Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 02/01/2019


AFTER WHAT SEEMS LIKE DECADES, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS BEGINNING TO BE MORE TRANSPARENT WITH ITS HISTORY OF CHILD ABUSE AND THE EL PASO DIOCESE IS COMING TO TERMS WITH ITS PAST SINS – In conjunction with all the Catholic Diocese in Texas, the El Paso Diocese has recently released a list of all the priests who ever served in the El Paso Diocese who had credible accusations of child molestation brought against them.  Although the percentage of abuse was lower than the national average and the last recorded case came in 1999, it is still disheartening to see that people that were placed to help the community could cause so much harm.  This is merely one of the first steps as the Catholic Church in El Paso seeks to heal from this unfortunate part of its history.  (

PLEASE WELCOME THE ADORABLE DEJA THE BABY SIAMANG TO THE EL PASO ZOO – Deja the siamang has arrived from the Pittsburgh Zoo as the adorable ape searches for foster parents.  Siamangs are in the gibbon family which is part of the larger ape family that includes the more recognizable gorillas and chimpanzees.  Deja is coming to the El Paso Zoo after her mother sadly rejected her at birth and is being hand raised until she is introduced to her surrogate siamang family here at the zoo.  The hope is that the El Paso Zoo’s resident siamangs, Suni and Adinda, will accept her and that she will become part of their family unit.  Deja is only 5 months old and visitors will be able to see her during special sessions where the zoo staff will show how they are taking care of her.  Kudos to the El Paso Zoo for doing their part in protecting endangered species.  (

APPARENTLY THE CONCEPT OF PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY IS TOO HARD FOR SOME PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND.  I GUESS “PUBLIC” AND “PERSONAL PROPERTY” ARE EASILY CONFUSED BY SOME – Once again, the people with homes around UTEP and Kern Place are bitching and complaining because they think that the sidewalk in front of their houses belongs to them and that the street in front of their house is their own personal parking space.  First they bitched and moaned about UTEP students and now they are complaining about hospital visitors and staff.  It’s been said before, but we shall try to explain the concept of public right of way once more to these obviously confused people.  The personal property line of all houses ends where the sidewalk or parkway begins.  The sidewalk, parkway and street are all part of the PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY and belong to everyone in the public.  Anyone in the public has as much of a right to walk and park in front of a house as anyone else.  IT IS NOT THE HOMEOWNER’S PERSONAL PARKING SPACE!  IT’S PUBLIC FUCKING RIGHT OF WAY!  Read the damn city code or any civil code to understand this basic universal concept.  And if all else fails the residents in these areas can go ahead and lease the space from the city at a fair market rate for their personal parking or create one of those stupid parking districts that the city made up to make the whiny crybabies shut the fuck up.  And shame on the local media for referring to this issue as a “residential parking problem”.  There’s no such thing as fucking “residential parking”, public right of way belongs to EVERYONE.  Please stop pandering to these crybabies.  If they don’t like a dense urban environment they can move to Montana Vista and have all the on-street public parking that their hearts’ desire.  (


YUP, THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL COLD – A phenomenon known as a polar vortex has brought crippling cold to a good portion of the central and eastern United States.  The temperature went down to minus 49 degrees Celsius (minus 56 degrees Fahrenheit) in some parts of the country with a wind chill close to negative one meeleeon beeleeon degrees.  So yeah, it was a smidge cold in the Midwest this week.  And of course, there were idiots – including Donald Trump – using this as “proof” that global warming/climate change doesn’t exist even though this is an example of weather and not climate.  In fact, most climate change forecasts show that extreme weather phenomenon will increase in a rapidly warming world and that events like polar vortex explosions will become more common in the future.  And just for the record, Australia just experienced their warmest January on record.  So it is really, really hot in some parts of the world right now.  (

DEATH BY TOXIC SLUDGE LANDSLIDE MONSTER IS AS SCARY AS IT SOUNDS – Video footage has just been released of last week’s dam burst/toxic sludge flood in Brumadinho, Brazil and it’s as surreal and frightening as imagined.  Although not super fast, it moves across the land devouring everything in its path with a brisk yet relaxed paced.  The mass of water, mud and toxic sludge is massive and one can only imagine the shock that was going on in the minds of the drivers of the vehicles – seen in the video – that were racing to get out of the way.  As of last count, the disaster had taken 110 lives with over 200 people still missing.  Authorities are still investigating, but it is believed that liquefaction of the dam was the cause of the collapse and that it is similar to previous dam collapses seen in other mines in Brazil.  Multiple people have been arrested for safety violations and Vale SA – the owner of the mine and the retention pond and dam – will probably face more consequences over their lack of safety preparation.  (

MEANWHILE IN VENEZUELA, MADURO IS STILL HOLDING ON TO POWER AND THE SHIT SHOW IS GROWING – Say what you want about dumbass Maduro, but he’s pretty good at holding on to power.  Despite all the hemming and hawing by the global community over the opposition and Juan Guaido, Nicolas Maduro still has the military in his back pocket and is no closer to stepping down as he was before this whole mess started.  And now we wait to see what the next move is in this “spontaneous” rebellion that is in no way being propped up by the CIA and their ilk.  Because we all know the CIA and friends have NEVER EVER done anything like this in Central America and elsewhere in the world.  (

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