Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 02/23/2018


HORIZON BOULEVARD HAS BEEN A TRAFFIC AND SAFETY NIGHTMARE FOR YEARS.  GUESS WHO FINALLY FOUND OUT THAT THERE IS TRAFFIC ON HORIZON?  YOU GUESSED IT!  TXDOT! – After years of traffic issues on Horizon Boulevard, txdot has finally showed up to the party a few years late.  I guess they were hoping that the road would magically cease to be the state’s responsibility and that Socorro and Horizon would, also, magically decide to be responsible and proactive.  The state has begun with the public input phase of planning and is now holding community meetings where they will listen to the concerns of the citizens who live there and then just ignore them and go ahead and do whatever it was they were planning to do anyway.  The best thing that txdot could do to alleviate traffic in the area is to create an overpass where Moon Road ends and create another north/south connection under the freeway, but we all know that Bob Bielek and friends will just build half a sidewalk along Horizon, add half a lane, shrug their shoulders and call it a day.  But txdot should not get all the blame for the traffic disaster on Horizon Boulevard.  If El Paso County, Socorro, Horizon City and Sparks would just show some basic government initiative they would at least have plans in the books to expand and improve Moon Road, Mark Twain Avenue and Stockyard Drive.  Connectivity is the best way to reduce traffic problems and giving people other options while driving is the ONLY way these issues can be corrected..  (

NOT EVERYTHING ALONG THE RIO GRANDE IN EL PASO IS ABOUT FENCES, CONCRETE AND OVER THE TOP SECURITY MEASURES DESIGNED TO FIGHT OFF IMAGINARY TERRORISTS.  SOME PARTS OF THE RIO GRANDE IN EL PASO ARE TREATED LIKE AN ACTUAL FUCKING RIVER ECOSYSTEM.  HEAVEN FORBID A RIVER BE TREATED LIKE A RIVER – Kudos to the International Boundary and Water Commission for their habitat restoration project along the Rio Grande from the Sunland/El Paso zone all the way up to New Mexico.  The IBWC does a great job of maintaining the land around the river and has planted tens of thousands of plants and trees in order to restore the native environment around the Rio Grande.  It’s a shame that they cannot extend their restoration project into the actual city of El Paso but, because of shitty mid-20th century Anglo engineering that “managed” the river with tons of concrete and the overkill “security” measures needed to fight imaginary invaders, it will be a longgggggggg time before the government fixes the ecological mess they created.  At least the Rio Grande will be restored from Sunland going north, so that’s nice.  (

WE TIP OUR HAT TO TWO LOCAL LEGENDS – It was a sad week as Eugenio Licon and Fred Carr passed away.  Licon was the founder of the historical Licon Dairy in San Elizario which produces some of the best Asadero cheese in the world (you have to buy them fresh from the farm) and also has a petting zoo on the premises.  Licon was an esteemed member of the San Elizario community and his loss will be felt by many.  He will have one last ride around his farm on Saturday after the funeral mass and the public is welcome to attend and say their goodbyes.  Fred Carr also passed away this week and he will be remembered as being one of the best linebackers in the history of UTEP football.  Carr led the Miners to 2 bowl victories and was drafted fifth overall by the Green Bay Packers in the 1968 draft.  He had a great career with the team and was inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame in 1983.  At first glance, Fred Carr and Eugenio Licon seem from extreme ends of the spectrum.  But they were both valued members of the community who did great things in their time in the Greater Mogollon territory.  God speed, gentlemen.  (


LOOKS LIKE LIFE IN SYRIA, FOR THOSE NOT FELLATING ASSAD AND PUTIN, IS STILL PRETTY HORRIBLE – The United Nations will finally seek a ceasefire to hostilities in Syria in an attempt to provide humanitarian aid to the hardest hit rebel areas that are still filled with civilians.  The UN has been pretty passive in this latest round of pro-government (coughRUSSIAcough) aggression in rebel held areas that have left many civilians dead or wounded.  You know it’s bad when the pictures coming out of the area cause the UN to finally grow a backbone and tell Russia to cut its bullshit.  There are many areas in Syria that have experienced indiscriminate bombing by the Assad government but the main focus of this ceasefire is the devastatingly hit area of Eastern Ghouta.  Now we move to the political wrangling portion of the UN’s ceasefire plan which will see Russia try to make this as beneficial as possible to Assad and his cronies.  In case you are wondering, the clusterfuck in Syria is not going to end anytime soon.  (

GOODBYE, OLYMPICS.  WE’LL SPEND ALL OF OUR TIME WATCHING SPORTS WE NEVER REALLY CARED ABOUT AGAIN IN TWO YEARS –The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics are coming to an end and it all finishes up with the always entertaining closing ceremony on Sunday.  Like most Olympic games, the 2018 event featured many memorable moments and went off with very few controversies.  As an added bonus, NBC has finally gotten it right and announced that Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski will be part of the main commentary team for the network’s closing night coverage.  Because everything is better with commentary by Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir.  (

JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER, VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES AND MOVIES DON’T LEAD TO MASS SHOOTINGS.  THE EASY AVAILABILITY OF WAR WEAPONS AND AMERICA’S CRAPPY MENTAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM ARE THE REASONS WE HAVE MASS SHOOTINGS – In the wake of the Florida School Shooting, idiots in government have come out of the woodwork to blame “violent” video games and media for influencing the school shooter.  While most people correctly recognize this as paid-off conservatives covering for the NRA, a lot of people sincerely believe this bullshit that video games lead to violence.  Decades of research and studies of violent media and video games have found no correlation with media and mass shootings or even increased violence.  In fact, some studies have seen a DROP in violence because of these so called “bad influence” games, movies and media.  Kudos to the writers of Discover Magazine for breaking this down so eloquently and presenting nothing but the facts in this debate.  Dumbasses have been blaming “corrupting media” for whatever ills society faces for centuries and it’s time that these idiot pearl-clutchers are put in their place.  (


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