Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION! – 03/12/2017


WHY BUILD ONE 22-STORY TOWER WHEN YOU CAN BUILD 2 TOWERS!  HELL, THEY MIGHT AS WELL BUILD 3 OR 4 TOWERS ON THAT LOT IF THEY HAVE THE MONEY – It appears that market studies and resident concerns have had a slight impact on the Meyers Group plans for a large high rise tower in west El Paso.  The original plan called for a large 22-story tower with apartments to be built on their property off Mesa, but now they have tweaked it just a bit by unveiling that two condo towers will be built instead.  According to the plans, this will help to break up the view for nearby residents and also allow them to build the structure in two phases in order to judge interest in the project.  Although the original plan was more ambitious and looked a bit cooler in the designs, this will still be a great project for the city if it gets done.  Now, if they one day decide they’re just going to build a crappy Mimco-style mini mall on the property – then we can officially consider this project as being a major cock-tease disaster.  (

AT LEAST TXDOT ONLY SHUT DOWN I-10 FOR 27 HOURS ON A SUNDAY.  KNOWING THEM, THE ORIGINAL PLAN WAS TO SHUT DOWN THE FREEWAY FOR FIVE DAYS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORK WEEK – As part of the GO-10 project, txdot plans to demolish the I-10 east overpass at Mesa as they reconstruct the entire thing.  This is only a preview of things to come as txdot will also end up doing this on the westbound overpass in order to complete the entire structure.  And let’s not forget all the other overpasses in the city that will more than likely need to be repaired or replaced as part of the GO-10 project.  Hopefully txdot learns from their mistakes and doesn’t drag their feet like they’ve done on other projects (coughloop375/i10interchangeontheeastsidecough).  This closure is occurring on a Sunday, so at least they’re not doing stupid things like shutting down the freeway on a weekday ……. yet.  (

GABBO!  GABBO!  GABBO! – Wet N’ Wild is building the largest attraction in its three decade-plus history, but they are remaining silent on what specific water park ride they are bringing in.  The new improvements, which also include an upgrade to the entrance, will be “highly visible” from I-10 and will employ hundreds of people.  It’s probably impossible to figure out what the ride is from these basic hints, but I’m sure our best and brightest will give it a go.  We here at Simple Minded hope it is some sort of super topless/nude pool that will employ the region’s strippers during the daytime “off period”.  Strippers need daytime jobs too, you know.  (



WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT THAT WORLD WAR III WOULD START OVER A PISSING MATCH BETWEEN TURKEY AND THE NETHERLANDS, OF ALL COUNTRIES – It takes a unique brand of fascist moron to accuse the Netherlands of “Nazism”, and Turkish dictator Erdogan is just the fascist moron to make such asinine comments with no real supporting evidence (lest we forget, before there was Trump there was Erdogan).  This all began with Turkey trying to forcefully start political rallies in European countries to encourage expatriate voters to approve of Erdogan’s amazingly dictator-ish plan to convert his country from a parliamentary form of government to a US-inspired, strong man president “garbage democracy” model.  Naturally, European countries don’t appreciate a borderline dictator stirring up the immigrant community within their borders in order to secure votes.  In response the Netherlands was one of many countries to block these rallies in order to stop any trouble and violence that might erupt from competing sides.  Needless to say, Erdogan is a moron and is now butt-hurt that Europe would have the audacity to prevent him from doing what he wants INSIDE ANOTHER FUCKING COUNTRY.  This will probably just blow over, but it would be hilarious if the EU just wipes its ass with Turkey’s EU application and tells Erdogan to go fuck himself.  Erdogan not only wants to screw over his own people, he also wants to screw over random individuals in countries far, far away.  (

ONE OF THE POSITIVE’S OF BREXIT IS THAT SCOTLAND WILL FINALLY DECLARE ITS INDEPENDENCE AND STOP BEING ENGLAND’S LAPDOG.  BRAVEHEART WOULD BE PROUD – The last Scottish Referendum on splitting from the United Kingdom won many votes to “stay” based on the assumption that the UK would not leave the EU.  Naturally, the UK’s attempts to drive their country off the Brexit cliff has led to some people in Scotland questioning if staying in the United Kingdom was the right path to follow.  The calls to action are now growing louder and it looks like Scotland is going to get another chance at a referendum and independence.  This should be interesting.  (

VIDEO PROOF OF TRUE’S BEAKED WHALES FINALLY CAPTURED ON FILM.  NEXT STOP, VIDEO PROOF OF THE HORIZON CITY MONSTER – Finding something that is new and unique in the internet era is a very tough task.  So when something pops up that is truly new, unique and one-of-a-kind it really makes you take notice.  Scientists this week released the first video footage ever of True’s Beaked Whales swimming in the ocean and it is quite beautiful.  Scientists that study these animals can go their entire careers without spotting one of them, so this video truly is a rarity.  The video is very subtle and calming, but the spectacular part is the fact that no one in history has ever recorded these animals in their natural environment!  A truly great moment that makes you think of all the wonderful mysteries found in nature.  (

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