Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 12/15/2017


THE CINCINNATI PARTY DISTRICT IS FINALLY GETTING A SWANKY NEW FACE-LIFT.  I GIVE IT 15 MINUTES BEFORE SOMEONE THROWS UP ALL OVER THE STREET AND IT BECOMES TRASHY ALL OVER AGAIN … THE WAY GOD INTENDED CINCINNATI STREET TO BE – The Cincinnati area near UTEP will be the first location to benefit from El Paso’s Sun City Lights archway program.  The project includes improvements to the street, sidewalks, lighting and also features additional trees, landscaping and a large archway over the street that acts as a gateway to the area.  Although making the Cincinnati area nice and shiny is a good move, let’s not forget that it’s the trashiness that makes Cincy special and the main reason that we all love it.  They can do anything they want to the street, just don’t mess around with Cincy’s trashy party attitude.  (

MOVE OVER SANTA CLAUS, IT’S TIME FOR SANTA KHALID-AUS! – Because Khalid is a very cool guy, he decided to give back to the community by giving toys to an entire elementary school in El Paso.  The city’s favorite son cemented his reputation this week by personally delivering over 500 toys to all the students at Crockett Elementary School.  Sure, some kids in other schools felt left out, but Santa Khalid-aus is only human and there are only so many free shows and toys he can give to the people of El Paso.  (

THE NEW MEXICO STATE AGGIES WANT TO REMIND YOU TO ATTEND THEIR BOWL GAME IN TUCSON.  THEY WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT HELL STAYS FROZEN, SO GO BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! – The NMSU Aggies will be playing in their first bowl game since 1960 when they take on the Utah State Aggies in the NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl on December 29.  This will be a rematch of the 1960 edition of the Sun Bowl where NMSU won by the score of 20 to 13.  The Aggies are looking to capitalize on this positive news and try to gain more support from the community.  Next year the football team will not have a conference and they will have a tougher time with a harder independent schedule.  So let’s support the Aggies and keep them from drifting away to a lower division in football.  (


ONE DAY DISNEY WILL OWN EVERYTHING AND MICKEY MOUSE WILL BE KING OF THE WORLD – In news that has been brewing for some time, Disney officially announced its intention to acquire the lion’s share of Fox Corporation’s assets.  The merger deal is believed to be worth $66.1 billion and will make Disney a much bigger behemoth than it already is.  The deal still has to be approved by federal regulators, but once it’s complete it will give Disney everything that Fox currently has except Fox News, the Fox Sports channels and the Fox Broadcasting Corporation and its owned affiliates.  So basically Disney is getting everything of value in the deal and Rupert Murdoch keeps his news division.  The deal will have a great impact on many facets of both companies and the stuff they produce, but one of the cooler things is that the X-Men will finally be able to inhabit the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  And as is the case in everything, The Simpsons predicted the Disney-Fox merger almost 20 years ago.  The Simpsons are written by very intelligent people and/or The Devil.  (

GOODBYE, NET NEUTRALITY.  GOODBYE, REGULATIONS AND CONSUMER PROTECTIONS.  THE INMATES ARE IN CHARGE OF THE ASYLUM AND THE GOVERNMENT WILL LET CORPORATIONS DO WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT – It’s finally happened, the FCC has ended net neutrality and will now allow internet providers to pick and choose the speed of certain services and the price of that speed.  The end of net neutrality wouldn’t be so bad if the government hadn’t wasted money to help create the internet’s infrastructure and if they hadn’t auctioned off the spectrum in what was basically a sweetheart deal.  But alas, the government has given full reign of the internet to corporations without any considerations for the public that should rightfully control at least part of the system.  So now we find ourselves at the mercy of the corporations that control internet providers and hope that they will do the right thing and create a service that doesn’t discriminate between content.  (

MAYBE THERE’S HOPE FOR AMERICA YET – Democracy survived partisan stupidity this week as Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican, and alleged young girl predator, Roy Moore in Alabama’s U.S. senate race.  Though it’s a bit sad that the Democrat candidate only won the vote by less than a 2% margin even though the Republican candidate was a vile, racist, hypocrite, constitution-trampling sexual predator.  But it’s ultra deep red Alabama so this is one hell of a victory.  Maybe this will be a wake-up call to the country to stand up and vote and finally get rid of the fascist shitheads in office that only want to enact racist policies and bend over for corporate interests with deep pockets.  If Alabama can do it, the rest of the country has no excuse.  There is hope again in America.  (


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