Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 09/08/2017


IT LOOKS LIKE FINALLY WE MIGHT GET A NICE HOTEL NEAR THE EL PASO AIRPORT – That giant eyesore of a vacant lot on the corner of Montana and Airway might finally be developed after the last legal hurdle seems to have been cleared by developers seeking tax incentives to do something with that massive waste of space that is just squandering prime real estate.  The El Paso Eighth Court of Appeals recently ruled against the Wyndham Airport, which was the last of the cry baby hotels that were fighting the tax incentive package the city was offering to EP Vida LLC to develop the city owned land.  Pending any pointless appeals, EP Vida LLC will now spend $64 million to build a 4-star hotel and retail development in the property in exchange for common tax incentives available to ANYONE who is willing to invest in something special for the city.  But let us never forget that the majority of the hotels around the airport delayed this project via the courts so that they could shamelessly prevent competition while dicking over the people of El Paso.  (

IF WE ARE GOING TO WASTE MONEY ON A CULTURAL CENTER DEDICATED TO THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE UP 90% OF THE POPULATION, MIGHT AS WELL JUST USE A FREE BUILDING TO CUT COSTS – Lane Gaddy is putting his money where his mouth is and is offering the historic Roberts-Banner Building as the home for the announced Mexican-American Cultural Center.  So far, the cultural center project has been an embarrassing boondoggle for everyone involved and the super expensive Abraham Chavez Theatre plan seems to have been nothing but a money guzzling pipe dream.  We don’t know the details of Gaddy’s offer, but it’s either a completely free building with no strings attached or some very cheap lease agreement that will allow the city to maximize the funds they have for the project.  It’s nice to see someone talk about the neglected history of downtown and then actually do something productive about it.  Most of the people who talk about downtown’s history are poor, idiot dumbasses (Max Grossman and friends) who can only bitch and complain and cause trouble for any projects that they don’t like.  Maybe Max Grossman should take a page from Lane Gaddy’s book and actually buy up “historic” buildings and do something about the “history”.  (

SISD MONKEY SEE, SISD MONKEY DO – The Socorro Independent School District has seen other local school districts take advantage of idiot voters to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and now it wants in on the scam.  SISD is floating the idea of over $400 million in bonds for overpriced projects that will inevitably lead to the superintendent being paid a raise that they don’t deserve and will result in stupid and borderline discriminatory ideas like “all girl public schools”.  At this rate, the Clint and Canutillo districts will be asking for a billion dollars in bonds sometime in the next five years.  (


HURRICANES, EARTHQUAKES, TSUNAMIS AND FIRES!  ALL WE NEED IS A METEOR STRIKE AND WE CAN CLAIM THE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US – This week has seen a cavalcade of natural disasters in North America as Hurricane Irma wrecked the Caribbean on its path toward Florida, an 8.1 earthquake off the coast of southern Mexico caused a mini-Tsunami and a wave of forest fires is roasting a good portion of the western United States.  At least North Korea hasn’t exploded any nuclear bombs around people, so that’s one positive the world’s got going for it.  Take care, World.  (

WHILE WE’RE ALL FOCUSED ON THE APOCALYPSE CURRENTLY ENGULFING NORTH AMERICA, WE SHOULD DO OUR BEST NOT TO IGNORE THE CURRENT ATTEMPTED GENOCIDE OCCURRING IN MYANMAR (THE LAND ONCE KNOWN AS BURMA) – The Rohingya people are a minority in Myanmar and also have the distinction of being the go to punching bag for the dominant groups in that country, but especially in Rakhine state.  While the Rohingya should probably have their own country, Myanmar wants nothing of that and is doing its best to drive out the predominantly Muslim Rohingya for religious and just plain ol’ greedy reasons.  Also of note, is that one of the main leaders in Myanmar is Aung San Suu Kyi who is a Nobel Peace Prize winner that is currently silent about all these atrocities in her own country and who is essentially turning a blind eye to the horrible things around her.  Seems like they’ll give anyone a Nobel Peace Prize these days.  So if you don’t know anything about Myanmar and the Rohingya, now is the time to get educated.  (

DAREDEVIL IS REAL, KIDS!  WATCH OUT, CRIMINALS IN HELL’S KITCHEN! – Daredevil is a fictional superhero who is blind but uses the powers of echolocation, among other adaptations, to ‘see” the world around him in a highly detailed way that is beyond the realm of normal humans.  While the superhuman angle might not be possible, at the moment, it appears that some people have developed the use of echolocation in the real world.  So much like bats, certain blind people are training themselves to use mouth clicks to create a spatial map of the immediate area around them.  Just don’t call them Batman, Batman doesn’t use echolocation – the correct analogy is Daredevil.  (


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