Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 09/01/2017


HORIZON CITY IS FINALLY GETTING A HOSPITAL!  MEANWHILE, SOCORRO IS GETTING A RANDOM DENTAL OFFICE AND SKETCHY “EMERGENCY” CLINIC IN A STRIP MALL BETWEEN A BIG 8 AND A LIQUOR STORE – A hospital will open up in Horizon thanks to a partnership between Providence and micro hospital company Emerus.  This is the first fully functioning hospital to be built anywhere in the greater El Paso area that is not inside the city limits of the large city.  And even though Socorro is almost twice the size as Horizon, their government is more focused on grandstanding over only 4 houses that flood because they were built on top of an arroyo with no access to a city road.  Heaven forbid Socorro focus on economic development or any other topic that would benefit the entire city.  (

AT LEAST SHE DIDN’T PINCH THE CHILD’S ASS, SO THAT’S AN IMPROVEMENT.  THOUGH NOW SHE IS DISQUALIFIED FROM APPLYING TO BE MONTWOOD’S NEW BAND DIRECTOR – A teacher at Helen Ball elementary was arrested at school this week over charges of causing injury to a child which were preceded by accusations she pinched and scratched a child.  Olga Najera was previously under investigation at another school for inappropriate behavior, so it seems she had a history of being rough with kids.  No further details were available regarding the arrest and it is not known if it is for abuse that happened to a student at school.  As far as local teacher scandals go, Olga Najera will probably be commended for not molesting the students.  Sadly, this is an improvement over the other times local teachers have been arrested.  (

NOT ALL THE DEVELOPMENT IN THE UPPER VALLEY IS POINTLESS SPRAWL, SOME PEOPLE ARE DOING SOME AMAZING THINGS WITH THE UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT IN EL PASO’S UPPER VALLEY – Kudos to Josie Karam and Second Chance Wildlife Rescue for turning a priceless 7 acre wetlands site in the Upper Valley into a first of its kind animal refuge and rescue facility.  The organization and their members have been helping sick and wounded animals for decades and it’s good to see an organization like this thrive and expand its scope.  While most of the development in the Upper Valley seems to fall into the category of strip mall and/or McMansion, it’s nice to see something unique that preserves the natural beauty of the area.  So be sure to donate time or money to this wonderful group if you really want to help out a great local organization.  And if you ever find a wild animal that needs help, you can call Second Chance Wildlife Rescue to lend a helping hand.  (


WELL, THAT WAS A PRETTY HORRIBLE STORM – Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and, although the initial landfall was devastating to the towns north of Corpus Christi, the most widespread damage occurred farther north in Houston.  Thanks to the storm’s weirdo track and stationary wandering, the storm ended up dropping more than 40” inches of rain in and around Houston and created devastating floods that have left tens of thousands of people homeless.  This one was one for the record books.  Get well soon, Houston.  (

WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE PIKAS! – The American pikas of California’s Sierra Nevada may be the most adorable victims of global warming yet.  Scientists from the University of California, Santa Cruz have found a large population shift in the pika population around Lake Tahoe as the animals seek a colder climate higher up in elevation.  Although, other pikas in North America have adapted to increasing temperatures, the population shift in the California pika is troubling because it may lead to the disappearance of the pika entirely form this area.  So please, even if climate change has no major impact on your life, think of the cute little pikas next time you want to pollute the world.  (

IF HURRICANE HARVEY WASN’T ENOUGH, NOW WE HAVE IRMA TO LOOK FORWARD TOO – In the wake of the disaster in Houston, now we have Hurricane Irma toiling away in the Atlantic with its sights set on the Caribbean and America’s east coast.  So be prepared, these new super heated waters throughout the globe are going to feed a lot more powerful hurricanes in the future.  (


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