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JOHNNY FLOREZ IS A LEGEND IN LAS CRUCES, AND THE SURROUNDING REGION, AND HE NEEDS A HELPING HAND.  LET’S PAY OUR RESPECTS TO THE MAN WHILE HE IS LIVING – Johhny Florez is a mariachi ambassador who has been playing in Las Cruces, and beyond, for decades and who has been a fan of the genre for more than 85 years.  He’s such an influence on the Las Cruces music scene that the city gave him his own day in 2014.  Johnny Florez has been fighting cancer for the past few years and now he needs help with some payments.  It’s tough to be handling a major disease and having to struggle with your bills and it is a very humbling experience to ask for help.  So for everything he has done, the entire community of Las Cruces and across the region should dig into their pockets and give him a little help if they can.  More information can be found at the link.  (

STOP ME IF YOU’VE HEARD THIS ONE BEFORE.  LOU FERRIGNO AND AARON JONES WALK INTO A BAR – El Paso Comic Con came and went this weekend and it was a pretty good event.  One of the more amusing side anecdotes of the whole thing involved Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) showing up for a pre-NFL Draft party at Spirit of ‘66 to support UTEP running back Aaron Jones as he attempts to enter into professional football.  He apparently gave Jones some words of advice and the whole things sounds pretty cool.  So mark your calendars for next year’s El Paso Comic Con, because you never know what random adventures will be had in local bars involving celebrities and UTEP athletes.  Also, good luck to Aaron Jones at this week’s NFL Draft.  (

IF YOU’RE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND RELICS, IT IS LIKE THE CHURCH’S VERSION OF POKEMON ……. BUT WITH HOLY OBJECTS! – A good portion of Catholic churches have relics within them that represent holy artifacts from the history of Catholicism and most are out in the open available for viewing to all.  The churches in El Paso are no exception and many feature unique relics within their walls.  The  El Paso Herald Post website has an excellent photo essay and article on some of the relics found in a few of the local churches that cannot be missed.  If you love history, religion or just like to see unique things; a tour of El Paso’s religious relics is something that might be right up your alley.  (


JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THAT THINGS COULDN’T GET ANY WORSE IN VENEZUELA ……. THINGS HAVE GOTTEN WORSE IN VENEZUELA – After three weeks of increasingly violent protests in Venezuela that have left multiple people dead, it seems like the whole country has gone to the streets demanding an end to the current shit show of an administration that is “leading” the country.  Just look at any of the pictures or videos online from the weekend protests and you will see a massive sea of people marching in cities all around Venezuela.  Even someone as stubborn and deluded as President Nicolas Maduro is getting nervous over this and is trying to establish talks with the opposition.  But it’s probably a little too late for “talks” and the masses in Venezuela might finally have enough support to overthrow the morons that are running the country into the ground.  (

FRANCE HAS VOTED AND THEY REALLY DON’T LIKE THEIR RULING PARTIES.  TWO “OUTSIDERS” WERE THE TOP CANDIDATES IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND NOW THE ELECTION WILL GO TO A RUNOFF – One of the top two finishers in France’s election is Marine Le Pen (the female version of Donald Trump), but luckily most of the country hates her and her opponent Emmanuel Macron looks to have support from multiple factions and should win the run off.  The most important take away from this whole election is that the two parties who have had the presidency for over 50 years did not even qualify for the runoff and that an “outsider” will be president of France.  Although there is a fear that crazy right wing nationalists are the only ones that can win when the establishment crumbles, Macron has shown that centrists and progressives can also win in these situations.  So let’s just hope that Marine Le Pen doesn’t pull of a miracle and win or we’ll end up with some sort of super depression in Europe that collapses the world’s economy.  (

THESE NEW GIANT VIRUSES WILL KILL US ALL!  AHHHHHHH! – Scientists have discovered so-called giant viruses that are often bigger than bacteria and have a complex genome that takes them very close to having full autonomy.  The virus/giant virus/new type of life form is known as Klosneuvirus and is being studied by the Joint Genome Institute.  The giant virus has not decided to kill anyone, yet, and is not really that big, all things considered.  So we’re safe for now.  But if this virus starts growing and learns to use weapons, watch out world!  This is exactly how those craptacular horror movies on Syfy channel start.  (


TOURNAMENT OF FILM 2016 – Full Bracket, Seedings, Rules and Information

The wait is over and the Simple Minded Tournament of Film for 2016 begins now!  Using our thorough and detailed analysis, we have narrowed down the field to the 64 movies that will take part in the Simple Minded Entertainment Tournament of Film 2016.  So without further ado, here’s the bracket with seedings and 1st round match-ups broken down by category (action, comedy, drama and popcorn movies).  The rules and the selection process for the tournament are also highlighted below.  Let’s begin!

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  1. Elle Vs. 16. Chongqing Hot Pot
  2. Hacksaw Ridge Vs. 15. Goldstone
  3. Hell or High Water Vs. 14. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
  4. The Accountant Vs. 13. Snowden
  5. Udta Punjab Vs. 12. Inferno
  6. Operation Mekong (Mei Gong He Xing Dong) Vs. 11. Eye in the Sky
  7. Fan Vs. 10. A Violent Prosecutor (Geom-sa-oe-jeon)
  8. Cold War II (Hon Zin 2) Vs. 9. A Conspiracy of Faith (Flaskepost Fra P)


  1. La La Land Vs. 16. One Man and His Cow (La Vache)
  2. Toni Erdmann Vs. 15. Girl Asleep
  3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople Vs. 14. Don’t Think Twice
  4. Sing Street Vs. 13. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
  5. Sing Vs. 12. Luck-Key (Leokki)
  6. Kapoor & Sons Vs. 11. The Edge of Seventeen
  7. The Distinguished Citizen (El Ciudadano Ilustre) Vs. 10. The Nice Guys
  8. Hail, Caesar! Vs. 9. Captain Fantastic


  1. Manchester by the Sea Vs. 16. The Fundamentals of Caring
  2. Moonlight Vs. 15. Christine
  3. I, Daniel Blake Vs. 14. The First, The Last (Les Premiers Les Derniers)
  4. The Handmaiden (Ah-ga-ssi) Vs. 13. Silence
  5. Dangal Vs. 12. Nocturnal Animals
  6. Lion Vs. 11. Me Before You
  7. Aquarius Vs. 10. The Red Turtle (La Tortue Rouge)
  8. Hidden Figures Vs. 9. Neerja


  1. Zootopia Vs. 16. Shin Godzilla (Shin Gojira)
  2. Kubo and the Two Strings Vs. 15. X-Men: Apocalypse
  3. Arrival Vs. 14. Suicide Squad
  4. Moana Vs. 13. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  5. Captain America: Civil War Vs. 12. The Secret Life of Pets
  6. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Vs. 11. Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa)
  7. Deadpool Vs. 10. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  8. The Jungle Book Vs. 9. The Wailing (Goksung)

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Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION! – 04/16/2017


ONE OF THE COOLEST EASTER TRADITIONS IN THE PASO DEL NORTE REGION IS THE TREK UP MOUNT CRISTO REY.  JUST DON’T FALL OFF THE MOUNTAIN – The annual Mt. Cristo Rey Easter weekend pilgrimage hike went off without a hitch, sort of, this year and this is one of the safer and best ways to enjoy this hike if you ever plan on going up the mountain to see the 29 foot Jesus statue at the top.  Thousands of people enjoyed the hike this year and, besides the person that fell off the mountain, a good time was had by all.  Kudos to the Mt. Cristo Rey Restoration Committee for taking care of the mountain and keeping it as clean and safe as possible – thus making all these pilgrimage hikes possible.  (

IT’S LIKE A LIVE ACTION EPISODE OF BOB’S BURGERS! – In cool, local, uplifting news with a high tech spin; a young girl who is recovering from cancer can finally return to class “virtually” via the help of a robot!  Jackie Rosales has missed most of the current school year due to medical reasons, but thanks to a remote controlled robot with two way cameras and mics she can now go to class with her friends and interact with people at school.  The robot was provided by Socorro ISD and is helping Jackie re-enter the fold at her John Drugan fourth grade class.  Here’s a clip of a recent episode of Bob’s Burgers where Tina misses school and goes back with the help of a robot in case you need a better and amusing visual aid of how all this works.  This story is uplifting and very fascinating.  (

TURNS OUT THE EL PASO FIRE DEPARTMENT IS PRETTY DAMN GOOD – There might be some issues with “funding requested” and “funding available” when it comes to the local fire department, but their performance is pretty good despite everything else.  The El Paso Fire Department is one of only 4 large fire departments in the country that has a Class 1 ISO Public Protection Classification and international accreditation.  Not only does this mean that the city has very good response times and has a better rate of fire fighting than other cities, it also is an important factor in luring companies and businesses to the city thanks to lower insurance rates.  Kudos, El Paso Fire Department, for keeping us safe from all burning things except for the giant one over our head that gives us 100+ degree Fahrenheit temperatures in the summer.  Though there is very little that can be done to fight the giant burning thing in the sky.  (


IF YOU GIVE THE MASSES FULL DEMOCRATIC POWER, AND ELIMINATE ALL DISSENTING VOICES, YOU’LL EVENTUALLY GET THE MASSES TO VOTE FOR THE ELIMINATION OF DEMOCRACY AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A DICTATORSHIP.  THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS THAT PEOPLE ARE MORONS AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE – Erdogan has gotten his wish and is now one step from becoming dictator of Turkey ……. for life.  For someone that constantly bitches about Hitler and accuses others of being Nazis, he sure does love using Hitler’s tactics.  This weekend’s election had 51.37% of the vote going toward a ‘yes’ vote that would turn Turkey from a rational parliamentary government to a strong man president form of government.  Although there are discrepancies galore and the ‘no’ campaign was unfairly hindered throughout the process, the results will most likely stand and Turkey will move closer in the direction of “totalitarian cesspool”.  So in a few decades Turkey has gone from being on the verge of entering the European Union to becoming central Asia’s answer to Venezuela.  You got to feel bad for the moderate and intelligent people in Turkey, the country has been hijacked by the idiot masses and there is very little they can do.  (

SO THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE WHEN TWO MORONS HAVE ACCESS TO NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND GET INTO A DICK MEASURING CONTEST.  SO SAD – Because nothing else is working in his administration, Donald Trump has decided to just bomb and verbally attack other nations in order to make himself look ‘presidential’.  Keep in mind that one of his core campaign messages was to stop American intervention in other countries and to stop being the world’s policeman – so let’s add that to all the other excrement that has come out of Trump’s mouth that never came to pass.  The latest country to feel Trump’s ‘wrath’ is North Korea, who just happens to have nuclear weapons and is close enough to Seoul to bomb the hell out of it if they were ever attacked.  So now we have the SAD situation of two morons engaging in a dick measuring contest to make themselves look cool in front of their home populations.  But North Korea is far enough away that no one in Trump’s family would get hurt in a retaliatory attack, so in Trump’s mind it’s okay if millions die as long as his business and family are still standing.  It’s also worth noting that China has stepped into its role of “pre-eminent world power to be” by being the rational intermediary in this whole conflict.  That’s right, CHINA is being the cautious and rational one in this international conflict.  America’s crown is in the mail, China.  (

THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS HAS OPENED TO RECORD SHATTERING RESULTS AND NOW WE WAIT FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT THAT WILL HOPEFULLY FEATURE A SUBMARINE JUMPING A SKYSCRAPER ……. OR POSSIBLY ALIENS.  NOTHING IS TOO OVER THE TOP FOR THIS FRANCHISE – The Fate Of The Furious now has the record for biggest worldwide debut of all time after it brought in $532.5 million in the global box office and beat the previous record held by Star Wars:  The Force Awakens.  Although the domestic box office was down from the last movie, international more than made up for it thanks to China’s $190 million opening weekend.  China’s opening is impressive because it was almost double America’s $100 million opening and it ranks in the top five of all-time domestic weekend openings (including North America) just behind Avengers:  Age of Ultron and its $191.2 million opening weekend in North America (though the China opening can jump that movie if it gets $1 million+ extra in the final box office count).  Once upon a time, the North American box office was untouchable and was always the market that produced the most revenue.  But in the past few years the Chinese market has grown exponentially and now we are starting to see an increased number of films make more money in China than they do in North America – which is something that would have been unheard of only a decade ago!  This is just another example of China’s rise as a global power and its eventual overtaking of the United States as the world’s top power.  And how does America react to this strange new transition period?  Well, they went ahead and voted the most inexperienced idiot they could find as president and seem to be planning to speed up this process as fast as they can.  But I digress.  Congratulations to everyone involved on The Fate Of The Furious for their impressive accomplishment.  (


Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION! – 04/09/2017


ACCORDING TO EL PASO ELECTRIC, PEOPLE WITH SOLAR PANELS THAT CONTRIBUTE ELECTRICITY BACK INTO THE SYSTEM NEED TO BE CHARGED MORE FOR ELECTRICITY BECAUSE THEY USE UP SOME FORM OF “SUPER ELECTRICITY” THAT COSTS THE ELECTRIC COMPANY MORE TO PRODUCE BECAUSE OF SPECIAL POLES AND WIRES.  EL PASO ELECTRIC IS SKETCHY AS FUCK – El Paso Electric does not want to deal with people with solar panels because they, stupidly, believe that residential solar power is competition or will take their jobs or is powered by the Devil – at this point it’s pretty hard to understand what their reasoning is.  A competent organization would try to work with ALL solar energy providers to create the most solar friendly utility in the world.  But El Paso Electric is petty, greedy and incompetent and thus it somehow manages to get beat by places like Austin and any random city on the east coast when it comes to solar initiatives.  So basically the city with the most sunshine in America is getting its butt kicked by cities in cloudy and humid environments when it comes to solar power thanks to El Paso Electric.  Luckily, local government bodies and individuals like county commissioner Vince Perez are fighting the utility’s stupidity.  But we’ll have to wait and see if they can actually do anything against a powerful utility that is essentially a money printing monopoly.  I won’t even try to explain El Paso Electric’s argument because it is just a pointless revolving door of excuses designed to cover their asses.  But I will leave you with this poorly phrased word jumble that El Paso Electric spokesman, Eddie Gutierrez, gave as an explanation for his employer’s horrible policy, “The $14 a month for private solar customers reflects and attempts to capture a portion of the bill — of the wires and poles, the system to be on standby — to attempt to capture the subsidy that’s currently being imposed upon residents that don’t have this technology.”  Wires!  Poles!  Subsidies!  Solar power is the Devil and it wants to take your money and molest your children!  That truly is one of the dumbest explanations for anything that anyone has ever uttered in defense of a giant monopoly.  (

THE CHIHUAHUAS ARE BACK IN ACTION AT CITY HALL FIELD!  LET’S FETCH SOME EXCITEMENT AND (INSERT ANOTHER SHAMELESS DOG PUN HERE)! – Coming off a very successful season last year in which the team was one win away from claiming the Supreme Minor League Championship (or whatever the championship is called), the El Paso Chihuahuas kicked off the 2017 season this weekend against Las Vegas with very promising results.  Good luck to the Chihuahuas this season and hopefully we see an even larger economic impact in downtown this season.  (

BAWWWWWW!  LOOK AT THE CUTE BABY PRONGHORN – Congratulations go out to Princessa and Tabasco at the El Paso Zoo on the birth of their brand new male pronghorn fawn.  The baby was named Bowser and the fawn and mother are doing well.  Peninsular pronghorns, or Baja California pronghorns, are listed as a critically endangered subspecies of pronghorn and this birth is great news for re-population efforts.  So if you are a fan of baby animals (who isn’t) make sure you go to the El Paso Zoo and say hi to Bowser.  (


LOOK!  AMERICA ISN’T THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT REALIZES THEIR PRESIDENT IS A MORON AND SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY.  SOUTH AFRICA SEEMS TO HAVE THAT PROBLEM TOO.  THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD REALLY DO HAVE MANY THINGS IN COMMON – South African President, Jacob Zuma, has been a disaster in office and has “led” his country into a horrible economic malaise with a junk status credit rating.  This has, naturally, pissed off a good portion of South Africa’s population who marched in cities around the country this weekend demanding that he step down from power.  Although this is a great show of “people power”, Mr. Zuma will still find a way to survive all of this and just blame others as he fires all the competent people in the government and replaces them with his personal “yes men” and stooges.  Firing everyone and replacing them with cronies – hmmm, where have I heard that before?  It’s almost as if Zuma is “draining the swamp” and using nepotism to make all of his hiring decisions.  I’m glad things like that don’t happen in developed nations.  (

WHEN THE OCTOPUS ARMIES TAKE OVER THE WORLD, WE WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT SIMPLE MINDED ENTERTAINMENT WAS THE FIRST TO WARN THE WORLD ABOUT THE IMPENDING DANGER – Scientists have discovered that cephalopods don’t rely on DNA mutations to adapt over generations, like virtually all species, but instead alter their RNA to make changes at the individual level that are not passed on to offspring.  So most adaptations in cephalopods are done “on the fly” and don’t rely on natural selection or a traditional interpretation of evolution.  Although octopi, squid and other cephalopods are known to be very clever creatures, the changes do not appear to be made consciously by the animal but, rather, as a result of interaction with the environment.  But what if octopuses where really ancient aliens and they are so smart that they can change their adaptations on command via RNA?  What if this is only the beginning of the Grand Octopus Army?  Somebody call SyFy Channel or History Channel!  I have an idea for a horribly inaccurate show that fits perfectly with their content!  (

IT TOOK YEARS BEFORE BILL CLINTON AND THE BUSHES LAUNCHED CRUISE MISSILES INTO RANDOM COUNTRIES TO DISTRACT US FROM DOMESTIC PROBLEMS.  IT TOOK DONALD TRUMP LESS THAN 100 DAYS TO DO THE SAME – Even though Donald Trump said he would never involve America in pointless conflicts, he just launched cruise missiles at Syria and further involved us in a pointless Middle East conflict.  Donald Trump says the tipping point for him came when he saw babies dying after a chemical attack in Syria – never mind that babies have been dying for a long time in Syria due to guns and fire bombs.  Even Donald Trump can’t resist the power of “Obama’s Red Line of Syria”.  So now the world will just sit back again write a strongly worded letter to Russia and Assad and continue letting babies die because of fire bombings – but they better think twice if they plan on using chemicals on those babies.  At this point I’m starting to think that this is all just some elaborate ploy by Putin to accomplish whatever weirdo goal he has lined up.  (


Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION – 04/02/2017


ONE OF BETO O’ROURKE’S STRENGTHS IN HIS RUN AGAINST TED CRUZ FOR SENATE IS THAT HE ISN’T TED CRUZ.  A RANDOM PIECE OF GARBAGE ON THE FLOOR WOULD MAKE A BETTER SEANTOR THAN TED CRUZ – Kudos to Beto O’Rourke for having the balls to run for Senate even though the odds are wildly stacked against him.  After months of speculation, he officially started his campaign this weekend and will have to get through a tough Democratic Primary before he even gets a chance to go after Ted Cruz.  Beto O’Rourke isn’t perfect and he has his flaws, but he is way better than Ted Cruz and most of the people currently in the Senate.  So be sure to support Beto O’Rourke in his campaign and go give him a listen if he’s in your area.  He’s been a great public servant for El Paso in the local and congressional level and there’s no doubt he would do great in the Senate.  (

CONTINUING THE CENTURIES LONG TRADITION OF CORRUPT MEXICAN POLITICIANS FLEEING TO EL PASO WITH THEIR ILL-GOTTEN GAINS, EX CHIHUAHUA GOVERNOR CESAR DUARTE IS CURRENTLY HIDING OUT IN EL PASO – The current governor of Chihuahua, Javier Corral, is on an anti-corruption binge and has declared the ex-governor a fugitive from justice over allegations that he abused his power while in office to gain land and business opportunities.  Naturally, Cesar Duarte ran like the wind and is believed to have crossed into El Paso and hiding out in the area.  It should be noted that these are “alleged” instances of corruption and he sort of deserves his day in court.  But the evidence is pretty solid and, since Interpol is now involved in the manhunt, it is safe to assume that ex-governor Cesar Duarte is probably a little on the corrupt side.  Here’s hoping the roles are reversed and one day we are reading about a manhunt in Juarez looking for Greg Abbott and Donald Trump who were ousted for being corrupt and incompetent.  (

WATER IS COMING BACK TO THE RIO GRANDE!  HOORAY! – Because of canals, the dam and extensive farming; most of the water that should be in the Rio Grande in the El Paso area is strategically diverted and gradually released back into the Rio Grande from the Caballo Lake reservoir.  So by looking at how much water was released into the Rio Grande we can determine how bad of a drought we are having and if the Rio Grande will sort of look like a river in the summer months.  Although farmers aren’t getting a full allotment of water from the reservoir this season, it’s been years since that has happened, the water flow reaching farmers via the river is greater than previous years and possible snow melt later this year will hopefully lead to a larger release later on.  So far so good and let’s hope for more water in the Rio Grande soon.  (


THIS WEEKEND MORE PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF MUD THAN DIED BECAUSE OF TERRORISTS.  THE WORLD HAS A SHITLOAD OF PROBLEMS AND SOMETIMES PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION TO THE WRONG THINGS – Although terrorism is bad, abject poverty and piss poor infrastructure is a larger problem that is currently facing the world.  Over the weekend, more than 250 people lost their lives as a result of mudslides and flooding around Mocoa, Colombia.  The worst is not over, as many more people are still missing, and it seems like it will be weeks before clean running water and electricity are brought back to the community as a whole.  This is an avoidable tragedy that could be remedied with better infrastructure and better planning and it is these types of issues the world should focus on fixing.  This problem isn’t limited to developing nations and even major countries have large issues involving infrastructure and planning.  So let’s hope governments around the world get the idea and start spending money on important infrastructure and utilities and not pointless things like, say, giant guns and pointless walls in the middle of the desert.  (

I BET DONALD TRUMP GETS AN ERECTION EVERY TIME HE READS ABOUT ALL THE HORRIBLE THINGS THAT NICOLAS MADURO DOES – Venezuela was one step closer to a full blown dictatorship last week when the country’s supreme court declared that congress had no legislative powers and that everyone should bow down and obey Generalisimo Maduro.  This angered most of the country and, after tons of protests and signs of disgust from even the most avid Maduro bootlickers, the court reversed its decision and gave congress its limited powers back.  But we were real close to Venezuela becoming North Korea Jr. last week and that was very scary.  At least Trump’s America isn’t Venezuela ……. yet.  (

AND OUT COME THE WOLVES.  THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA IS THE FIRST ENTERTAINMENT UNION TO TRY AND RE-UP THEIR CONTRACTS IN THE MIDST OF THE CHEAPO STREAMING BONANZA THAT HIPSTER FUCKS ARE CALLING “PEAK TV” – The WGA is threatening a strike as it becomes the first major union to negotiate contracts after the rise of streaming TV content on places like Hulu and Netflix.  Normally broadcast TV was the major league of television and the medium that commanded the highest pay for writers and other creative types.  But now that broadcast is getting similar ratings as cable and streaming, something’s gotta give.  The new contract will either see a reduction in pay for broadcast content, what the corporations want, or a rise in the pay for cable and streaming content, what the writers want.  A compromise will have to be reached in order to avoid a strike, but it’s pretty hard to root against the writers when the major entertainment companies are claiming record profits one minute and then claiming to be stuck in poverty the next.  Add to this the rather nebulous accounting and claims by the secretive streaming services and we have a situation where if streaming services are making money it’s only because they are paying the creative types sub-cable money to create the hours of pointless content found in practically every corner of the internet.  And we won’t even get started on the horrible health insurance quagmire they’ve got themselves into.  The writers really have an uphill battle ahead of them.  Good luck trying to get any money from online only services that may or may not be making money depending on what random formula you use on any given day.  (


Simple Minded Recap-ITATION! – Top 100 Songs Of 2016 Plus Top Albums And Other Statistics


In case you didn’t catch it the first time, here’s our full recap of the Simple Minded Entertainment Top 100 Songs of 2016 including top albums and other stats from the list. Enjoy.


1. “Lost On You” – LP – (Death Valley)
2. “Do I Ever” – Kensington – (Control)
3. “Never Ever” – Royksopp with Susanne Sundfor
4. “De La Bouche A La Taille” – Jil Is Lucky – (Manon)
5. “It’s Just Us Now” – Sleigh Bells – (Jessica Rabbit)
6. “Akhar Zaman” – Bombino – (Azel)
7. “Ablaze” – School of Seven Bells – (SVIIB)
8. “Excuse Me” – Nothing But Thieves – (Nothing But Thieves)
9. “Il Messia” – Salmo with Victor Kwality and Travis Barker – (Hellvisback)
10. “In The Years 2000” – Tender Suns – (Fits Like This)

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TOP 100 SONGS OF 2016 – #1 “Lost On You” by LP

We've Finally reached the end of our list.  Now please enjoy the best song of 2016!
# 1
“Lost On You”
Death Valley





“Lost On You” was a very big hit in Europe last year, but is barely starting to get traction here in the States.  American audiences aren’t exactly the most refined musical consumers in the world.

BONUS SEXY PIC (A sexy pic of the artist or a sexy pic that’s loosely inspired by the song.  If no sexy pic of the artist is available, we typed the song title plus “sexy” and/or “nude” into Google image search and this is what we got.) :

There is no better way to end our list than with this random Pokemon screen cap that Google image search gave us when we typed in “Lost On You Sexy”.  The picture is from the famous “lost” episode of Pokemon where James uses magic or something to get huge breasts to try and win a bikini contest and then Team Rocket proceeds to body shame Misty for not looking hot in a bikini.  Yes, that episode of Pokemon REALLY DID happen and has not been officially released in America for very obvious reasons.  Not shown is Pikachu who I assume was just crying in the corner the entire episode.  Yup, this is the most absurd and best way we can end our countdown.  Lost Suggestive Pokemon Sexiness!


Support Good Music!  Go buy these albums now (at the store or digitally)!  Mankind can’t live on free streaming and pirate downloads alone.  Join us again next year when we once again countdown the top 100 songs, hopefully a little earlier than March.

Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION! – 3/26/2017


THE BIG PONY RACE HAS FINALLY RETURNED TO SUNLAND PARK!  NOT EVEN HORSIE HERPES CAN STOP THE SUNLAND DERBY! – A year after an outbreak forced the cancellation of the race season and the 2016 Sunland Derby, the ponies came back for a renewed season and an ultra exciting 2017 Sunland Derby.  The race was won by Hence, ridden by local race hero Alfredo Juarez Jr., who managed to take the lead late and come ahead of local favorite Conquest Mo Money.  Though it would have been nice to see local horse Conquest Mo Money win the Sunland Derby, Hence ran a great race and a local jockey was a part of the victory.  Now Hence will go on to the Kentucky Derby and Sunland Park Racetrack will move on from the turmoil of last year to bigger and better things.  Good show, ponies.  (

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THE SOCORRO GOVERNMENT WAS BECOMING RATIONAL AND COMPETENT THEY GO AHEAD AND DO SOMETHING STUPID AND CHAOTIC FOR NO APPARENT REASON – Because of Socorro’s weirdo city rules, it is possible for city council to vote the mayor out for any random alleged impropriety.  Naturally, the Socorro government has now decided to make use of their crazy rules with hilarious results and voted to remove the mayor.  Because the current mayor, Gloria Rodriguez, allegedly used a city appointed lawyer when she was a city council representative embroiled in the equally skeevy term extension scheme, the current members of council felt she used city funds for personal gain.  To make matters worse, no mention of any city attorney or legal counsel has been made by council, so they are basically making a legal decision WITHOUT consulting a lawyer.  Now the City of Socorro will have to waste money on another election AND will have to hire an attorney to fight the upcoming legal case by the ex-mayor.  So because the Socorro city council interpreted a law without the help of a lawyer, they will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for an election and legal fees because Gloria Rodriguez allegedly used $3,000 in services from a lawyer attained for city business.  A reprimand and a request for payment of funds would have been much cheaper AND would have actually resulted in the city making some money.  Way to be competent, City of Socorro.  You make the current batch of spineless wonders at El Paso City Hall look like geniuses in comparison.  (

THEY’RE FINALLY PUTTING A LINEAR PARK NEXT TO ONE OF THE CANALS IN EL PASO!  THE CITY OF EL PASO DID SOMETHING GOOD AND EFFICIENT!  THE SKY IS FALLING! – For years, many people have begged the City of El Paso to do something about the eyesore canals that criss-cross the lower valley other than just fencing them and making them even scarier and more dangerous.  Finally the city has listened to the masses and will not only clean up the canals, but will turn the surrounding areas into super long linear parks that everyone can use.  The first canal project will be part of a larger city-wide park project and will turn 3.5 miles of the Playa Drain from Ascarate to Riverside Park into a beautiful urban trail and linear park.  Eventually the urban trail will reach all the way to Capistrano Park past Ysleta High School and will hopefully be used as a model to improve ALL the canals in the city in a similar manner.  Next on our “competent city wish list” is a request to turn all the god awful ponding areas into park/ponds that can actually be used by people instead of being wasted space.  If you’re going to dig a giant fucking hole in the ground to combat perceived flooding issues, you might as well spend a few extra bucks to engineer it into a usable park as well.  (


VLADIMIR PUTIN IS JUST JEALOUS OF ALEXEI NAVALNY’S GIANT BALLS OF STEEL – One of the most dangerous jobs in the world is being an anti-Putin, opposition leader in Russia.  So that makes Alexei Navalny one of the toughest men in the world.  This weekend Navalny led protests in Russia against corruption and the Russian leadership who are stealing from the people.   The protests were peaceful, but the Russian government doesn’t like it when people point out things like “corruption” and “incompetence” so they started arresting the protesters, including Navalny.  The leader is safe, for now, and this protest shows that the good people of Russia are still willing to fight for freedom and against authoritarian scumbags.  In closing, Alexei Navalny has big balls.  (

CANADA IS SET TO ANNOUNCE A PLAN FOR COUNTRYWIDE MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION BY 2018.  DON’T TELL THE REPUBLICANS OR THEY MIGHT BUILD A WALL WITH CANADA TO PREVENT THE “EVILS” OF MARIJUANA – Plans are underway to introduce legislation in April that will seek to legalize marijuana in Canada by 2018.  This is the logical next step in the dismantling of the horrible “war on drugs” and it’s good to see at least one country in North America be a shining beacon of liberty and progress.  It will take a long time for America to follow the lead, but if this is successful the dominoes will hopefully fall in other progressive countries in Europe and some of the non-crazy, rational states in the U.S.  This is still in the early stages, but at least they are seriously discussing this topic in Canada and being smart about the fight against illegal drugs.  And to anyone bitching about the dangers of marijuana, alcohol is waaaaaaaaaay more dangerous than weed and that doesn’t stop these so-called conservatives from pounding back a few Bud Lights like a good ol’ blue collar boy.  (

DONALD TRUMP IS A COMPLETE, FUCKING CUNT AND NOT VERY GOOD AT “DEALMAKING” – In the ever growing list of Donald Trump failures, the idiot was unable to pass a Repbulican-created, anti-Obamacare bill in a congress that is MAJORITY Republican.  This is the equivalent of failing to give out free slices of cake at a fat camp.  The bill was utter garbage that would have made everyone unhappy, but Donald Trump still decided to try and push it through based on the strength of his “charisma” and “dealmaking”.  Although once it failed he distanced himself from his stupid bill and blamed everyone but himself for its failure – classic Donald.  Kudos to the Freedom Caucus for showing some backbone and principle and being the voting bloc in the Republican party that kept the bill from passing.  Their hearts were in the wrong place and wanted to completely destroy the program regardless of how many people died, but you have to admire them for sticking to their guns and not bowing down to Donald Trump.  At least they know the proper definition for “fiscally conservative”.  (


TOP 100 SONGS OF 2016 – #2 “Do I Ever” by Kensington

# 2
“Do I Ever”





Kensington is a rather nice section of London.  The band Kensington is not from Kensington, or England for that matter, and is from Utrecht, Netherlands.  “Utrecht” just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as “Kensington”.


BONUS SEXY PIC (A sexy pic of the artist or a sexy pic that’s loosely inspired by the song.  If no sexy pic of the artist is available, we typed the song title plus “sexy” and/or “nude” into Google image search and this is what we got.) :

For some reason, “Do I Ever Sexy” gives us a picture of a hot girl in a sexy Scooby Doo costume.  I wasn’t even aware a sexy Scooby Doo costume was possible, but Google image search showed us the light.  Scooby Dooby Mmmmmmmm Sexiness!


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Top 100 Songs of 2016 – #3 “Never Ever” by Royksopp with Susanne Sundfor

# 3
Royksopp with Susanne Sundfor
“Never Ever”






Royksopp and Susanne Sundfor are Norwegian musicians who joined forces to create a hit song in English.  Now we need to have English musicians join forces and create a hit electropop song in Norwegian – I elect The Chemical Brothers and Adele.

BONUS SEXY PIC (A sexy pic of the artist or a sexy pic that’s loosely inspired by the song.  If no sexy pic of the artist is available, we typed the song title plus “sexy” and/or “nude” into Google image search and this is what we got.) :

Royksopp are prim and proper young chaps and are not afraid to be classy.  Are we sure they aren’t in an orchestra and not techno superstars?  Smooth Nordic Techno Model Sexiness!


Support Good Music!  Go buy these albums now (at the store or digitally)!  Mankind can’t live on free streaming and pirate downloads alone.  Check back soon as we unveil the remaining songs of the Top 100.