1 – Dynasty

Simple Minded Summary

A remake of the classic and trashy ‘80s primetime soap opera.  If you don’t remember the original show, you can just squint your eyes and imagine you’re watching a trashier remake of Victorious with a more vicious Jade.

Reasons To Watch (Pretty much  just pictures of the first thing that pops up on Google image search when you type in ‘sexy’)

1) Elizabeth Gillies – Mean-Yet-Hot Sexiness

2) Ana Brenda Contreras – Telenovela Sexiness

3) Elizabeth Gillies – I-Just-Want-To-Post-This-Picture-Again Sexiness

2 – The Cool Kids

Simple Minded Summary

Who says assisted living is depressing?  Follow the zany adventures of retirees as they say “fuck it” and do whatever the hell they want in their retirement community.  With a cast that includes Vicki Lawrence, Martin Mull, David Alan Grier and Leslie Jordan you got some veteran heavy hitters in the comedy world all on the same show.

Reasons To Watch

1) The producers on the show include most of the team from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  So even though it airs on the “family” hour on FOX, the show is a lot funnier and edgier than most fare on at this time.

2) I mentioned it in the summary, but it bears repeating that some amazing veteran comedic actors all come out on this show.  It’s a Murderers’ Row of comic talent that is overlooked by many people just because of their age.

3) It’s no secret that Hollywood has a bit of an age bias and that sometimes incredibly talented actors are just tossed aside by the industry because they are no longer “young” and “hip”.  This show really fills a void on the modern TV landscape and is giving some great actors a chance to shine.  Because of the nature of the show, the cameo possibilities for great long forgotten comedians and actors to pop up randomly on the show are endless.  I hope the producers are looking over some of the great sitcoms of the past few decades and calling up iconic actors and actresses to come out on the show.

3 – Midnight, Texas

Simple Minded Summary

It’s like Vampire Diaries after puberty.  Continuing the time honored tradition of stories in world’s filled with multiple supernatural beings; Midnight, Texas is somewhere between a CW show and HBO.  It doesn’t dwell on teen angst and it doesn’t go into full blown softcore porn mode.  So if you like adult ghoul interpersonal stories that aren’t too light or heavy, this show is for you.

Reasons To Watch (Pretty much  just pictures of the first thing that pops up on Google image search when you type in ‘sexy’)

1) Arielle Kebbel – Killer Sexiness

2) Jason Lewis – Sad-Angel Sexiness

3) Jaime Ray Newman – Redhead Sexiness

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