Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 12/29/2017


NMSU WINS!  NMSU WINS! – After decades of disappointment and losing seasons, NMSU has finally won a bowl after more than 50 years of waiting.  The NMSU Aggies beat Utah State by a score of 26 to 20 in a tense game that had to be decided in overtime.  Their last win came in the 1960 Sun Bowl which was, in fact, the last bowl that they were invited to.  That win was so long ago that a Brontosaurus played on the offensive line for that team.  Before they went extinct, Brontosauruses made excellent offensive linemen.  Congratulations, Aggies!  Now comes the hard part of trying to stay afloat in the top level of college football without a conference.  Good luck and God speed.  (

SPEEDING ON ANY ROAD IS A HORRIBLE IDEA.  SPEEDING ON A POORLY MAINTAINED PRIVATE ROAD IS JUST CRAZY – Tragedy has once again happened on Jobe Road.  The private road, that is part of the weirdo Joe Battle / Windermere hodge podge of private and public paving, has once again claimed another ill prepared driver.  Three people are dead and one person is in critical condition after a car flipped over and caught on fire on the dangerous road.  The road is borderline passable if you drive near the speed limit, so speeding and not paying attention while driving on this “road” is just dangerous.  As a private road, it can possibly be gated to prevent unauthorized personnel from using it but the people in charge of the road don’t seem like the type to do something good for the community.  Jobe – “When they’re not raping the mountains in order to make crappy concrete, their crappy roads are luring people to their deaths!”  (

LOST IN THE ONSLAUGHT OF NMSU CAUSING HELL TO FREEZE OVER, THE SUN BOWL WAS ALSO PLAYED – Due to prearranged scheduling out of everyone’s control, the Sun Bowl was played on the same day as NMSU’s bowl game.  So while most of the sporting attention in the region was focused on NMSU’s miracle season, the Sun Bowl had another successful entry in its long history.  The game was a largely one-sided affair as North Carolina State walloped Arizona State by a final score of 52 to 31, but all things considered the turnout was pretty good at around 40,000 and it seems everyone had a great time (except for Arizona State’s players).  Next year is the Sun Bowl’s 85th birthday and it will hopefully be entertaining as usual.  The choice of teams have fallen over the years as the directors have allowed other bowls to push it aside, but the Sun Bowl is still a gem for the Paso del Norte region and beyond – and CBS still televises it, so that’s pretty cool.  (


ALL THE OTHER TIMES IRANIANS HAVE PROTESTED IN THE STREETS HAVE ENDED SO WELL, I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING BAD HAPPENING THIS TIME OUT – What started out as a protest against high prices and bad economic conditions in Iran has now become a nationwide anti-government demonstration in its second day.  Though the demonstrations are not as massive as the ones that occurred a few years back, they seem to be growing in size and are as unpredictable as any other demonstration in Iran’s past.  And judging by what has happened as a result of other Iranian protest movements, it’s worth keeping an eye on this developing situation.  (

EVEN BANANAS ARE IN DANGER IN THIS CRAZY WORLD.  IS NOTHING SAFE FROM THE FUCKING GREED AND STUPIDITY OF HUMANITY – The Cavendish is the main banana variety that is sold in western markets, but that wasn’t always the case.  Up until the middle of the of the 20th century, the main banana variety that people were familiar with was the Gros Michel.  But thanks to incompetent crop management a fungus nearly wiped out the Gros Michel and plantations had to switch to the more resistant Cavendish variety.  Fast forward a few decades and banana growers are facing an amazingly similar problem as fungus threatens to wipe out the Cavendish variety in plantations around the world.  Thankfully some, but not all, growers learned their lesson from the past and new crop management techniques are being implemented and new varieties and genetic research are being used to try and protect the banana industry.  Who knew bananas led such interesting lives?  (

GOODBYE 2017 AND HELLO 2018.  LET’S SEE IF 2O18 CAN IMPROVE ON THIS PAST YEAR – The new year is upon us!  Have a safe and fun time celebrating the arrival of 2018 this weekend.  Hopefully the fascist idiots get their asses handed to them this upcoming year and maybe we’ll finally get closer to a truly rational and logical world.  One can hope.  Also check back with Simple Minded Entertainment often, we have some big plans for 2018.  (


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