Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 12/28/2018


IT’S A TREE AND A RANDOM COLOR VERSUS PANTHERS IN A HIGH NOON SHOWDOWN AT THE SUN BOWL – As we say goodbye to 2018, we have the final major event on El Paso’s calendar coming up on New Year’s Eve ……. the Sun Bowl.  This year the Stanford Cardinal takes on the Pittsburgh Panthers in a contest that promises to be quite entertaining.  So go out and get your ticket and let’s sell out the Sun Bowl.  This is one of the main showcase events for the Greater Mogollon land and it’s always cool to see the Sun Bowl filled up for a global audience.  And if you are a gambler, my pick is Stanford.  In a basic mascot analysis, a panther would kick a color’s ass – Stanford’s nickname is cardinal the color as opposed to cardinal the bird.  But Stanford’s unofficial mascot is a crazy tree with googly eyes and you just can never underestimate a crazy tree – bet all your money on the team with a crazy tree.  (

KUDOS TO THE ANNUNCIATION HOUSE AND OTHER LOCAL CHARITIES FOR STEPPING UP IN HOUSING CENTRAL AMERICAN IMMIGRANTS SHAMELESSLY DROPPED OFF IN EL PASO – As most people already know, ICE and the other tone deaf morons in the government decided that the best Christmas gift they could give Central American refugees would be to drop them off in the middle of downtown El Paso with no warning and let them fend for themselves in the bus station.  Thankfully, El Paso and its countless charities and concerned citizens banded together to get these poor people a warm meal, a roof over their heads and a chance to travel to their loved ones throughout the U.S.  Annunciation House has really stepped up in this situation and the El Paso Community Foundation has done its share with a generous donation of $40,00 to them.  Kudos to El Paso for standing up to Trump and Company’s vile attempt at causing a crisis in El Paso by leaving thousands of migrants on the streets without warning.  Unlike other cities, El Paso isn’t filled with racist shitheads and the city handled this with compassion and composure.  There were a few sour points, but overall the community’s response was commendable.   So keep the good vibes going by donating whatever you can to the Paso Del Norte area organizations doing good work during these hard times.  (

SNOWMAGGEDON 2018 (DECEMBER EDITION) – Snow is predicted throughout the Paso Del Norte area starting today and, as always, it’s time for the annual tradition of people acting like they’ve never seen snow before even though it snows every year here.  So be careful out there because it’s going to get cold and icy.  (


KRAKATAU ERUPTED AGAIN.  YES, THAT KRAKATAU – Last weekend, Anak Krakatau in Indonesia had a rather large eruption that caused a massive collapse of land into the ocean that created a tsunami that killed hundreds of people in the surrounding coastal areas.  If the name Krakatau sounds familiar it’s because it was the site of a massive eruption in the 19th century that was heard thousands of miles away and that ejected so much debris into the atmosphere that it altered climate patterns GLOBALLY for years to come.  This volcano is Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatau) and is on top of what once was Krakatau.  The alert level has been raised in the area and there is still a chance of a large eruption.  Though the odds of a massive 19th century-size eruption are low, it is still possible that Anak Krakatau is not done yet.  Be safe, Indonesia.  (

ULTIMA THULE SOUNDS LIKE A HEAVY METAL BAND.  MAYBE NASA WILL DISCOVER HEAVY METAL IN SPACE! – NASA’S New Horizons spacecraft made headlines when it photographed Pluto and took data from the solar system orb and now it has gone even further.  On New Year’s Day, New Horizons will make history when it photographs and collects data on Ultima Thule, a Kuiper Belt object that is billions of miles from Earth.  If all goes to plan, the spacecraft will speed by Ultima Thule and take pictures and collect data and then turn it’s transmitter to Earth where it will send the data at a snail’s pace over the next few years.  This will be the farthest object ever visited by an Earth-based spacecraft and is an amazing feat of engineering and scientific know-how.  And it will definitely inspire many rock bands in the years to come to name themselves after some variation of UTLIMA THULE.  (

GOODBYE, 2018! – 2018 has come to an end and we now welcome 2019 with open arms.  Like most years, 2018 was a bittersweet year with ups and downs that we sadly leave in the rear-view mirror.  But now we welcome 2019 and the hopes of something better in the year ahead.  If you are in the area, make sure to bring in the New Year in Las Cruces for the annual Chile Drop.  It’s a cool event that keeps on getting bigger and better every year and is the de facto New Year’s Eve focal point for the Greater Mogollon land.  Happy New Year, everybody!  (

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