Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 11/03/2017


WILL BILLY ABRAHAM FINALLY BE FORCED TO REPAIR ONE OF HIS BUILDINGS?  OR IS THIS JUST THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER DECADE OF LEGAL APPEALS – After much legal wrangling, Judge Linda Chew has ordered Billy Abraham and his ownership group to pay over $1.2 million in fines for the condition of the American Furniture Building in Downtown El Paso.  The city fined Billy Abraham over the condition of the building awhile back and now the courts are finally starting to enforce what is obvious to anyone with eyes and that walks within eyesight of the once grand building.  Much like other Abraham-related cases, there will be appeals and stalling tactics but it looks like Billy Abraham will finally have to bite the bullet on the American Furniture Building and either sell or repair it.  Here’s hoping it all works out and the building is restored to its beautiful and historic splendor.  It doesn’t matter who owns the building, we all just want it to look pretty again and not be a waste of space.  (

MAYBE THE CITY OF SOCORRO CAN RENAME THE SUBDIVISION AS “NUEVO OLD HUECO RAZA ESTATES SUBDIVISION”, THAT WOULD SURELY SOLVE ALL THEIR PROBLEMS – Once more, Socorro City Council is the site of more inane bickering as people who didn’t follow the rules when they built their houses are angry because their borderline illegal “canal road access” might be closed off due to development.  Most people just grin and bear it when they break the rules and then get fucked as a result of their stupid actions, in Socorro the people complain and scream for the government to fix their stupid mistakes.  At the heart of the current Socorro clusterfuck, is the Eastlake development that will go near Old Hueco Tanks Road and will be built next to borderline illegal construction that was put up back in the day when Socorro and El Paso County didn’t care much for code enforcement.  The people complaining don’t have access to utilities and they must use a private canal road to access their properties and thus feel that any development next to their property must fix the self-imposed problems that their absurd unauthorized construction caused.  Here’s a bit of advice, if you own a landlocked property with no access to utilities or roads you shouldn’t build a fucking house on the property.  Unless these properties once had access to a road and then the City of Socorro authorized the road to be vacated into private property, the government has no obligation to build roads and bring in utilities for houses that were built without proper authorization.  Normally this would be an open and shut case, but this being Socorro it will probably end with more yelling and a stupid compromise that kills the entire project.  (

THIS IS JUST A SHAMELESS EXCUSE TO WRITE ‘EL PAWSO’.  HA HA HA, ‘EL PAW-SO’ IS PURE BRILLIANCE – El Pawso’s Pageant, which is a pageant for dogs, will be held this Saturday, November 4 in Downtown El Paso’s Cleveland Square Park.  So if you’re an extreme dog lover or just want to giggle like a schoolgirl when someone says ‘El Paw-so’, make sure to hit up the pageant this weekend.  ‘EL PAW-SO’ – tee hee hee hee.  (


TURNS OUT MADAGASCAR ISN’T AS WHIMSICAL AND DELIGHTFUL AS THE DANCING LION AND GIRAFFE MADE IT OUT TO BE.  BUT THEN AGAIN, THE LION AND GIRAFFE MADE IT OUT BEFORE THE PLAGUE BEGAN – It’s strange writing about a plague outbreak in the 21st Century, but here we are.  The bacterial infection that has killed millions in centuries past has made a comeback of sorts and Madagascar is in the midst of the worst outbreak in decades.  So far the outbreak in the island nation has resulted in over 1,800 cases and 127 deaths since it began in late summer.  The country is no stranger to bubonic plague, but this current episode in Madagascar has included the deadlier pneumonic version that is more easily spread.  The outbreak is at a turning point and is on the cusp of dying down, but there is still the chance that this could spread to neighboring countries in Africa and that would be very bad.  (

TURNS OUT THERE WASN’T JUST ONE MASS HUMAN MIGRATION INTO THE AMERICAS VIA THE BERING STRAIT.  IN FACT, IT IS NOW BELIEVED THAT MULTIPLE MIGRATIONS CAME INTO THE AMERICAS OVER THE COURSE OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS.  WE LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY – For the longest time, scientists believed that the first humans to come into  the Americas came in about 15,000 years ago via a land bridge centered on the Bering Strait during the end of the last ice age.  New research has shown that humans probably started arriving here earlier and might have used a coastal route as well.  Judging by the dozens of unrelated language families that exist, and existed, in the Americas it’s safe to say that hundreds if not thousands of different migrations were taken over the years by different tribes and peoples coming over from Asia to the Americas in search of new hunting ground.  The early colonization of the American continent is a very interesting topic and it changes and expands rapidly.  So if you like ever-evolving scientific research, you should give these studies a closer read.  (

AND THE FIRST DOMINO HAS FALLEN IN THE CASE AGAINST THE INCOMPETENT AND COLLUDING GOVERNMENT OF DONALD TRUMP – The first charges have been filed as a result of the investigation by Robert Mueller into all the sketchy things that Donald Trump and friends did during the election campaign.  Both Paul Manafort and Rick Gates where charged with money laundering and perjury as a result of the lies they told to investigators and their sketchy financial deals with foreign powers.  But perhaps most damning was the fact that Trump campaign contributor, George Papadopoulos, plead guilty to lying about his contacts with Russia during the campaign.  In addition, it seems he was working for the investigation for the past few months as part of a deal.  This pretty much confirms that Russian officials worked with members of Trump’s team and that all the denials from the past about not having any Russian contact at all were complete bullshit.  So get ready for the perjury train, because it looks like the vast majority of Trump’s team will go down for being lying sacks of shit and Russian bootlickers.  Who knows, perhaps the giant orange cunt will resign before his entire family gets arrested.  (


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