Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 09/28/2018


IF THERE IS NO SNAZZY ENTRANCE THEMES, CHAIR SWINGING AND/OR HEEL TURNS AT THIS YEAR’S SUN BOWL PARADE; I WILL BE GREATLY DISAPPOINTED – Congratulations go out to WWE star Sin Cara for being named the Grand Marshal of the upcoming Thanksgiving Sun Bowl Parade.  It’s good to see more people recognizing the rich wrestling tradition of the Paso Del Norte Region.  For those not familiar with him, Sin Cara is an El Paso native and Burges High School graduate who rose through the ranks of the WWE to become one if it’s top wrestlers.  He wrestles in the luchador style and, keeping with tradition, wears a mask to conceal his identity.  Although you can figure out who he is by the info given in his biography, we will respect tradition and not unmask Sin Cara.  So mark your calendars, start practicing your wrestling moves and be sure to attend the 82nd Annual FirstLight Federal Credit Union Sun Bowl Parade this Thanksgiving.   (

THE CHASE TOWER IS DEAD, LONG LIVE ONE SAN JACINTO PLAZA TOWER – After Chase Bank moved its El Paso headquarters to the Mills Building, the Chase Tower had been looking for a new identity.  The building’s owners have now unveiled the building’s new name as ‘One San Jacinto Plaza’ in addition to a revamped LED lighting system that will cover the building’s façade in programmable light.  So now the city can celebrate the UTEP football team’s next win with a spectacular blue and orange color changing light show at One San Jacinto Plaza.  Just a few more years and I think we’ll finally be able to enjoy that UTEP light show!  (

ALASKA AIRLINES IS COMING TO EL PASO.  THERE WILL, HOWEVER, BE NO DIRECT FLIGHTS TO ALASKA – Good news for fans of low cost traveling as Alaska Airlines will enter the El Paso market in February 2019.  The airline will offer daily direct flights to San Diego and Seattle and will give people in the region a low cost alternative when traveling to the west coast.  Now El Pasoans will spend less money whenever they want to go see what rain looks like!  Seattle is just a budget flight away.  (


INDONESIA HAS THE WORST LUCK WITH TSUNAMIS – A magnitude 7.5 earthquake near Sulawesi Island in Indonesia has created a tsunami that has devastated the city of Palu.  Waves reaching heights of 10 feet were reported and videos/photos coming out of the scene show a freakishly strong tsunami compared to the magnitude of the earthquake.  There are over 300 confirmed fatalities from this disaster, but it looks like the final count will be much higher.  Let’s hope the worst is over for Palu.  (

THIS WAS A GREAT WEEK FOR FANS OF HOPPING ROBOTS – Japan’s Hayabusa2 space mission entered the history books this week when it successfully deployed 2 rovers onto the surface of the Ryugu asteroid.  This is the first time that a working rover has been placed on an asteroid and is a hell of an accomplishment for Japan and the scientific community in general.  Traditional rovers wouldn’t work on the rocky and uneven surface of an asteroid, so the mission developed an ingenious solution where the rovers ‘hop’ (technically it’s more like floating or hovering) to get from one place to another.  The rovers are already sending pictures and data and even more spacecraft are on their way to analyze this asteroid.  Space mining promises to be one of the main drivers for future space exploration and this mission will hopefully encourage even more research into the potentially lucrative asteroid belt.  (

THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS A SHIT SHOW – After trying to ram Brett Kavanaugh through to the Supreme Court, Donald Trump has now called for a “limited” FBI investigation into allegations that Brett is a cliché, affluenza-filled, frat boy, douchebag, rapist drunk.  Donald Trump is just trying to save face after the powerful testimony by Christine Blasey Ford, but the damage is already done.  All he had to do was find a conservative, moralist idiot with a clean past and he could have easily stacked the courts in his party’s favor.  And he couldn’t even do that right.  He went ahead and picked the most insufferable moron with giant, rapey skeletons in the closet and now the country is even more divided.  I like to think that Donald Trump just picked Brett Kavanaugh because he has so many things in common with him; things like lying, sexual assault and a narcissistic sense of entitlement.  So now we wait to see if the FBI points out the obvious and confirms that Kavanaugh is an untrustworthy, perjury-loving, possible rapist.  Or if they tone down their results as a result of Trump’s interference.  The fact is, that aside from 5 Republican Senators, the Republicans in power would gladly place Lucifer in the Supreme Court if it meant they could have a right leaning majority that can rule favorably on any far-right, pro-Trump bullshit cases that they bring in the future.  Let us hope the level headed Republican members of the Senate can show some backbone and not vote for a glorified frat boy rapist as a Supreme Court Justice.  (


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