Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 06/29/2018


THIS COMING WEEK WE WILL ALL BE CELEBRATING AN IMPORTANT ANNIVERSARY.  THAT’S RIGHT, IT’S CHICO’S TACOS 65TH ANNIVERSARY! – Chico’s Tacos first opened its doors on July 4, 1953 and El Paso, and the world, has never been the same.  Among all their legendary food items, Chico’s is best known for its flautas that are drowned in cheese and a special tomato sauce and that are the food of choice for drunk people getting out of bars at 2 AM.  Though if you go to Chico’s you also have to try the El Paso-style round hot dog or the special menu item where they put a hamburger patty inside a grilled cheese sandwich.  So be sure to do your civic duty this coming week by visiting Chico’s Tacos and buying your fair share of delicious, greasy food and commemorative T-Shirts.  On July 4 we honor Joe Mora, Emma Mora and family for giving us Chico’s Tacos on that fateful July 4th in 1953.  On a side note, July 4th is also Independence Day so you can celebrate that as well and make a double holiday out of it!  (

IN STARTLING NEWS, EL PASO COUNTY HAS REVEALED THAT THE ASCARATE GOLF COURSE LOSES MONEY EVERY YEAR AND IT ONLY GETS WORSE WITH TIME.  BUT EL PASO COUNTY IS SO COMPETENT AND THE ASCARATE GOLF COURSE IS SO EFFICIENTLY RUN, HOW CAN THAT BE? – A new report reveals that the Ascarate Park Golf Course loses money because “people aren’t playing gold anymore”.  Seriously, a department in El Paso County researched all the financials and information available on Ascarate and came up with the impressive conclusion that “people just aren’t playing that much golf anymore (shrugs shoulders)”.  Armed with this impressive research, County Commissioners must now decide how to fix this problem and at least break even with the golf course.  Gee, maybe a government entity should not be in charge of an old golf course and should instead sell it and let a private company handle it.  At the very least they can transfer the entire park to the City of El Paso – they do have a parks and recreation department and handle every other fucking park inside city limits.  Hell, maybe El Paso COUNTY can actually build a park outside of El Paso city limits and let the city government handle parks INSIDE city limits.  But alas, El Paso County will keep on pursuing pointless endeavors and lose money on projects they have no business in running.  (

KHALID IS HOLDING A SPECIAL HOMETOWN CONCERT IN EL PASO IN SEPTEMBE …… WAIT IT SOLD OUT, BUT THEY JUST ADDED A SECOND SHO ……. TOO SLOW, THAT ONE SOLD OUT TOO – Khalid announced a special hometown show at the Don Haskins Center for September 14 and soon after the tickets went on sale the show sold out in minutes.  But because Khalid is such a cool guy, he added a second show to maximize the amount of people who bought tickets.   Space is still available for the second show, so buy your tickets now or miss out on some Khalid action.  (


AT LEAST EUROPE IS TRYING TO FACE ITS MIGRATION PROBLEMS HUMANELY.  UNLIKE OTHER COUNTRIES – After days of contentious meetings, the European Union has reached an immigration control agreement between its members that seeks to make sure all countries are on the same page when it comes to migration.  Even though the number of immigrants that have come into Europe has dropped considerably in the last couple of years, some eastern European countries continue to be racist and Italy continues to take the brunt of the Mediterranean migrants because it is the closest and most popular entry point for migrants.  One of the main issues is the weirdo European Union policy of having migrants register in the country where they reach Europe (which is most often Italy) and the fact that most people don’t want to stay in Italy or any of the other countries that they arrive in when they reach the continent and instead want to go to Germany or France.  This new agreement offers to help the “arrival” countries and give funding to promote economic development in Africa , but most people believe this is all for show and that the continents migration issues will continue.  But at least they aren’t separating children from their parents and creating internment camps on military bases – that would just be fascist and no modern country would ever sink to those levels.  (

IT’S GREEN SATURDAY!  GO STOCK UP ON YOUR UNREGULATED GHETTO WEED PRODUCTS BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT TAKES THEM ALL! – Ever since California legalized recreational marijuana sales, July 1st was the date given for when full government regulation would kick in to ensure that all marijuana retailers were only selling safe and government approved products.  With that in mind, shops all over California are rushing to fulfill these government regulations and are having fire sales to get rid of all their ‘unregulated’ merchandise before they become unauthorized.  It’s Weed Apocalypse and now is the time to stock up on cheap, ghetto weed and marijuana products from a legitimate business before you are forced to buy your favorite garbage product from a random drug dealer that doesn’t know the difference between herbicides and rat poison.  (

REMEMBER WHEN REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS REFUSED TO APPROVE BARACK OBAMA’S FULLY MANDATED CHOICE FOR THE SUPREME COURT BECAUSE “THERE WAS AN IMPORTANT ELECTION COMING UP”?  GUESS WHO IS NOW TRYING TO PUSH THROUGH A FLY BY NIGHT SUPREME COURT NOMINATION BEFORE A MAJOR ELECTION? – Republicans and Conservatives are hypocritical sacks of shit.  Donald Trump gets a lot of blame for being a complete, fucking cunt and human excrement, but the Republicans are fully complicit in all this fascist bullshit and they should be called out on it.  The fact that they stole a Supreme Court pick from President Obama and are now trying to fast track a pick from Donald Trump speaks volumes about their hypocrisy and evil nature.  We won’t even bother with the mysteriously corrupt circumstances of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement; these fuckers can burn the Constitution and wipe their ass with the ashes and the redneck fucks that follow them would just applaud.  The scary thing is that most of these sacks of shit are followers of American Evangelism, which is nothing more than an evil mockery of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and they use to justify their racism and evil nature.  Jesus would be ashamed of these people and the vile things that they do in his name.  Fuck the hypocrite, conservative Republican sacks of shit and their theft of the Supreme Court.  Republicans sure seem to be fans of treason and fascism.  (


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