Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION! – 05/04/2018


SOMEHOW WHITE SANDS IS JUST A NATIONAL MONUMENT AND NOT A NATIONAL PARK.  HOW THE HELL IS IT NOT A MAJOR NATIONAL PARK EVEN AFTER ALL THE INTERNATIONAL ACCOLADES AND RECOGNITION? – White Sands is one of our region’s most beautiful natural wonders and the federal government has done a decent job in preserving it, yet they still haven’t turned it into a National Park!  Hopefully all that will change as local governments and U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich are leading the charge to raise White Sand’s profile to National Park status.  Some of the current National Parks pale in comparison to White Sands so the change in designation should be a no-brainer.  (

NOW IF THE GHOST OF PANCHO VILLA EVER WANTS TO ATTACK COLUMBUS, HE’LL HAVE AN EASIER TIME CROSSING INTO AMERICA – Construction has started on the new and improved expansion of the Columbus Port of Entry.  The vital connection to Palomas will now have expanded pedestrian areas and more lanes for vehicle traffic.  Columbus is rarely in the news, so it’s nice that they are getting some improvements in the town.  (

CLINT ISD MIGHT FINALLY MOVE INTO THE WORLD OF REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY INSTEAD OF THE CURRENT GOOD ‘OL BOY VOTING NETWORK THAT THEY USE TO DETERMINE WHO SERVES ON THE SCHOOL BOARD – Clint ISD is alone in the realm of local school districts in the way that they choose trustees.  The current method is decided on an at-large basis that results in most of the board members coming from the same location because of general voter apathy and population distortion.  This leads to schools in the Montana Vista and Horizon area being severely under represented.  To correct this, the school board is finally moving toward a direct representation system in which each school area will vote for a representative that comes directly from the area and not based on a popularity vote.  There will still be a few seats determined by total vote, but this is a step in the right direction and finally gives people in the far flung reaches of the district a voice in school matters.  (


IT’S ALMOST AS IF ARGENTINA SAW VENEZUELA’S ABSURD CURRENCY RATES AND CRAZY ECONOMY AND FELT OBLIGATED TO TRY AND TOP IT – Argentina has raised its interest rate to an amazingly high 40% as it attempts to stop the bleeding from its collapsing currency.  Although this looks crazy, it’s the only thing Argentina can do as it transitions to a more market friendly economy after years of protectionism and extreme public spending by the previous administration.  The powers that be are steadfast in maintaining a 15% inflation rate and thus the currency and interest rate will continue in its deadly tango to ensure that inflation doesn’t blow up and destroy Argentina as is usually the case in the South American country.  At least Argentina is trying to fix its problems as opposed to Venezuela who just want to blame everyone else for their incompetence.  (

IF YOU WERE PLANNING ON VISITING HAWAII SOON, YOU SHOULD PROBABLY CHECK YOUR TRAVEL PLANS – The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been active for years but now it has decided to up its volcano game and branch out.  Although the increased volcanic and seismic activity is isolated to a small part of one of the Hawaiian islands, it is still pretty catastrophic to the people that took a risk and built their houses next to an active volcano.  The videos that are coming from Kilauea are spectacular but let’s not sensationalize this and act like all of Hawaii is going to be wiped off the face of the Earth.  Yes, there is a volcano erupting in Hawaii.  But no, it is not going to destroy America’s beloved island state that should be its own country.  (

THE FIRST SATURDAY IN MAY IS FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!  GUESS WHAT SATURDAY IS COMING UP?  – This weekend brings another installment of Free Comic Book Day, the day that cheapos can enjoy the finest of the Ninth Art for FREE!  So take a break from all the awful things going on in the world by picking up a free comic book filled with super fights, violence and jaded, smart-ass dialogue.  (



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