMENT POSITIONS – A large-scale college “fraud” scheme has been unearthed by government investigators and almost 50 people have been charged in the scheme.  The kingpin of this operation was Rick Singer who used his California-based “college prep” business to help rich and famous people – including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman – get their unqualified children into any college they desired.  Some of the “services” offered by Singer involved funneling bribes to college administrators in addition to helping students cheat on SAT exams.  Although many people are clutching their pearls over this, it’s pretty common knowledge that getting into a good school, getting a good job and getting the best breaks in life are made much easier by how much money you have and how many connected people you know.  Though most people call it “networking”, that’s pretty much a code word for kissing ass and getting a buddy to get you into a good job or hook you up with important clients without any merit.  Did you honestly think America was a meritocracy or something fair like that?  (

OTTERS ARE SOME OF THE MOST ADORABLE CREATURES IN THE WORLD.  AND NOW THEY ARE THE MOST ADORABLE CREATURES TO LEAVE AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL RECORD! – A new study in Scientific Reports suggests that otters and their use of stone tools can leave an archaeological record that is distinct from humans.  Most of the evidence comes from otters and their use of rocks to pry open clams and other shelled sea creatures in order to eat their yummy meat.  When otter use the stones they leave distinct markings on the rocks and also reveal a unique breakage pattern in shells.  Using what has been observed in otter stone tools, scientists can determine where old otter colonies lived and also help distinguish if humans or otters were the ones leaving these clues in the fossil record.  I only wish otters knew how to write so that we could have adorable otter-hieroglyphs scattered around the world.  (


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THE EL PASO LOCOMOTIVE FUTBALL CLUB OFFICIALLY STARTS PLAYING THIS WEEK, SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY.  I STILL THINK IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF THEY CALLED THEMSELVES LOKOMOTIV EL PASO – After years of planning and work, the El Paso Locomotive will finally take the field for their first official game this Saturday.  The Locomotive will play against the Oklahoma Energy at the El Paso Chihuahua’s City Hall Field in a game that is officially sold out.  Hopefully this is a harbinger of more exciting things to come and a future football stadium down the line in downtown.  Although not an MLS team, division 2 is still pretty good and we salute MountainStar for bringing another top notch sports team to the region.  (

ALL HAIL CASSANDRO!  ONE OF PASO DEL NORTE’S MOST  UNDERRATED LEGENDS – El Paso and Juarez have produced many great wrestlers, but Cassandro is the most flamboyant of them all.  Saul Armendariz was born and raised here and also developed the Cassandro persona while training to become a pro wrestler in the storied gyms of Juarez.  In addition to being a great professional wrestler, Cassandro was one of the first openly gay mainstream wrestlers to reach the top of his field.  If that wasn’t enough, Cassandro’s fascinating and fabulous life is now the subject of a documentary by French filmmaker Marie Losier.  Cassandro, The Exotico is the title of the documentary and it will have a premiere next Friday, March 15, at the Westside Alamo Drafthouse complete with an appearance by Cassandro himself.  So don’t miss out on the chance to meet a local legend and witness the magic of Cassandro first hand.  (

FAREWELL TO THE MURALS AT LINCOLN PARK BENEATH THE SPAGHETTI BOWL.  AT LEAST THEY MANAGED TO SAVE SOME OF THEM – The planned I-10/Spaghetti Bowl/Border Highway/Chamizal Border Crossing connector project is about to begin construction and some of the artwork in the area will have to be demolished in the name of progress.  Over 50 murals are currently painted on the multiple support columns that raise the spaghetti bowl over Lincoln Park, but due to the new construction 15 of those columns and corresponding murals will have to be torn down.  There was some back and forth over what would be torn down in the area to complete this project, but thankfully activists worked with txdot to spare the Lincoln Community Center and to leave a couple of the columns as canvases for the existing murals.  Normally txdot is a bit belligerent on these things, so it was nice to see that they worked with people in the area to save as many of the murals and buildings as possible.  For a full list of the murals that will be lost, make sure to visit the El Paso Inc. website for one of the best summaries of all that will be lost by this necessary project.  (


NOW VENEZUELA HAS NATIONWIDE BLACKOUTS!  ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, NOW THE PEOPLE CAN’T SEE MADURO BEING INCOMPETENT AND GUAIDO BEING PROPPED UP BY THE CIA – As of yesterday, massive blackouts have been hitting all of Venezuela after issues were reported at the country’s hydroelectric power stations.  This should only add to all the drama in Venezuela as Maduro is slowly crushed by the vice of covert CIA actions and American intervention.  At this point it’s pretty obvious that “external forces” are the ones causing a clusterfuck at the power stations as well as all the other recent actions that have led to Guaido’s rise to power.  Guaido studied at CIA University (aka George Washington University) for God’s sake.  Maduro is a giant piece of trash that deserves to be tossed on his ass, but let’s not be blind to what’s happening here.  So tune in next week when we see what the CIA “doesn’t” do to create even more chaos in Venezuela.  (

ALGERIA’S PRESIDENT IS PRACTICALLY IN A COMA AND HE’S STILL GOING TO RUN FOR ANOTHER TERM AND WILL PROBABLY WIN.  ALGERIANS ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT VERY HAPPY – Algerians are protesting around the country as they have become fed up with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and his eternal claim to the presidency.  He has been in power for 20 years but since having a stroke in 2013 has rarely gone out in public and is currently in Switzerland receiving treatment.  For the most part, Algerians put up with President Bouteflika.  But now he’s practically a puppet and the people have become fed up and are gathering in the streets to denounce this blatant disregard for the democratic process.  But even after all of this, it’s still possible that the president wins another term in office!  It’s like Weekend At Bernie’s but with more protests, corruption and bloodshed.  (

US AIR FORCE SECRETARY HEATHER WILSON HAS RESIGNED HER HIGH RANKING POSITION FOR A JOB AT ……. UTEP? – It’s just been announced that the person replacing Diana Natalicio as President at UTEP will be none other than Heather Wilson.  Wilson was a high ranking official at the Pentagon and was in the running to be the next Defense Secretary, but apparently the Trump administration is such a shitshow that working at UTEP is preferable to having one of the highest ranking positions in the U.S. military.  Good luck to Heather Wilson and let’s hope she realizes that she is now going to work for an institution that produced multiple employees of Simple Minded Entertainment.  (

Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION – 03/01/2019


THE RESULTS ARE IN AND EL PASO COMMUNITY COLLEGE IS THE GREATEST COLLEGE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  SUCK IT, HARVARD – For the 14th straight year, EPCC has been ranked #1 in number of associate degrees awarded to Hispanic students according to The Hispanic Outlook on Education Magazine.  The college awarded 3,128 associate degrees to Hispanic students and also ranked #2 in the country for total degrees and certificates awarded to Hispanic students.  While EPCC isn’t exactly Yale or Stanford, it’s a great place to start a college education and a great value compared to other schools.  Kudos, EPCC.  (

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE SKANKS.  WHAT ABOUT THE SKANKS? – In news that surprised absolutely no one, the Cabaret Gentlemen’s Club on Montana was temporarily shut down last week because of alleged prostitution, drug dealing and other illegal activities.  The neighbors in the area are happy because the skankiest strip club in El Paso has been shut down; but society as a whole has lost some culture after the skankiest strip club in El Paso is closed and another fabled Montana strip club seems to have bitten the dust.  Rest in peace, Cabaret.  (

MAKE SURE TO ENJOY THE ROSES BEFORE THEY BURST INTO FLAMES SOME TIME IN THE SUMMER – The El Paso Rose Garden has just re-opened and we hereby welcome warmer temperatures to the region.  The Rose Garden once again opens its doors on March 1 and the public is welcomed to check out all the roses, paths and plants that the 4 acre park has to offer.  So be sure to check out the city’s rose garden on 1702 North Copia before the warm temperatures REALLY return and incinerate everything sometime in June.  (


TENSIONS RISE IN KASHMIR AS PAKISTAN SHOOTS DOWN AN INDIAN FIGHTER PILOT FOR HAVING A FUNNY MUSTACHE – Things have been getting crazy these past few weeks as Pakistan and India have been going at it over attacks in the disputed Kashmir region.  Things reached a boiling point this week when Indian fighter planes went into Pakistan territory to attack “militant” sites and one of the planes was shot down and the pilot was captured by Pakistani forces.  Luckily, cooler heads have prevailed and Pakistan returned the pilot to India and didn’t even shave his crazy mustache off.  Let’s hope this is the start of a cooling down of emotions in Kashmir and a start of dialogue.  The last thing we need is two nuclear powers going to war over an overblown conflict.  Like they say, respect for another man’s crazy facial hair is the first step to peace.  (

TURNS OUT MOMO IS A HOAX.  BUT WHAT IF MOMO IS USING REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY AND IS ACTUALLY REAL AND CREATING A HOAX TO GO AFTER MORE KIDS? – The Momo craze is the latest spectacular hoax to cause idiots to clutch their pearls and bitch and complain about the internet and “child safety”.  For those that don’t know, Momo was some sort of big-eyed Japanese monster that some people would use to befriend children on social media and make them kill themselves.  The Momo craze was so large that even major news outlets and police departments were caught in the hype even though no legit victims were found and there was no evidence that any of it was actually true.  I’m just going to go out on a limb and assume that this was all started by random assholes on 4chan who were high on drugs at the time.  If so, kudos to 4chan for making fools of all the idiots who take shit like Facebook and Twitter seriously.  (

YOU TOO CAN BE LIKE THE PREDATOR!  ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS INJECT NANOPARTICLES INTO YOUR EYEBALLS AND YOU CAN HAVE INFRARED VISION.  EASY! – Scientists from the U.S. and China have figured out that mice can be given infrared vision by injecting nanoparticles into their eyes.  The research has been published in the journal Cell and gives exciting insight into the way the eye works and the overall electromagnetic spectrum.  One day mice will develop Predator powers and these researchers will be solely responsible for mankind’s downfall.  (



Here’s our full recap of the Simple Minded Entertainment Top 100 Songs of 2018 including breakdowns by album, geography and language. Enjoy.


1. “Love It If We Made It” – The 1975 – (A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships)
2. “Eastside” – Benny Blanco with Halsey and Khalid – (Friends Keep Secrets)
3. “Close To Me” – Ellie Goulding with Diplo and Swae Lee
4. “Youngblood” – 5 Seconds Of Summer – (Youngblood)
5. “Thunderclouds” – LSD [Labrinth, Sia & Diplo]
6. “Belter” – Gerry Cinnamon – (Erratic Cinematic)
7. “I’m A Mess” – Bebe Rexha – (Expectations)
8. “Eden” – Valley Of Ruin – (Valley Of Ruin)
9. “Mr. Tillman” – Father John Misty – (God’s Favorite Customer)
10. “Tummy” – Tamino – (Amir)

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Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 02/22/2019


MOLD JUST WANTED TO GO TO SCHOOL AND NOW THEY’RE GOING TO TEAR THE WHOLE THING DOWN.  GOOD GOING, MOLD – You would think mold is a rarity in the desert, but never underestimate shoddy plywood and dry wall construction and mediocre contractors.  After months of “decision making” that could have been done in a few weeks, the Las Cruces Public School Board has decided that they will tear down Columbia Elementary School and build a new school because the mold damage is too costly to repair.  So while there are adobe buildings in Mesilla that are over a hundred years old, a comparatively new decades-old school in Las Cruces has to be torn down because of an organism that should basically be extinct in the desert.  The students from Columbia Elementary have been going to school at Centennial High School since the closure in September and will be there for a while until Columbia is torn down and replaced with New Columbia.  Word of advice to Las Cruces Public Schools, don’t hire the same fucking contractors that built the original Columbia Elementary.  (

IT’S GOOD TO SEE LOCAL MUSEUMS FINALLY RECOGNIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF ANCIENT MOGOLLON AND ARIDOAMERICA CULTURES IN THE REGION.  MORE PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT OUR ARIDOAMERICA/MOGOLLON HISTORY – The El Paso Museum of History is opening a new exhibit starting today that features pottery from the Casas Grandes region of Chihuahua that once formed a key part of the Aridoamerica/Mogollon cultural region that extended from present-day northern Sonora and southern Arizona to southern New Mexico, northern Chihuahua and western Texas.   The exhibit is called From Fire and Earth and is a collaboration with the art and archaeology museums and features ceramics and pottery from Casas Grandes and Mata Ortiz.  It’s about time that local cultural institutions start recognizing the importance of local culture and not kowtowing to the ignorant belief that only Aztec and Maya motifs can represent “True Mexican” culture – when the fact is that the Aztecs and Maya never even came remotely close to northern Mexico.  Let’s remember and elevate our own local Mogollon/Aridoamerica culture and history.  (

THEY HAD ME AT “FREE CHICO THE CHIHUAHUA PONCHO”! – The El Paso Chihuahuas have just announced their promotional and giveaway calendar for the upcoming 2019 season and all you have to know is that they will be giving away a free Chico The Chihuahua howling dog poncho for the game on April 17.  Start lining up now!  The promotions are great as always so go check out the full calendar and plan out what days you will be attending the baseball games to get cheap beer and free clothes.  Opening day is April 4.  (


THE SITUATION IN VENEZUELA GROWS INTO AN EVEN BIGGER CLUSTERFUCK EVERY DAY WITH NO END IN SIGHT.  AND NOW THE VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT HAS UPPED THE ANTE AND HAS CLOSED IT’S BORDER WITH BRAZIL.  THIS PROBABLY WON’T END WELL – As a result of the opposition’s demands to transport foreign aid into Venezuela, the Maduro government has ordered his army to block the border entry with Brazil and Colombia to prevent crowds and supplies from crossing the border.  It’s gotten so bad that multiple people have been hurt and killed as soldiers have fired on protesters who are trying to block the military from setting up at the border and/or trying to get into the country.  Add to this the absurd atmosphere of a benefit concert on the Colombian side of the border with Venezuela put together by Richard Branson (along with a competing Pro-Maduro concert on the Venezuelan side) and you got yourself a bizarro powder keg that is ready to explode this weekend in Venezuela.  But thankfully there is a non-CIA groomed “leader” waiting in the wings to take over once Maduro is out.  Because we all know how well things have worked out when America gets involved in Latin America and puts up CIA groomed drones in power.  (

TAKING A PAGE FROM THE DONALD TRUMP PLAYBOOK, SUDANESE PRESIDENT OMAR AL-BASHIR HAS DECLARED A STATE OF EMERGENCY IN ORDER TO FIRE THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT AND HOLD ON TO POWER FOR ONE MORE YEAR.  AT LEAST THE UNITED STATES CAN SAY IT HAS SLIGHTLY BETTER LEADERSHIP AND SLIGHTLY BETTER CHECKS AND BALANCES THAN SUDAN – Omar al-Bashir has been in power in Sudan for almost 30 years and, even though there have been protests to remove him from power, he is defiant and seems to be planning to hold on to power until they remove it from his cold dead hands.  So as it stands, Sudan is trying its best to make Venezuela look stable in comparison.  But Sudan doesn’t have too much economic importance in the world so not many foreign powers are lining up to offer “aid” for the people of Sudan any time soon.  (

HAYABUSA2 HAS JUST BECOME THE MOST GANGSTA SPACECRAFT IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM AFTER SHOOTING A BULLET AT ASTEROID RYUGU – Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 continues to impress in its scientific endeavors after it shot a small bullet at Ryugu to help collect soil samples from the asteroid.  This is the first time that a spaceship has committed a drive-by shooting on an asteroid and 50 Cent was quick to get on Twitter and talk shit about Hayabusa2.  Hayabusa2 later responded with a libel lawsuit at which point 50 Cent declared bankruptcy and said he couldn’t pay anything.  Don’t listen to the haters, Hayabusa2.  You’re the most gangsta spaceship ever!  (

Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 02/15/2019


AT LEAST SOMETHING USEFUL IS BEING BUILT WITH THE “BORDER SECURITY” MONEY THAT DONALD TRUMP WAS BITCHING AND MOANING ABOUT – As part of the billions of dollars that were approved by Congress for border security, a large detention center will be built in El Paso to house refugee families while they are processed for asylum.  The now empty Hoover plant in West El Paso will be converted for this purpose starting in the spring but there is still no word on whether the $190 million earmarked for this project will be used at the proposed Hoover location or if another purpose built center will be constructed at a yet to be named location.  Kudos to Congresswoman Veronica Escobar for managing to snag a massive $100+ million plus project for El Paso amidst the border security melee – aka Trump Wall Temper Tantrum.  As a bonus, this construction project will actually serve a purpose and make the system more efficient, unlike the useless border wall project that is just an egotistical boondoggle.  (

WHO KNEW MEERKATS WOULD MAKE SUCH GOOD ACCOMPLICES FOR VALENTINE’S DAY REVENGE? – The El Paso Zoo had a great promotion this Valentine’s Day where they would name a cockroach after your ex and then feed it to one of their meerkats.  The ‘Quit Bugging Me’ event was a great success that attracted international media attention, had online submissions from all over the world and raised money for zoo exhibits.  The meerkats get to eat cockroaches as a treat anyway, so might as well make a neat little promotion out of it.  Kudos to the El Paso Zoo for coming up with a great promotional event and to the meerkats for being so adorable.  Now if you’ll excuse me I will go and mourn for the brave little cockroach that was named after me.  (

LOOK AT THOMASON HOSPITAL BEING ALL INNOVATIVE AND FANCY.  GOOD SHOW, THOMASON HOSPITAL – A brand new surgical procedure was recently performed at UMC in order to help a patient suffering from stomach cancer.  The surgical procedure was led by Dr. Mendoza-Ladd and helped a patient who couldn’t eat because of a blockage in his digestive tract.  The “endoscopic jejunostomy” operation creates a new hole in the stomach which is then connected to the small intestine thus bypassing the blockage.  This is only the second time this operation has been completed in Texas and offers incredible relief to people who are suffering from similar conditions.  Kudos, Thomason Hospital.  (


KEEP ON EYE ON 5G NETWORKS IN THE FUTURE.  FOR THE UNITED STATES TO ATTACK HUAWEI LIKE THAT, IT CAN ONLY MEAN THAT ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE PLANNING TO USE THE NETWORK FOR NEFARIOUS PURPOSES IN THE FUTURE – European mobile networks are the latest group to raise the alarm over 5G security and as it is set to roll out strong in the coming years, this is a major issue that more people should be paying attention too.  The first sign that this is much bigger than just a simple cell service upgrade came when the United States government went after Huawei because it is one of the largest equipment suppliers for the 5G network.  Although it looks like a case of corporate protectionism at first glance, one has to wonder if the U.S. government is just projecting its own motives on Huawei and wants them out of the picture because everything they are accusing them of is exactly what they want to do.  At this point, any country worth its salt should be looking at creating their own networks with their own home grown suppliers.  Because if 5G is going to be a vital part of the future infrastructure involving the internet of things and self-driving car networks, it’s best that neutral countries don’t depend too much on China or the USA.  (

IN THE FUTURE, EL PASO’S CLIMATE WILL BE LIKE ARIZONA AND ARIZONA WILL JUST BECOME AN OVEN AND EXPLODE – A massive study published in Nature Communications shows how the climate in the major cities in America will change in 60 years if nothing is done to stop climate change.  The hard working researchers even created a web program that lets you choose a city and then gives you a forecast for which current city the climate will likely emulate in 60 years.  In El Paso and Las Cruces’ case, the climate in 60 years will most likely resemble Phoenix – so it will be slightly warmer and drier and a lot more racist (Arizona redneck joke!).  So unless we get our act together, we’re going to get a bit hotter in the future.  (

DONALD TRUMP CONTINUES TO BE A COMPLETE, FUCKING CUNT – Fresh off the heels of his bullshit-filled racist monologue in El Paso on Monday night, Donald Trump decided the best way to build a stupid fucking wall is to declare a fake national emergency in order to steal taxpayer money.  So like a good little fascist he is trying to go around the checks and balances of the Constitution because congress doesn’t agree with his stupid ideas and doesn’t want to give him an ungodly amount for a stupid wall.  This will naturally go to the courts and we will have to see if certain “compromised” individuals on the Supreme Court follow their master’s bidding or show some backbone and protect the integrity of the nation.  Of note is that Donald Trump literally said that he didn’t have to do this and could wait to get the funding but wanted to see if he could abuse his power and get the money faster; thus negating any claim he has that there is an actual emergency on the border.  Donald Trump is a complete, fucking cunt.  (