Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 10/26/2018


ON PAPER, TRADING 44 ACRES FOR OVER 2,000 ACRES OF LAND IS A GREAT DEAL.  BUT GIVING AWAY 44 ACRES OF PRIME WESTSIDE REAL ESTATE FOR LAND IN THE UNDEVELOPED HINTERLANDS OF FAR NORTHEAST EL PASO IS STILL A GAMBLE.  BUT WE’RE GETTING A GIANT INDOOR WATER PARK, SO WHO CARES ABOUT THE OTHER GUY! – After what seems like decades of begging, the City of El Paso has finally managed to snare Great Wolf Lodge into setting up an operation in El Paso.  Although the deal is not yet finalized; with the vast amount of tax breaks and land swaps involved, it should be approved.  In return for his prime real estate on the Westside where Great Wolf will set up, Paul Foster will get thousands of acres in Far Northeast El Paso that have been awaiting development for years.  If the Northeast land gets developed property and generates taxes soon, this will be a win-win for everyone.  It’s still possible that Great Wolf Lodge goes back on the deal but, with the decade plus of tax breaks being offered, it makes great financial sense for them to set up shop in El Paso and build a world-class resort in the area.  Let’s see how this all shakes out when City Council votes on the plan on Tuesday.  (

WE’RE ONE STEP CLOSER TO MAX GROSSMAN FINALLY SHUTTING THE FUCK UP – The City of El Paso has recently won more legal battles in its quest to build an arena in the former whore house area of Union Plaza and Max Grossman is down to his final appeals that he hopes to use to keep his name in the papers just a little longer.  The City of El Paso no longer has to give advance warning to tear down buildings in the arena footprint area and hopefully they can start the construction process as soon as possible just so this can all be done and over with.  Though Max Grossman has agreed to these terms, he still has a few more pointless appeals and legal cases that he will try to use via his billionaire buddies in east texas.  So although we aren’t at the end of this legal clusterfuck, it looks like we’re close to the end when Max Grossman just shuts the fuck up and lets the entire city move forward.  At this point no one else in the city really cares and it’s only one foreign out-of-towner who wants to see El Paso get left behind.  Meanwhile in Chihuahuita, the federal government is actually destroying a historical neighborhood with their stupid wall and Max Grossman and friends are eerily quiet.  I guess actual history takes a back seat when it comes to kissing Donald Trump’s ass and letting them do whatever the hell they want.  (

IF 3D PRINTING WERE A SPORT, UTEP WOULD BE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! – While UTEP athletics have not been too competitive lately, at least we’re kicking ass in 3D printing and high tech research!  UTEP’s EM Lab team led by Raymond C. Rumpf has been developing new and exciting technology for years and their latest creation looks to be one of their most important.  It turns out that researchers at the UTEP lab have created the first true three-dimensional volumetric circuit using a 3D printer.  If this line of research is successful it can revolutionize the manufacturing of microchips and benefit electronics manufacturers of all types.  Good show, UTEP.  Does anyone know if Dr. Rumpf can coach any sports?  (


WELL, IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED.  CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF AND BASIC ECONOMIC THEORY, STUPID TARIFFS AND OVERVALUED COMPANIES DO NOT LEAD TO A STRONG ECONOMY – Stocks are down worldwide and economies all over the world are going into the shitter.  Though it’s not an official “crash”, Friday was a pretty bad day for stock markets around the world and there is no real positive news to keep the charade going.  But I’m sure we can expect a dead cat bounce and shameless attempts to prop up dead companies in order to get as much cash as possible from the markets.  The Christmas season is going to have to put up some phenomenal numbers to keep all the markets from going into super Yogi the Bear territory.  (

SURPRISE, SURPRISE.  THE IDIOT WHO SENT BOMBS TO VARIOUS DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEADERS IS A TRUMP FANATIC.  A REALLY, REALLY BIG TRUMP FANATIC – Predictably, the person responsible for sending all those mail bombs this week was an idiot from Florida that was obsessed with Donald Trump and his hate-filled rhetoric.  The idiot in question is Cesar Sayoc and there is no doubt that this guy was influenced by Donald Trump and has been obsessing over him for years.  His entire fucking van was covered with pro-Trump stickers for crying out loud ……. literally the entire van was covered by stupid pro-Trump meme stickers.  Luckily, or predictably, the bomber was a moron and none of the bombs went off.  But even though the idiot looks like he was the president of the Florida branch of the Donald Trump fan club, conservatives will just brush this off and ignore the fact that the FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES practically influenced an insane person to go on a bombing spree.  But sure, let’s just continue to ignore Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric and just lie and say that “both sides do it” and use that as a catchall excuse for his idiocy.  (

DIONE, SATURN’S MOON, APPEARS TO BE COVERED BY MYSTERIOUS STRIPES.  IT MIGHT BE ALIENS, BUT IT’S PROBABLY NOT – Researchers from the Planetary Science Institute and the Smithsonian are currently studying what caused the mysterious stripes found on the Saturnian Orb, Dione.  So far, scientists have found that the mostly linear lines are most likely caused by materials falling from the heavens and not from surface activity.  Because there is no concrete explanation so far, we are obligated by internet law to claim that the lines on Dione were caused by aliens in order to increase traffic to this article.  So if anyone asks, the mystery lines on Dione might have been caused by aliens.  Though they were probably not caused by aliens.  For more information on these mysterious moon features without our expert alien speculation, you can find the full report in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.  (


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