Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 09/22/2017


IT’S NOT A SKYSCRAPER, BUT AT LEAST EL PASO IS GETTING A NEW HIGH RISE BUILDING IN DOWNTOWN AFTER DECADES OF MINIMAL OFFICE SPACE GROWTH IN THE HEART OF THE CITY – WestStar Bank and Hunt Companies are joining forces to build the first high rise in Downtown El Paso in quite some time.  Although with all the political posturing and buzz coming out of this project over the years you would have thought it was going to be a massive skyscraper, the modest 14-story office tower will be a welcome addition to Downtown and the local government did good to offer up tax incentives to get the project started.  As a reminder, the tax incentives aren’t some sort of corruption or favoritism by the government reserved solely for political backers.  The tax incentives are available to EVERYONE, so people are more than welcome to build $70 million towers in El Paso and ask the government for tax breaks and incentives.  This money is available to everyone, so if you’re mad about this you can go ahead and build your own high rise and get the same benefits.  The WestStar Tower will start construction in the near future and should be open around 2019/2020 overlooking the freeway right on the intersection at N. Mesa and I-10.  (

ALL HAIL NEW CHIEF JOSE SIERRA!  HE DOESN’T HAVE A COOL NAME LIKE CHIEF THUNDER LIGHTNING, BUT HE’S STILL THE BOSS – Chief Jose Sierra was named the new cacique (leader) of the of the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo back in late August and this is notable because the position is possibly the oldest continuously active leadership position in the Paso del Norte region, dating back to the 17th century!  Although this is rather important news on par with any local elections, the El Paso Herald Post is the only site with any meaningful coverage and they even have an interview on the site.  So go check it out and listen to what a new borderland leader has to say about the world around them.  (

THIS LINK IS JUST A SHAMELESS EXCUSE FOR US TO TALK ABOUT A BABY DEER.  ALSO, IF YOU FIND A LOST BABY DEER CALL A WILDLIFE RESCUE EXPERT AND DON’T TRY TO CARE FOR IT IN YOUR GARAGE – The Second Chance Wildlife Rescue in West El Paso just keeps on being awesome.  The organization is currently caring for a fawn that was close to dying after a family tried to take care of it at home when they discovered the deer without its mother.  The fawn is okay now and they are hopeful that it can be released back into the wild with its fellow deer brethren.  But the organization is using this as a learning experience for the public to contact wildlife rescue experts whenever they see a wild animal in trouble.  Don’t try to take care of a wild animal in your house, it most likely will not end well.  (


EARTHQUAKE AND HURRICANE APOCALYPSE PART 2 – Just when you thought that things were going back to normal, mother nature decided to strike the Caribbean with another major hurricane and hit Mexico with another large earthquake.  On the heels of Irma, Hurricane Maria struck a good portion of the Caribbean as a category 5 or 4 storm, with the worst of the damage occurring in Dominica and Puerto Rico.  And while Maria was spinning away in the Atlantic, a 7.1 magnitude quake struck central Mexico causing multiple buildings to collapse and hundreds of fatalities in the Mexico City area.  While the damage was bad in all these cases, it wasn’t as catastrophic as when a natural disaster hits economically distraught places like Haiti or large portions of south Asia.  Puerto Rico stood by pretty well after the category 4 hurricane passed through the whole island and the damage in Mexico was microscopic compared to the clusterfuck after the 1985 earthquake that killed upwards of 10,000 people.  This is an improvement and authorities should be commended for not letting a natural disaster turn into a humanitarian nightmare like we have seen in other parts of the world.  Though the Chilango media and authorities should be heavily criticized and ridiculed for wasting valuable time and resources on the story of a non-existent little girl that was supposedly trapped for days in the rubble of a school.  Not since Bart Simpson got stuck in a well has the world been so outraged by fake child endangerment.  (

IT’S ABOUT TIME THE KURDS GOT A SHOT OF HAVING THEIR OWN COUNTRY.  HEAVEN FORBID PEOPLE EXERCISE THEIR RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION – There is no better example of true democracy than the independence referendum.  Whether or not the slave master leaders of a Frankenstein country choose to accept the results, at least the subjugated people get to vote and show that they seek a non-violent way to gain their freedom.  The Kurdish population of Iraq has suffered for a long time and now after helping to defeat ISIS they have decided to hold an independence referendum in the Kurdistan region of the country in an attempt to start the dialogue on true independence.  An overwhelming majority of the population is expected to vote this weekend and many are expecting a strong unified result asking for independence.  Naturally, this isn’t sitting too well with the surrounding Frankenstein countries that only want more land and natural resources, but hopefully the Kurds are strong enough to get the ball rolling on independence.  There is no greater cancer in the world than the Frankenstein countries and their Yugoslavization of territory for the sole purpose of amassing as much natural resources as possible.  But one day these Frankenstein countries will be broken.  From Russia, to China, to America, to Brazil, to Iraq, to Turkey, to India and beyond – they will all be broken into rational nation states and the world will be better for everyone.  God help the Kurds on their search for freedom and independence.  (

AMERICA AND NORTH KOREA ARE BOTH RUN BY GIANT FUCKING TODDLERS – In a scene reminiscent of a fight between two spoiled, idiotic children on the playground; Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have resorted to calling each other names as the North Korea Nuclear Crisis escalates.  Normally the leader of North Korea says stupid ass shit, but the world ignores it and life goes on.  Now we have an idiot in the White House who actually engages the moron in North Korea and the world is in shock at how easily this could become a deadly situation.  Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and the grandstanding will stop.  But seriously, fuck Kim Jong-un and fuck Donald Trump.  As a silver lining, Kim correctly used the word ‘dotard’ to describe Donald Trump thus proving that even foreign leaders using English as a second language have a better grasp of English than Donald Trump.  (

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