Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 12/21/2018


LET’S FIND THE FUCKER THAT BURNED DOWN THAT MOBILE HOME IN SUNLAND PARK AND KILLED A LITTLE GIRL – Arson is suspected in the case of the mobile home fire in Sunland Park that killed 8-year old Marisa Munoz.  The arsonist/murderer is yet to be caught but authorities are on the hunt.  So if you have any information on this case, please call the local authorities or Crime Stoppers.  Let’s catch this bastard.  (

IN THEIR DEFENSE, HOMELAND SECURITY DOESN’T KILL ALL THE CHILDREN THAT COME THROUGH THE BORDER – Kudos to the Customs and Border Protection Officers at the Paso Del Norte Bridge for saving the life of an 11-month old Guatemalan child at the bridge last week.  The young girl was choking after being fed by her mother and the quick acting officers managed to perform the Heimlich maneuver and save her life.  This comes on the heels of news that a 7-year old girl in Border Patrol custody died from health complications after reaching the U.S. at Antelope Wells and being transported to Lordsburg.  Though to be fair, anybody having a major medical emergency in Lordsburg will have a hard time surviving since the nearest trauma center is in El Paso.  But refugee children should at least get a basic medical check when they arrive at the border to make sure something like this doesn’t happen, one dead child is way too many.  (

WESTSTAR TOWER WATCH (END OF 2018 EDITION) – WestStar Tower will one day be the tallest building in El Paso and construction is looking to ramp up in 2019.  The building at Hunt Plaza will be 313 Feet and 6 inches tall and will house the headquarters for WestStar Bank.  The site clearing and foundation work is coming along nicely and we will soon be seeing more vertical elements going up in the coming months.  Dowtown El Paso is growing and sometime in 2020 the skyline will change dramatically once the tower is completed.  (


WHO KNEW LAWS THAT ENCOURAGE SLAVE LABOUR WOULD BE SO UNPOPULAR?  SOMEBODY SHOULD TELL THE FASCIST GOVERNMENT IN HUNGARY ABOUT HOW SLAVE LABOUR IS BAD – The right-wing, fascist, nut job leadership in Hungary has done it again and passed another stupid law.  This time, however, the law fucks over the majority of the working class in the country and the people don’t like it.  Thousands of people across Hungary have taken to the streets to protest the Fidesz party’s tribute to corporate welfare – the overtime “slave law”.  Among other things, the law allows employers to demand 400 hours of overtime a year (up from 250 hours a year) and lets companies “hold” the payment for this overtime for up to 3 years.  Because everyone knows that money-making corporations need the most welfare from the government to survive.  The law was pushed by Prime Minister Orban and President Ader whose party is also pushing a law to create special courts completely controlled by the powers that be – not fascist at all.  So even though the majority of the people are against this and visibly angry at the government, the right wing idiots in the government are blaming George Soros and some stupid random conspiracy theories for the protests.  Right wing morons around the world are all the same,  George Soros is apparently the boogey man that can appear all over the world and give money to protestors that are asking for – GASP – basic human rights.  (

IDIOT MAN-CHILD THROWS TEMPER TANTRUM OVER POINTLESS WALL AND ENDS UP SHUTTING DOWN GOVERNMENT AND COSTING MANY THEIR LIVELIHOOD – It’s official, the idiot Donald Trump is going to make his racist monument border wall the hill that he dies on.  After agreeing to a Republican/Democrat compromise to keep the government funded for a few months, Donald Trump decided at the last minute that he wouldn’t sign off on it because some right wing idiots on TV told him not to do it unless it included billions of dollars for a stupid wall.  Let’s ignore for a minute that illegal immigrants will still be able to come over on boats, planes and expired visas regardless of how big the wall is.  But wasting billions of dollars for a stupid vanity project is just irresponsible and criminal in today’s economic climate.  But Trump’s base – racist morons who don’t live near the border and who have never even seen the border – are more than happy to support Trump to fulfill their racist fantasies in the guise of “national security”.  So once more, the idiot Donald Trump has made a shit show of the government and now even the stock market is collapsing.  Well done, Donald Trump.  It bears repeating, Donald Trump is a complete, fucking cunt.  (

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! – Christmas is coming up next week and I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and good vibes this holiday season from me and the rest of the Simple Minded family.  We come off a bit rough around the edges sometimes but we just want everyone to be happy and live in a world that isn’t horrible.  In uplifting holiday news, today we found out a minor Christmas miracle occurred in England when LadBaby’s spoof song, “We Built This City … On Sausage Rolls”, claimed the Christmas number one spot on the singles sales chart.  For those that don’t know, the battle for the number one song at Christmas is a time-honored tradition in England and it is quite remarkable for a spoof charity single by an internet star to reach the top spot.  And it’s all for charity, so everyone’s a winner.  Merry Christmas, one and all.  (

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