Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 08/30/2019


I GUESS SOCORRO HIGH SCHOOL WASN’T HISTORIC ENOUGH.  A NEW SOCORRO HIGH SCHOOL WILL BE BUILT AS THE OLD BUILDING IS GRADUALLY TOSSED TO THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY.  BUT THAT IS THE PRICE OF PROGRESS – It’s been brewing for awhile, but the planned overhaul of Socorro High School is well underway now.  Recent community meetings have revealed designs and timelines for the massive $135 million project and it’s looking like it is full speed ahead for the destruction/re-construction of Socorro High.  The building has been around for decades; but many buildings made of cinder block, drywall and plywood just don’t pass the test to attain significantly historic status.  It’s sad to see an old building go, but the future looks bright thanks to this new project in Socorro.  (

IF THE MEASLES DOESN’T GET YOU, THE WEST NILE VIRUS WILL – 3 new cases of the West Nile Virus have popped up in El Paso this week, raising the total to 13 this year.  The virus is spread by mosquitoes, so be extra careful with the annoying little bastards as the summer comes to an end.  (

IT’S TIME FOR EL PASO HEMPFEST 2019 FEATURING CBD!  IT’S NOT LEGALIZED MARIJUANA, BUT WE’RE GETTING THERE – Buena Vida Wellness will be holding the 1st Annual Hemp And CBD Wellness Fair this Saturday at Sunland Park Mall.  It will be a professional and responsible showcase for the community to get familiar with hemp and CBD products.  The more people become aware of these products the easier it will be to progress to a full legalization of Marijuana and the abolishment of these arcane anti-drug laws.  Taking things slowly and maturely is probably the best way to attain legalization.  Though I still think the Simple Minded Legalize Pot And Fuck the Hypocrite Moralistic Drunk “Conservatives” Festival and Revolt 2019 has potential.  (


IF YOU THOUGHT BREXIT COULDN’T BECOME AN EVEN BIGGER CLUSTERFUCK, HOW WRONG YOU WERE – Boris Johnson, the new Prime Minister of the UK, has decided that he wants to collapse the British economy in the most spectacular way possible by accelerating towards a no-deal Brexit.  The prime minister has called for a suspension of Parliament in September and October, a move that will only allow lawmakers a few weeks to prevent a no-deal Brexit.  Boris Johnson’s plan – apparently – is to try to negotiate a new deal with the EU with absolutely no leverage and by showing off his crazy hair and poor planning skills.  So yeah, the UK is really fucked.  The best solution is to go back to voters with a choice of either ‘No Brexit’, ‘No-Deal Brexit’ and ‘Brexit with the shitty ass deal that was the best that the UK could get from the EU’.  This new referendum would cut through all the pie-in-the-sky bullshit that was promised in the original Brexit vote and give voters the cold hard truth of what to expect.  (

PEOPLE ARE BORN THIS WAY, BUT IT’S A LITTLE MORE COMPLEX THAN JUST ONE BIOLOGICAL FACTOR CONTROLLING EVERYTHING – A large research study has just been completed on the relationship of genetics and homosexuality.  The study was led by Harvard researchers and has just been published in the journal Science.  The main findings of the study show that multiple genes may be involved in homosexual behavior in humans.  The study got data from hundreds of thousands of people in DNA databases along with an associated sexual experience questionnaire.  In all, the study found five variants in the genome that had a big impact on sexuality.  Though not all were present in people that exhibited homosexual behavior, it seems that many of the variations were present in these situations.  Human sexuality – it turns out – is very complex and sexual preference doesn’t just come down to one gene or one single environmental factor.  (

HEY, KIDS!  NOW’S YOUR CHANCE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AN INTERNET CONTEST AND GIVE A NASA ROVER A STUPID NAME.  CHOOSE SOMETHING LIKE ROVERY MCROVERFACE, ONLY MORE STUPID IF POSSIBLE – NASA is holding the Mars 2020 Name The Rover Essay Contest for students across the country to write an essay about a rover and give it a name.  The winner gets to watch the launch of the mission that includes the rover and – more importantly – gets to give the rover a name.  Although this appears to be a juried contest and will not involve an internet poll, there is still a chance to give the rover a stupid name.  So any kids out there, be sure to write an essay about a rover that likes to party and get drunk and give it a cool name like King Beer Memorial Rover 3000.  (


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