Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 02/22/2019


MOLD JUST WANTED TO GO TO SCHOOL AND NOW THEY’RE GOING TO TEAR THE WHOLE THING DOWN.  GOOD GOING, MOLD – You would think mold is a rarity in the desert, but never underestimate shoddy plywood and dry wall construction and mediocre contractors.  After months of “decision making” that could have been done in a few weeks, the Las Cruces Public School Board has decided that they will tear down Columbia Elementary School and build a new school because the mold damage is too costly to repair.  So while there are adobe buildings in Mesilla that are over a hundred years old, a comparatively new decades-old school in Las Cruces has to be torn down because of an organism that should basically be extinct in the desert.  The students from Columbia Elementary have been going to school at Centennial High School since the closure in September and will be there for a while until Columbia is torn down and replaced with New Columbia.  Word of advice to Las Cruces Public Schools, don’t hire the same fucking contractors that built the original Columbia Elementary.  (

IT’S GOOD TO SEE LOCAL MUSEUMS FINALLY RECOGNIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF ANCIENT MOGOLLON AND ARIDOAMERICA CULTURES IN THE REGION.  MORE PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT OUR ARIDOAMERICA/MOGOLLON HISTORY – The El Paso Museum of History is opening a new exhibit starting today that features pottery from the Casas Grandes region of Chihuahua that once formed a key part of the Aridoamerica/Mogollon cultural region that extended from present-day northern Sonora and southern Arizona to southern New Mexico, northern Chihuahua and western Texas.   The exhibit is called From Fire and Earth and is a collaboration with the art and archaeology museums and features ceramics and pottery from Casas Grandes and Mata Ortiz.  It’s about time that local cultural institutions start recognizing the importance of local culture and not kowtowing to the ignorant belief that only Aztec and Maya motifs can represent “True Mexican” culture – when the fact is that the Aztecs and Maya never even came remotely close to northern Mexico.  Let’s remember and elevate our own local Mogollon/Aridoamerica culture and history.  (

THEY HAD ME AT “FREE CHICO THE CHIHUAHUA PONCHO”! – The El Paso Chihuahuas have just announced their promotional and giveaway calendar for the upcoming 2019 season and all you have to know is that they will be giving away a free Chico The Chihuahua howling dog poncho for the game on April 17.  Start lining up now!  The promotions are great as always so go check out the full calendar and plan out what days you will be attending the baseball games to get cheap beer and free clothes.  Opening day is April 4.  (


THE SITUATION IN VENEZUELA GROWS INTO AN EVEN BIGGER CLUSTERFUCK EVERY DAY WITH NO END IN SIGHT.  AND NOW THE VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT HAS UPPED THE ANTE AND HAS CLOSED IT’S BORDER WITH BRAZIL.  THIS PROBABLY WON’T END WELL – As a result of the opposition’s demands to transport foreign aid into Venezuela, the Maduro government has ordered his army to block the border entry with Brazil and Colombia to prevent crowds and supplies from crossing the border.  It’s gotten so bad that multiple people have been hurt and killed as soldiers have fired on protesters who are trying to block the military from setting up at the border and/or trying to get into the country.  Add to this the absurd atmosphere of a benefit concert on the Colombian side of the border with Venezuela put together by Richard Branson (along with a competing Pro-Maduro concert on the Venezuelan side) and you got yourself a bizarro powder keg that is ready to explode this weekend in Venezuela.  But thankfully there is a non-CIA groomed “leader” waiting in the wings to take over once Maduro is out.  Because we all know how well things have worked out when America gets involved in Latin America and puts up CIA groomed drones in power.  (

TAKING A PAGE FROM THE DONALD TRUMP PLAYBOOK, SUDANESE PRESIDENT OMAR AL-BASHIR HAS DECLARED A STATE OF EMERGENCY IN ORDER TO FIRE THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT AND HOLD ON TO POWER FOR ONE MORE YEAR.  AT LEAST THE UNITED STATES CAN SAY IT HAS SLIGHTLY BETTER LEADERSHIP AND SLIGHTLY BETTER CHECKS AND BALANCES THAN SUDAN – Omar al-Bashir has been in power in Sudan for almost 30 years and, even though there have been protests to remove him from power, he is defiant and seems to be planning to hold on to power until they remove it from his cold dead hands.  So as it stands, Sudan is trying its best to make Venezuela look stable in comparison.  But Sudan doesn’t have too much economic importance in the world so not many foreign powers are lining up to offer “aid” for the people of Sudan any time soon.  (

HAYABUSA2 HAS JUST BECOME THE MOST GANGSTA SPACECRAFT IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM AFTER SHOOTING A BULLET AT ASTEROID RYUGU – Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 continues to impress in its scientific endeavors after it shot a small bullet at Ryugu to help collect soil samples from the asteroid.  This is the first time that a spaceship has committed a drive-by shooting on an asteroid and 50 Cent was quick to get on Twitter and talk shit about Hayabusa2.  Hayabusa2 later responded with a libel lawsuit at which point 50 Cent declared bankruptcy and said he couldn’t pay anything.  Don’t listen to the haters, Hayabusa2.  You’re the most gangsta spaceship ever!  (

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