Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 10/13/2017


LOOKS LIKE THE BLUE FLAME BUILDING IS FINALLY COMING BACK TO LIFE.  NOW WE CAN ALL GET OUR DAILY WEATHER REPORT BY STARING AT AN INANIMATE OBJECT! – The El Paso Housing Authority has been working with Paul Foster to purchase the 17-story Blue Flame Building and turn it into a mixed use/mixed income development that will feature low income housing while also mixing in market value apartments and retail space.  The project already has government help lined up and it promises to be a great boost to Downtown’s redevelopment.  As an added bonus, the “flame” on top of the building will also return and tell everyone the weather through its magical color-changing abilities!  In fact, the blue flame will show off its weatherman powers when it lights up again next week for a brief preview.  Welcome back, Blue Flame.  (

CONGRATULATIONS TO RUBEN VOGT ON BEING NAMED COUNTY JUDGE.  WITH HIS SELECTION HE BECOMES THE FIRST OPENLY GAY MAN TO HOLD THIS POSITION IN EL PASO COUNTY.  WHO SAYS EL PASO CAN’T BE PROGRESSIVE AND AHEAD OF THE TIMES? – After much deliberation, El Paso County Commissioners Court chose Ruben Vogt as the replacement for County Judge Veronica Escobar, who left office to pursue El Paso’s Congressional Seat.  Ruben Vogt was Escobar’s chief of state so he’s a solid pick to take over for her and will not require any on the job training when he begins his replacement term.  The choice was almost unanimous, with all commissioners except Vince Perez voting for the choice.  Who knows why Vince Perez voted ‘no’?  But his explanation was pretty all over the place so we’ll just assume that Vince Perez was mad because HE wanted to be the first LGBT County Judge in El Paso’s history.  (

THIS JUST IN, THE EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT WILL PURCHASE A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR INCINERATOR THAT THEY WILL USE TO BURN UP HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT – Central Office for the El Paso Independent School District is currently located on city land near the airport that has been leased to them for years on what was supposed to be a temporary basis.  After awhile, the city go tired that the district wasn’t taking the hint that this deal was temporary and raised the sweetheart deal of $60,000 a month rent up to around $300,000 a month once the original agreement ran out.  This is when they asked EPISD to vacate in 2014 so they could get their land back.  So now, after years of being told to leave, the district still can’t finalize a plan to move to their new headquarters and will keep on wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars a month that could be used for something else.  This is pretty ironic coming from a district that attempted to push students out of school because they were spending too much time stuck in a grade and hurting the district’s standardized test results.  (


CALIFORNIA IS BURNING MORE THAN USUAL THIS TIME OF YEAR – Although massive wildfires spread by crazy winds are pretty common in southern California, the north part of the state rarely has to deal with anything on this scale.  The wildfires currently hitting California are an epic disaster and the fact that they are occurring in heavily populated areas are making these some of the deadliest fires in the state’s history.  Here’s hoping the weather starts cooperating in the next few days so firefighters can get this under control.  (

HARVEY WEINSTEIN’S BIGGEST MISTAKE WAS NOT BEING A REPUBLICAN WHO SAYS RACIST THINGS AND SPEAKS LIKE AN IGNORANT CHILD.  THEY WOULD HAVE ALREADY ELECTED HIM PRESIDENT IF HE WERE A REPUBLICAN – The shit has hit the fan for Harvey Weinstein and none of his past success will be able to stop the wave of accusations that keep pouring in about his “secret” life as a bully who really, REALLY liked sexual harassment and assault.  Although Weinstein has not been charged with anything and these are all still allegations, when hundreds of women have similar stories with similar patterns then the evidence points to Harvey Weinstein being an asshole who took advantage of the “casting couch culture” for decades.  At this point it would just be easier to make a list of actresses and employees who were NOT harassed or assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, because every day we hear another story about his “hotel room meeting” strategy that he apparently used hundreds of times over the years.  Even though it should have happened earlier given the rumors that always swirled around the prick, it’s good to see Hollywood not sweep this under the rug and come out and try to bring this disgusting behavior out in the open so that Weinstein and his ilk don’t do it again.  If this were another group of people they would just write this off as “boys will be boys” and gladly look the other way.  Remember when someone with similar rumors about sexual assaults was recorded on video saying that because he was rich and famous he could grab women by the pussy and kiss them against their will with no repercussions?  Remember how his peers rallied around the victims and got rid of the disgusting old man for his horrible actions ……. oh yeah, they did no such thing and just made up excuses to protect him.  (

WHO KNEW BRYOSTATIN 1 LED SUCH AN INTERESTING LIFE? – Bryostatins are a compound that researchers strongly feel could be used to fight diseases such as cancer, HIV and other major ailments.  The problem is that the only viable way to get these compounds is via the tiny sea organisms known as Bugula neritina which bunch up and form colonies and are basically considered a nuisance.  To make things a bit more complex, the source of the bryostatins is believed to be not the tiny sea organism but a bacteria found in some of the B. neritina.  Bryostatin 1 is the main compound that scientists are looking at for research and because of the aforementioned problems only a minute amount of the substance has been available for scientific study and the small supply has limited how much work can be done on this fascinating compound.  But don’t worry, scientists are working hard on improving the process to create bryostatin 1 and its ilk and the future looks bright for medical research involving this promising compound.  For more detailed information on the fascinating adventures of Bugula neritina, bryostatins and mystery bacteria please read the full write up regarding these interesting developments on the Discover Magazine blog.  (


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