Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 07/05/2019


WILL CHICO THE CHIHUAHUA WIN THE HOME RUN DERBY?  YOU’LL HAVE TO TUNE IN TO FIND OUT – The 2019 RMHC Triple-A Baseball All-Star Game will be happening next week and El Paso’s very own City Hall Field has been chosen to host the festivities.  Three Chihuahuas baseball players (Ty France, Austin Allen and Luis Urias) will take part in the all-star game and some will also take a shot in the home run derby.  And I’m sure Chico The Chihuahua will also show up at some point and do various dances on the field among other antics.  The game will take place on July 10 with the home run derby taking place a few days before on July 8.  So make sure you go out and support your Chihuahuas and make the city look good on the national stage.  So that means NOT getting drunk at the game and running naked onto the field.  (

THIS IS WHY ANIMAL SERVICES ALWAYS TELLS PEOPLE WEEKS IN ADVANCE TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR PETS DURING JULY 4TH.  MORAL OF THE STORY, MOST PETS DON’T LIKE FIREWORKS AND A BUNCH GOT LOST THIS PAST 4TH OF JULY – Between July 3 and July 5, 188 lost pets were brought to El Paso Animal Services in the hopes that their owners would be found.  The July 4th holiday is typically one of the busiest times at the animal shelter due to lost pets, and this year was no exception.  Most fees are being waived this month as animal services tries to reunite most of these pets with their families, so if you lost your pet this past week – please check with the animal shelter and make sure you follow the warnings and keep a close eye on your pets during these types of holidays.  (

WET N’ WILD IS CELEBRATING ITS 40TH ANNIVERSARY AND THAT MEANS 40 YEARS OF JULY 4TH FIREWORKS! – We’re in the midst of Wet N’ Wild’s 40th anniversary celebration season and this July 4th the water park marked 40 years of fireworks and Independence Day celebrations.  Here’s to 40 more years of hot girls in bikinis and explosions!  (


AND THAT WAS A VERY BIG REMINDER THAT CALIFORNIA GETS EARTHQUAKES.  IT’S BEEN MORE THAN 20 YEARS SINCE A QUAKE THIS BIG HIT THE STATE, BUT THERE’S A REASON THEY SPEND ALL THAT MONEY ON EARTHQUAKE-SAFE CONSTRUCTION – Not one, but two, major earthquakes have struck California in the past few days and the southern part of the state is on edge after a few decades of rather tranquil earthquake activity.  The first tremor was a major 6.4 quake that struck near Ridgecrest on July 4 and then tonight an even bigger 7.1 quake struck in roughly the same area.  Though many people thought the first quake was the main event, it turns out it was only a foreshock.  Luckily no major casualties have been recorded from these quakes, but the shaking was strong enough to be felt in Los Angeles and Las Vegas which are more than 100 miles away.  Keep safe, Californinos.  (

WHAT WE REALLY WANT TO KNOW IS HOW MANY TEAM USA PLAYERS WILL GET DRUNK AT DISNEY WORLD IF THEY WIN THE WORLD CUP.  I SAY DISNEY SHOULD GIVE THEM ALL FREE BOOZE AND NOT KICK THEM OUT IF THE DO WIN THE WORLD CUP – The U.S. Women’s futball team will take on the Netherlands this Sunday in the final of the Women’s World Cup.  The U.S. team is ranked number one in the world but the Netherlands are the reigning European champions and are a tough challenge.  Good luck to the U.S. women’s team and hope they play a great game.  I assume Disneyland Paris will be on red alert if the U.S. wins and Alex Morgan shows up at the park.  (

I NEVER KNEW HOT DOGS LED SUCH INTERESTING LIVES – If you ever wondered how hot dogs became so popular in America, the BBC (of all places) has you covered.  Read up on the story of the first hot dogs and how Feltman’s and Nathan’s in New York’s Coney Island were responsible for the rise of the hot dog in America.  God bless hot dogs.  God bless America.  (


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