Simple Minded Summary

Do you like hamburgers?  It’s a cartoon about a guy who makes hamburgers with his family and so much more.  So if you like hamburgers and more things, then this is the show for you.

Reasons To Watch

1) It’s been happening gradually, but Bob’s Burgers is officially the best show on Sunday nights and one of the best TV shows currently airing in any format.  Though Bob’s Burgers is the new kid on the block compared to The Simpsons and Family Guy (which have been on for a combined 100,000 years on television!), it has actually been on for close to a decade but it still feels like it’s only a few seasons old.  That just goes to show you how fresh and lean (Ha ha, ground beef joke – zing!) the writing and production of this show has been over the years. 

2) H. Jon Benjamin simply kicks ass.  His super sexy voice should be reason alone to tune in every Sunday night.  And the rest of the voice cast – including Kristen Schaal, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman – and everyone else on the show also do a pretty damn good job of bringing life to the characters.  What can I say, everyone involved on the show kicks ass.  Good job, everyone on Bob’s Burgers.

3) Bob Belcher –Mustachioed-Meat-Bringer Sexiness


Simple Minded Summary

A simple cartoon sitcom that has evolved into its own complex universe, complete with thousands of characters and locations.  One day The Simpsons mythology will gain a life of its own and become the basis of a new religion when society collapses and all that is left of our civilization is random copies of The Simpsons on DVD.

Reasons To Watch

1) Even after close to a millennia on TV, it’s still good for a good chuckle and that’s all we ask of it.  It’s been said before, but each episode gives you at least one or two good laughs and each season gives you one or two great episodes.  Which is more than some BRAND NEW comedies can produce in today’s bloated streaming/cable market.

2) For some reason, people decided last year that Apu was offensive even though he’s been on the air for decades and he’s always been portrayed as intelligent and hard working.  I guess people are more whiny nowadays and will bitch and complain about everything.  But as long as they don’t complain about Bumblee Man and Pepito, The Biggest Cat In The Whole Wide World, I’ll be happy.  I will definitely kick someone’s ass if they dare besmirch the name of our most beloved Mexican American icons.  If anything they should replace Apu with Bumblebee Man, Pepito or Senor Ding Dong.  The Mexican community have more important things to do than bitch and complain about a fucking cartoon character and would appreciate a successful small business owner representing them on TV.

3) Pepito, The Biggest Cat In The Whole Wide World – Awesome-Mexican-Stereotype Sexiness


Simple Minded Summary

Some people think that Supergirl is too political and don’t want to watch it for that reason.  Some people are morons that complain about everything.  Supergirl kicks ass while wearing a sexy, yet modest, skirt.  I like Supergirl.

Reasons To Watch (Pretty much  just pictures of the first thing that pops up on Google image search when you type in ‘sexy’)

1) Melissa Benoist – Strong-Female-Role-Model Sexiness

2) Katie McGrath – Villain-But-Not-Yet-A-Villain Sexiness

3) Mehcad Brooks – Wasn’t-Jimmy-Olsen-A-Nerd? Sexiness

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