Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 02/15/2019


AT LEAST SOMETHING USEFUL IS BEING BUILT WITH THE “BORDER SECURITY” MONEY THAT DONALD TRUMP WAS BITCHING AND MOANING ABOUT – As part of the billions of dollars that were approved by Congress for border security, a large detention center will be built in El Paso to house refugee families while they are processed for asylum.  The now empty Hoover plant in West El Paso will be converted for this purpose starting in the spring but there is still no word on whether the $190 million earmarked for this project will be used at the proposed Hoover location or if another purpose built center will be constructed at a yet to be named location.  Kudos to Congresswoman Veronica Escobar for managing to snag a massive $100+ million plus project for El Paso amidst the border security melee – aka Trump Wall Temper Tantrum.  As a bonus, this construction project will actually serve a purpose and make the system more efficient, unlike the useless border wall project that is just an egotistical boondoggle.  (

WHO KNEW MEERKATS WOULD MAKE SUCH GOOD ACCOMPLICES FOR VALENTINE’S DAY REVENGE? – The El Paso Zoo had a great promotion this Valentine’s Day where they would name a cockroach after your ex and then feed it to one of their meerkats.  The ‘Quit Bugging Me’ event was a great success that attracted international media attention, had online submissions from all over the world and raised money for zoo exhibits.  The meerkats get to eat cockroaches as a treat anyway, so might as well make a neat little promotion out of it.  Kudos to the El Paso Zoo for coming up with a great promotional event and to the meerkats for being so adorable.  Now if you’ll excuse me I will go and mourn for the brave little cockroach that was named after me.  (

LOOK AT THOMASON HOSPITAL BEING ALL INNOVATIVE AND FANCY.  GOOD SHOW, THOMASON HOSPITAL – A brand new surgical procedure was recently performed at UMC in order to help a patient suffering from stomach cancer.  The surgical procedure was led by Dr. Mendoza-Ladd and helped a patient who couldn’t eat because of a blockage in his digestive tract.  The “endoscopic jejunostomy” operation creates a new hole in the stomach which is then connected to the small intestine thus bypassing the blockage.  This is only the second time this operation has been completed in Texas and offers incredible relief to people who are suffering from similar conditions.  Kudos, Thomason Hospital.  (


KEEP ON EYE ON 5G NETWORKS IN THE FUTURE.  FOR THE UNITED STATES TO ATTACK HUAWEI LIKE THAT, IT CAN ONLY MEAN THAT ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE PLANNING TO USE THE NETWORK FOR NEFARIOUS PURPOSES IN THE FUTURE – European mobile networks are the latest group to raise the alarm over 5G security and as it is set to roll out strong in the coming years, this is a major issue that more people should be paying attention too.  The first sign that this is much bigger than just a simple cell service upgrade came when the United States government went after Huawei because it is one of the largest equipment suppliers for the 5G network.  Although it looks like a case of corporate protectionism at first glance, one has to wonder if the U.S. government is just projecting its own motives on Huawei and wants them out of the picture because everything they are accusing them of is exactly what they want to do.  At this point, any country worth its salt should be looking at creating their own networks with their own home grown suppliers.  Because if 5G is going to be a vital part of the future infrastructure involving the internet of things and self-driving car networks, it’s best that neutral countries don’t depend too much on China or the USA.  (

IN THE FUTURE, EL PASO’S CLIMATE WILL BE LIKE ARIZONA AND ARIZONA WILL JUST BECOME AN OVEN AND EXPLODE – A massive study published in Nature Communications shows how the climate in the major cities in America will change in 60 years if nothing is done to stop climate change.  The hard working researchers even created a web program that lets you choose a city and then gives you a forecast for which current city the climate will likely emulate in 60 years.  In El Paso and Las Cruces’ case, the climate in 60 years will most likely resemble Phoenix – so it will be slightly warmer and drier and a lot more racist (Arizona redneck joke!).  So unless we get our act together, we’re going to get a bit hotter in the future.  (

DONALD TRUMP CONTINUES TO BE A COMPLETE, FUCKING CUNT – Fresh off the heels of his bullshit-filled racist monologue in El Paso on Monday night, Donald Trump decided the best way to build a stupid fucking wall is to declare a fake national emergency in order to steal taxpayer money.  So like a good little fascist he is trying to go around the checks and balances of the Constitution because congress doesn’t agree with his stupid ideas and doesn’t want to give him an ungodly amount for a stupid wall.  This will naturally go to the courts and we will have to see if certain “compromised” individuals on the Supreme Court follow their master’s bidding or show some backbone and protect the integrity of the nation.  Of note is that Donald Trump literally said that he didn’t have to do this and could wait to get the funding but wanted to see if he could abuse his power and get the money faster; thus negating any claim he has that there is an actual emergency on the border.  Donald Trump is a complete, fucking cunt.  (

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