Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 03/22/2019


PONIES!  PONIES!  PONIES!  2019 – It’s that time of year again.  Time for the Sunland Derby!  The race, which is one of the most important sporting events in the region, will be taking place on Sunday, March 24.  This is the 16th time the event has been run and it has only grown in importance over the years.  The favorite in this race is Mucho Gusto but there are also some local favorites in the running.  The winner is practically guaranteed a start in the Kentucky Derby, so this race is very important in the racing world.  So be sure to tip your hat to the ponies and cheer on your favorites at the Sunland Derby this Sunday.  (

FOR THOSE THAT DON’T LIKE PONIES:  POPPIES!  POPPIES!  POPPIES! – The El Paso Museum Of Archaeology will be hosting their annual Poppies Festival this Saturday and it is an excellent companion to the Sunland Derby or just a great weekend attraction if ponies aren’t your thing.  The festival has been held every year for over a decade now and this year’s fest should have more wild poppies on the Franklin Mountains due to the wetter weather we had this Winter.  So be sure to check out Poppies Fest this weekend at the base of the Franklin Mountains next to the Archaeology Museum.  It’s like a Kermes, but with wildflowers instead of Jesus!  (

RETABLOMANIA AT THE EL PASO MUSEUM OF ART! – The El Paso Museum Of Art has the second largest collection of retablos (tri-paneled, Mexican religious triptych paintings) in the United States and one of the largest collections in the world.  To show off its impressive collection, the museum has created the Joy and Suffering:  EPMA’s Collection Of Mexican Retablos exhibition that will run through May 5.  This is a chance for the public to see many of the great retablos that the museum has in its collection and to encourage a larger appreciation of triptych and polyptych art – which are essentially sequential art and proto comic books.  The exhibition will also feature other religious works from the same time-period as well as various lectures and seminars throughout its run.  So go check out the EPMA’s retablos, they are triptychtastic!  (


CYCLONE IDAI SORT OF CAME OUT OF NOWHERE.  IT WAS SO UNEXPECTED THAT MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS DIDN’T START REPORTING ON IT UNTIL DAYS AFTER THE CYCLONE HIT – In a pretty rare occurrence, Cyclone Idai formed in the waters between Mozambique and Madagascar, looped around a bit and then hit Beira, Mozambique with the same force as a major hurricane.  There was very little news on the build up to the storm and, even though it hit last Thursday, the full devastation was not broadcast to the rest of the world until a few days later.  In addition, to the strong winds, the storm dumped a ton of water on Mozambique and neighboring countries and it is believed that the death toll will reach into the thousands when all is said and done.  Beira is still cut off from aid and the situation there might get worse considering that the storm came just before harvest season and most of their food is practically gone.  It’s really popular to blame global climate change for every natural disaster, but storms this severe don’t normally strike this part of Africa and it’s a good bet that stuff like this will become the norm in the coming decades.  Be safe, Mozambique.  (

BREXIT IS STILL A SHITSHOW, AND NOW THE SHITSHOW HAS BEEN EXTENDED FOR A FEW MORE WEEKS – After parliament twice rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s horrible Brexit deal, it looks like she will now have more time to take the same exact deal back to parliament in an attempt to ram it through.  The Brexit deadline was originally March 29th, but the EU has given the UK a few more weeks to try and pass the horrible final deal or just give up entirely and start the clusterfuck of a no deal Brexit.  The UK still wants to have their cake and eat it too – complete with magical borders around Northern Ireland – but at this point even the most deluded Brexiteer can see that the UK has no leverage and it’s either a shitty deal or no deal at all.  Both plans are horrible and another referendum is the best bet for everyone, but never underestimate the resolve of ignorant, racist, jingoist fuckwads.  (

FROM PCP SUBSTITUTE TO ANESTHETIC TO ANTI-DEPRESSANT, KETAMINE CAN DO IT ALL – Ketamine-derived medications for depression have gone under intense testing the past few years after decades of research and now the FDA has finally started to approve the drug for severe depression.  Originally developed as an anesthetic due to its relative safety and ease of use, Ketamine has risen over the years as one of the most important drugs in the world.  The drug is even found on the World Health Organization’s List Of Essential Medicines and is one of the most common drugs used in developing nations.  Although studies and research are still being conducted on Ketamine and its new found uses; all signs point to Ketamine being a major game changer when it comes to depression and other psychological ailments.  Who knows, maybe this will lead to LSD finally getting a fair shake when it comes to treating psychological problems.  (


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