Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 03/29/2019


LOOKS LIKE THE STATE OF TEXAS IS THROWING EL PASO A TRAMWAY-SHAPED BONE – The State of Texas has voted to give out money as part of the House Appropriations Acts and the El Paso region got some of its major projects funded as a result.  The biggest funding news comes in the form of $15 million that will be used to repair the Wyler Aerial Tramway and $20 million that will be used to kickstart the new dental school at the school of medicine.  Some other statewide programs will also get major funding and those will benefit the Paso Del Norte region as more money becomes available for teachers and other members of the community.  Looks like our local elected officials did a good job in Austin this session.  (

THE SNOW IS MELTING IN COLORADO AND WITH THAT COMES HOPE THAT THERE WILL BE MORE WATER IN THE RIO GRANDE – The annual snow melt in Colorado and New Mexico is very important to replenishing the waters of the Rio Grande and thus very, very important in me not getting dehydrated.  In addition to praying for snow and rain along the Rio Grande, El Paso Water has many tools and sources available to make sure that everyone in the city has access to clean water.  EPWater wrote a great guest column on El Paso Herald Post detailing the annual melting snow’s importance as well as highlighting the diversified sources that EPWater has at its disposal.  So if you are interested in where your water comes from, go check out EPWater’s guest column.  (

WE’RE VERY CLOSE TO HAVING A BATMAN MIDDLE SCHOOL IN EL PASO.  NORTHEAST, PLEASE DON’T SCREW THIS UP – EPISD is building a new middle school in Northeast El Paso and they are asking the community for name suggestions.  This year is Batman’s 80th birthday and I can think of no better way of honoring him than by naming the new Northeast middle school in his honor.  Sure, EPISD will close down the school in 3 years because of declining enrollment figures, but the important thing is that Batman gets a school named after him.  So please do your part and submit a nomination for Batman as the namesake of the new school.  (


YUP, THEY STILL CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY WANT TO DO WITH BREXIT – It’s been years in the making, but the British government still can’t figure out how (or if) it wants to leave the EU.  Even after multiple suggestions and votes in parliament, there has not been one plan to get a majority vote.  More votes are coming but it seems like a No Deal Brexit is the most likely scenario unless they take the action back to the people and ask them to either approve the garbage plan that they currently have, leave the EU with no deal or just remain in the EU.  After all the lies and promises of magical unicorns if Britain left the EU, the voters can now see what their options are and should be able to make an educated decision.  Stay tuned for next week, when they ask for another deadline extension and keep on voting for proposals that just barely miss hitting the majority needed for approval.  (

BRUNEI IS A PRETTY FUCKED UP PLACE.  AND IT TOOK AN ANGRY GEORGE CLOONEY BOYCOTT LETTER FOR THE WORLD’S MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS TO FINALLY POINT OUT THAT BRUNEI IS PRETTY FUCKED UP AND BORDERLINE BARBARIC IN ITS TREATMENT OF THE GAY COMMUNITY – Brunei has announced that it will expand it’s crazy version of sharia law by extending the death penalty to people found guilty of engaging in gay sex or committing adultery.  Even if you don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle, stoning someone to death for something they do in private is amazingly horrible.  The outrage over these absurd laws has grown and George Clooney’s proposed hotel boycott is just the first step in trying to bring some attention to this situation.  Although Brunei is tiny and practically insignificant, it has a ton of natural resources and is thus very wealthy.  The boycott of hotels owned by Brunei’s shady investment schemes probably won’t do much to their coffers, but it’s the right thing to do and is a good way for good people to show that they will not be complicit in crazy medieval actions by backwater nations.  (

FOR THOSE THAT DIDN’T KNOW, THE ALLIANCE OF AMERICAN FOOTBALL IS A NEW LEAGUE THAT JUST STARTED THIS YEAR.  IT’S QUITE POSSIBLE THE LEAGUE WILL BE DEAD BY NEXT WEEK, SO ENJOY THE AAF MAGIC WHILE YOU CAN – The AAF is a spring football league that is looking at becoming a sort of feeder league for the NFL.  The league is burning through cash a little too fast and now the owners are begging the NFL to put them in the fold or they will cease operations.  It’s worth pointing out that the owners of the AAF consist of a fine collection of incompetent dreamers and extremely sketchy businessmen that only promise large sums of money and then give you pennies on the dollar.  The moral of the story is NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SKETCHY PEOPLE WITH SKETCHY MONEY WHO ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A CON.(


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