Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION! – 02/26/2017


VINTON IS FINALLY GETTING RUNNING WATER AND A SEWAGE SYSTEM!  HOORAY AND WELCOME TO CIVILIZATION – For years, the town of Vinton has been struggling to get a decent water hookup and a working sewer system in their community.  This struggle was highlighted a few years ago when “town leaders” in their government refused millions of dollars in grants and government money earmarked for their water system.  For some amazingly stupid reason that is still unknown, the idiots in the government did not take the money and were subsequently removed from office and replaced by officials who had a basic understanding of how government works and the need to use grants and loans to get things done.  The USDA recently awarded over $7 million in grants and loans to Vinton that will be used to finally get the upgrades the city so desperately needs.  As mentioned by one of the residents in the story, even poor colonias in Juarez have running water and a sewer connection and this was something that was long overdue.  So kudos to the current government officials in Vinton for securing the funds and righting some of the wrongs of the past.  (

EL PASO WRESTLERS ARE ONE STEP CLOSER TO WRESTLEMANIA – Congratulations go out to the Hanks High School girls’ wrestling team for winning their 4th straight state title this weekend and also congrats to all the other local wrestlers that won individual titles in the state meet.  We salute you!  (

SIMPLE MINDED 2.0 – So we’re still working on updating the website.  Some content may be missing and some links might not work, but we are gradually fixing everything and improving the Simple Minded experience.  Keep your eyes open for updated features and even more Simple Minded goodness.  (self)



WELCOME TO TRUMP’S AMERICA, WHERE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE SHOT BY EMPOWERED REDNECK RACISTS WHO WANT TO MAKE THEIR ORANGE RULER HAPPY – Olathe, Kansas was the site of a vicious hate crime last week when engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla was murdered by a dumbass redneck fuck, who was so emboldened by the Republican party’s bullshit immigration rhetoric, that he decided to confront the first brown people he saw regardless if they were Muslim or from countries on Donald Trump’s “big bad scary country list”.  The attack also left two other people wounded including Srinivas’s friend and a good Samaritan who tried to intervene and stop the attack.  Amazingly, Donald Trump and friends have yet to respond to this in any meaningful way and there is no way in hell the idiots will admit that their hate mongering directly led to this.  But rest assured, if a Muslim man would have shot a white guy at a Kansas bar. Donald Trump would be tweeting non-stop for 24 hours about how we need an even bigger Muslim ban and a bigger wall to protect Murica from the terrorists.  It’s staggering to see that he was targeted just because he looked “different”.  He wasn’t even from one of the “banned countries” OR A MUSLIM!  Fuck, the fact that he was DRINKING BEER AT A BAR should have been a clue that this wasn’t an “Evil Muslim Refugee” out to commit a terrorist attack in Buttfuck, Kansas.  But just because he looked like a possible Muslim from another country was enough for some idiot, Fox News-loving redneck fuck to shoot him in cold blood.  Welcome to Donald Trump’s Murica.  (

BILL PAXTON IS DEAD.  LONG LIVE BILL PAXTON – One of the more memorable actors from the past few decades, Bill Paxton, has passed away at the age of 61 as a result of complications from surgery.  Although never a superstar, he had many memorable roles in some of the most classic movies of the past 30 years or so – from Weird Science to Aliens to Twister to Titanic, he was a big part of many big films.  In addition, he was a very good actor and had multiple awards for his work.  Nothing best describes Bill Paxton’s career like the following piece of trivia from IMDB:  “(Bill Paxton) was the only other actor, along with Lance Henriksen, to have been killed by a Terminator, an Alien, and a Predator on screen.”  Now that’s what you call a cinematic legacy!  Rest in peace, Bill Paxton.  (

THE OSCARS HAVE BEEN AWARDED AND THAT ONLY MEANS ONE THING ……. IT’S TIME FOR THE TOURNAMENT OF FILM – One of the biggest, if not the biggest, Oscar moments of all time occurred this weekend when La La Land was incorrectly named the Best Picture and during the acceptance speech it was revealed that a mistake had been made and Moonlight was the real winner.  The important thing in all of this is that now Moonlight gets the all-important 25 points, associated with the Oscar winner, in the Simple Minded Entertainment Tournament of Film ranking process.  Just a reminder that the Tournament of Film for 2016 is coming soon once the selection process is finalized.  (


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