Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 04/26/2019


REST IN PEACE, MARK MEDOFF – One of Las Cruces’ most notable residents passed away this week and the loss leaves a very large gap in the area’s arts scene.  Mark Medoff was best known for his Tony Award winning play Children Of A Lesser God which was later turned into a movie that earned him an Academy Award nomination for screenwriting.  Mark Medoff fell in love with Las Cruces and NMSU and decided to dedicate his life to the region and to improve the art scene around him via the multiple stage and film projects he created here.  Godspeed, Mark Medoff.  (

AIM FOR THE STARS, SUNLAND PARK!  GOT GET THAT INTERNATIONAL PORT OF ENTRY – The City Of Sunland Park has been asking for a port of entry on the Mexico border for decades and it is commendable that they keep on chugging along with their plans.  Although various forces at different levels of the government have pushed back on the project, this would be a great development for the city and would bring in a massive economic impact to Sunland and the communities immediately south of the border.  Although the city should also be focusing on a major road to connect the community directly to the Santa Teresa port of entry, the Sunland Park International Bridge over the railroad is much more important at the moment.  Kudos to the Sunland Park government for making news for something that doesn’t involve corruption or stupidity – fingers crossed that the city government doesn’t turn this into a story about corruption AND stupidity.  (

MAYBE THEY CAN CONVERT THE COUNTRY CLUB INTO A TRENDY DOUCHEBAR.  EVERYONE KNOWS THAT TRENDY DOUCHEBARS ARE THE ONLY BUSINESSES THAT DON’T HAVE FINANCIAL PROBLEMS ON THE EASTSIDE – After decades of existence, the Vista Hills Country Club will close its doors at the end of the month due to lack of funds and plummeting membership.  The country club tried to develop some land and turn it into a residential subdivision in order to raise funds, but the neighbors bitched and complained and now they will lose the country club and will possibly lose the entire golf course to new developments when it is sold off.  Good job, pearl-clutchers!  And so we say goodbye to the Vista Hills Country Club and hope that it can at least be salvaged as a private golf course or some sort of public park.  (


IN AN ACT OF SENSELESS VIOLENCE, BASTARD TERRORISTS ATTACKED HOTELS AND CHURCHES IN SRI LANKA.  SRI LANKA … OF ALL PLACES! – Who knows what strategic value Sri Lanka has to terrorist organizations, but this small country just recovering from years of conflict was ground zero for an Easter attack against the incredibly tiny population of Christians on the island.  Over 250 people lost their life in various coordinated church and hotel bombings on Easter and the authorities are scrambling to make up for their lack of action leading up to the attacks.  Stay safe, Sri Lanka.  (

A STRONG CYCLONE HAS STRUCK MOZAMBIQUE, CAUSING IMMENSE DAMAGE TO COASTAL COMMUNITIES.  THIS ISN’T AN OLD HEADLINE!  ANOTHER(!) MASSIVE CYCLONE HAS STRUCK MOZAMBIQUE THIS YEAR – Last time we checked on Mozambique, a few weeks ago, Cyclone Idai hit the country with the force of a major hurricane and caused intense damage and loss of life.  In an amazingly rare occurrence (that may soon become the norm with an ever chaotic climate), Cyclone Kenneth hit the country’s coast this week with the force of a category 4 hurricane.  Much like the previous disaster, it is feared that hundreds may lose their lives and thousands will lose their homes and/or livelihood.  Major hurricanes normally don’t hit the African coast this often.  So to have two major hurricanes slam into Africa in one season is a very rare occurrence indeed.  (

WHICH COMIC BOOK MOVIE IS POISED TO BREAK ALL THE BOX OFFICE RECORDS THIS WEEKEND?  IS THE ANSWER HELLBOY?  DAMMIT, I’M NOT GOOD AT THIS TRIVIA THING – Avengers:  Endgame comes out this weekend and most experts predict it will shatter most first weekend box office records around the world and maybe even gross over $1 billion worldwide in one weekend.  I’m pretty sure everyone is at the theatres this moment, so I’ll just stop typing and wish everyone good luck in getting a ticket to the movie.  (


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