Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 07/19/2019


GOOD JOB, IDIOT ANTI-VAXERS.  NOW EL PASO HAS MEASLES – After more than 25 years of no measles cases reported in El Paso, the city has now reported a fourth case of the disease this year.  The first case popped up a few weeks ago and is part of the new wave of measles that has spread across the country over the past few months.  Now people that legitimately can’t get a vaccine because of legit medical reasons are at risk because more and more people read random bullshit on Facebook and think they are suddenly medical professionals.  Fucking moron anti-vaxers.  (

MINERS F.C. IS THE REAL DEAL – Congratulations to the Miners F.C. youth (13 and under) futball team on winning the National Championship at The 2019 U.S. Youth Presidents Cup.  The Miners defeated the Las Vegas Pros by a score of 4 to 3 in extra time to capture the prestigious title for the club.  Good job, mini Miners.  May the full grown Miners at UTEP get some inspiration from this and win some games (in all sports) this season.  (

IF YOU HAD YSLETA INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT XAVIER DE LA TORRE AS YOUR PICK IN THE SUPERINTENDENT UFC OFFICE POOL, CONGRATULATIONS – After news of a San Antonio Whataburger brawl involving Socorro ISD Superintendent Jose Espinoza broke out a few weeks ago, there has been much speculation on the identity of the other superintendent that allegedly started it all.  Despite the sketchy attempt at redaction by the San Antonio Police Department, El Paso news sources were able to determine that the other superintendent was none other than YISD’s Xavier De La Torre.  By now we all know the details and the “he said, she said” game is about to start.  But don’t worry about the two chuckleheads.  Overpaid government officials rarely get more than a slap on the wrist when they do something stupid.  (


THE HONG KONG PROTESTERS ARE NOW JUST DOING IT BECAUSE THEY DON’T LIKE THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT.  THEIR ORIGINAL DEMANDS WERE MET LONG AGO AND NOW OLD WOUNDS ARE LAID BARE – The protests in Hong Kong continue and the demonstrations are getting more physical and disruptive as time goes by.  While the original demands against the extradition bill have been met, it seems the protesters now want to voice their full disapproval of their relationship with Beijing.  If this is how it looks like now, I can only imagine how things will be in 2047 when China officially becomes full “owner” of Hong Kong and the city-state loses its autonomy.  The waters only get rougher from here out to 2047.  (

FINALLY, THE EBOLA CRISIS IN DR CONGO HAS BEEN DECLARED AN EMERGENCY BY THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION.  ALL IT TOOK WAS AN EXTRA THOUSAND INFECTIONS AND HUNDREDS OF DEATHS, IT SEEMS – The World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency of international concern over the Ebola crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This is the highest level of warning that can be given out by the WHO and has only been issued 4 other times in the past.  The Ebola crisis has been raging for close to a year in DR Congo and has recently reached a critical point with over 2,000 people infected – of which over 1,600 have died.  In addition, the Ebola virus has now popped up in the city of Goma – a city of over 1 million people that is the largest in DR Congo to face the infection thus far.  It is hoped that the emergency declaration will bring more attention to this crisis and encourage nations to send more aid.  Good luck, DR Congo.  (

HAPPY FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY, SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON – The massive pop culture convention and marketing tsunami known as San Diego Comic-Con will be taking place this weekend and celebrating its 50th anniversary in the process.  The convention started from humble beginnings in a hotel basement conference room and exploded over the decades into one of the largest conventions on the planet.  Be sure to check out the excellent history of Comic-Con article over at NPR for a very entertaining and informative look at how it all began.  (


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