Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 02/09/2018


LOOKS LIKE CARLSBAD MIGHT BE GETTING A NEW MASSIVE HOLE IN THE GROUND THANKS TO CORPORATE GREED.  THOUGH THIS NEW ONE IS A SINKHOLE THAT WON’T BE BRINGING IN MANY TOURISTS – Carlsbad has been struggling with the likely collapse of the I&W brine well for awhile and it looks like the state of New Mexico will finally pony up the tens of millions of dollars needed to stabilize the danger area and keep it from collapsing into a massive sinkhole near one of the city’s major roads.  The State Senate passed legislation to take funds from the New Mexico vehicle excise tax to cover the costs of filling in the brine well and preventing a disaster.  The bill will now go to the House of Representatives will it will hopefully pass and then go on to the governor.  This should be a lesson to everybody that companies that rape the environment for profit only provide shitty jobs for a few years and then just turn tail and declare bankruptcy when shit hits the fan.  I&W and the executives that made tons of money from this brine well should be the ones paying for the clusterfuck and not the taxpayers.  But sure, let’s cut regulations and let more oil companies be irresponsible so a few uneducated dumbasses can feel like big shots with “high paying” jobs that only last a few years.  (

THE NINE LIVES OF BILLY ABRAHAM – Just when you think he’s down and out for the count, Billy Abraham manages to squirm away and live to fight another day.  At the eleventh hour Billy Abraham prevented an auction on Tuesday morning that was set to sell off 11 of his properties by declaring bankruptcy.  He is still on the hook for the over $1 million settlement that the estate of Juan Gabriel won from him, but he now has some breathing room.  There is no way that Abraham’s property empire will come out unscathed from this and many of the highly sought after historic downtown buildings he owns will definitely be sold to more competent owners to cover costs.  But for now, Billy Abraham can breathe a sigh of relief as his property empire collapses in slow motion.  Maybe if Billy Abraham is left with only one building he might actually fix it up?  (

UNFORTUNATELY, THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE A PRISTINE NATURAL LANDSCAPE FROM IRRESPONSIBLE DEVELOPERS IS FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO BUY UP THE LAND AND CREATE AN OPEN SPACE – In a move lauded by all, the City of El Paso will pay $3.5 million to buy up hundreds of acres of pristine land around the Franklin Mountains and Castner Range in order to preserve the natural environment and expand the Franklin Mountains park.  Though this is a great idea, this being El Paso, you can count on some random group of idiots to protest the decision and make up equally idiotic reasons for their protest.  Maybe poor Mexicans used to live in the canyon and Max Grossman has to “stand up” for their legacy and protect the “history” of Castnerito.  At this point, nothing is beyond the range of possibility.  The important thing is that skeevy developers will no longer be able to build crappy ass, glorified cardboard box housing on this beautiful land.  (


THE 2018 PYEONGCHANG WINTER OLYMPICS ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN!  LET’S SEE HOW MANY STEROIDS AND DRUGS THE RUSSIAN TEAM CAN GET AWAY WITH USING BEFORE GETTING CAUGHT AND PRETENDING IT DIDN’T HAPPEN – The Opening Ceremony has officially kicked off the Winter Olympics this weekend and it was an impressive visual spectacle as always.  As can be expected, the festivities featured fire, dancing, fire, drums, bitter cold and even more fire!  The highlight of the event, however, was seeing South and North Korea marching under one banner and bringing some hope that the North vs. South pissing match might one day be settled peacefully.  The Olympics are at their best when the political nonsense is pushed to the back burner and conflicts are laid to rest, if even just for a few weeks.  Meanwhile, the Russian team is still denying they did anything wrong despite the overwhelming evidence and are using the games to make themselves into martyrs.  I guess some people didn’t get the memo about fair play and not bringing politics into the games.  (

JUST WHEN IT DIDN’T SEEM POSSIBLE FOR THINGS TO GET WORSE IN VENEZUELA, THINGS HAVE GOTTEN WORSE IN VENEZUELA – As Venezuela continues on its descent into oblivion at the hands of Maduro, some people on the border with Colombia have survived by crossing into Colombia for work and to buy goods that are impossible to find in Venezuela.  Now the people in these communities are in danger of losing their normalcy as the Colombian government seeks to tighten security on the border in order to better control the waves of people that come from Venezuela on a daily basis.  The new tightened regulations will require all people who come from Venezuela to have a passport or “border card” to come into Colombia.  The news has caused increased activity on the border as Venezuelans prepare for an even tougher time earning a living and getting basic goods and services.  Maybe it’s time for the parts of Venezuela far away from Caracas to declare their independence from the Kingdom of Stupidity that Chavez and his followers created in the capital.  It can’t be any worse than what they are currently facing.  (

BUT I THOUGHT THE CORPORATE WELFARE TAX CUTS WERE SUPPOSED TO HELP CORPORATIONS MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY AND TAKE THE STOCK MARKET TO SUPER EXTREME LEVELS, THUS MAKING EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP A SUPER BILLIONAIRE.  DID THE IDIOTS IN WASHINGTON LIE TO US? – Although the economy is very complex and can’t be judged entirely by the state of the stock market, since Donald Trump used its rise as 100% proof HE improved the economy it is only fair that the massive drop in the stock market be seen as his fault and proof that he is tanking the economy.  The Dow is down by 10% from its highs in January and this has spread to other markets around the world.  This seems to be a correction in the market, but it can also be a sign that the fundamentals of the economy are a lot worse off than most people thought.  Stay tuned, it looks like it’s going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride.  (


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