Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 11/01/2019


HUGS NOT WALLS IS THE MESSAGE THE WORLD NEEDS TODAY – After a bit of a delay, the annual Hugs Not Walls event was held on the Rio Grande along El Paso and Juarez.  Even after all the bullshit that the Trumpublicans have done to the nation, it’s good to see that this event is still going strong.  It only lasted for a few minutes but 300 families had the chance to meet face to face after being separated by antiquated immigration laws.  Maybe one day North America will be advanced enough to become something similar to the European Union where commerce and people flow freely with maximum economic output, but I’m not holding my breath.  (

WE ALL NOW THAT EL PASO HIGH’S R.R. JONES STADIUM IS THE BEST HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM IN THE WORLD.  NOW LET’S MAKE IT SEMI-OFFICIAL – USA Today has an online poll for best high school football stadium in America and El Paso High’s R.R. Jones Stadium has made the championship round.  The stadium was up against mostly large stadiums that don’t really have any aesthetic value outside of size so it should be a cinch for the stadium to win.  Regardless, go to the website and vote to make it known to everyone that our stadium rocks.  It’s the best and we really don’t need a USA Today poll to prove it, but winning would be pretty cool.  (

A SUPER LIGHT SHOW IS COMING TO CONNECT EL PASO AND JUAREZ WITH THE POWER OF PHOTONS!  AS LONG AS IT INVOLVES LAZER TAG AND/OR LIGHTSABERS, I AM IN – The Border Tuner art installation doesn’t launch until November 13, but their website is already up and is accepting submissions to provide “community voices”.  The art installation will feature lights and audio to create a visual connection between El Paso and Juarez right on the Rio Grande near Bowie High.  The entire art project will run for 12 days starting on November 13 and will feature various artists from around the region and the world.  The art installation provides a message of unity that we all need right now and looks to be a very impressive project.  So go check it out!  (


THE POLLUTION IN DELHI, INDIA IS REALLY BAD RIGHT NOW.  A LOT WORSE THAN NORMAL AND THAT’S PRETTY FUCKING BAD – The pollution in Delhi has reached such a severe level that classes have been canceled until next week and all construction in the region has been halted.  The current level for particulate pollution is about 20 times the World Health Organization allowed maximum, so things are pretty bad.  The Indian government is busy pointing fingers at each other and nothing will really be done to stop the pollution.  India is currently the poster child for unbridled capitalism and even though it has resulted in some tremendous economic growth it has come at a high price when it comes to the environment and income equality.  But hey, everyone in India is getting cell phones and streaming entertainment.  Who cares if they don’t live long enough to enjoy it.  (

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MONTREAL EXPOS FOR WINNING THEIR FIRST WORLD SERIES.  FELICITATIONS! – In true Halloween spirit, the Montreal Expos went into this year’s World Series dressed up as the “Washington Nationals” and won the championship in 7 games.  The series was surprisingly exciting and featured no wins for the home team over the entire series.  Kudos to the Expos and may they have continued success in the future.  (

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME HAS ENDED.  DON’T FORGET TO “FALL BACK” – Remember to turn back the clock one hour on Sunday at 2 AM, unless you live in a weirdo place like Arizona that doesn’t believe in things.  This is a special time of the year where you get an extra hour to party at bars as the 2 AM last call magically turns into 1 AM.  Just don’t forget to change your clock; because you’ll end up showing up early to church or work or school or some other thing instead of staying home and getting an extra hour of comfy sleep.  Don’t miss out on the free sleep!  (


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