Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 08/18/2017

SUNLAND PARK WAS DOING SO WELL AND THEN ……. BAM!, THEY FIRE THEIR CITY MANAGER FOR NO APPARENT REASON AS RUMORS OF CORRUPTION ARISE – Sunland Park did the most Sunland Park thing possible this week when it fired City Manager Bob Gallagher without warning.  To make matters sketchier, no real reason was given for his firing which brings up more questions on what the fuck is going on in Sunland Park.  Nothing says transparency and honest government like firing the City Manager and then not giving the public a proper explanation.  Bob Gallagher, himself, went so far as to accuse the Sunland Park government of asking him to do illegal and skeevy things and of reverting back to their old ways.  If these accusations are false, Sunland Park officials have more than enough ammo to hold Bob Gallagher accountable for slander.  But in this case, the Sunland Park government’s silence is deafening.  You were doing so well, Sunland Park.  (

REJOICE!  CHILE HARVEST SEASON IS UPON US – Hatch and the rest of the greater Mogollon region have started the annual chile harvest that will bring us tons and tons of delicious green chile that will in turn begat red chile.  Although Hatch is the king of chile production, various parts around Las Cruces and El Paso also grow their own delicious green chiles.  So whether you’re a major chile growing operation, a chile lover with plants in your garden or just someone who loves to eat them – the start of the chile harvest should put a big smile on your face.  (

IN TYPICAL AGGIE FASHION, NMSU GOT A BREWERY FROM ALBUQUERQUE TO CREATE AN “AGGIE” BEER INSTEAD OF USING A LOCAL LAS CRUCES BREWERY.  WAY TO SHOW COMMUNITY PRIDE, NMSU – New Mexico State University just announced the creation of Pistol Pete’s 1888 Ale in association with Albuquerque’s Bosque Brewing Co.  Normally beer news is awesome news, but the fact that NMSU ignored the local breweries and went to Lobo territory to create their beer is leaving many with an ultra bitter IPA taste in their mouth.  Maybe next time NMSU can research the services available in Las Cruces before running off to Albuquerque to act subservient to the Lobos.  Hopefully the Las Cruces breweries create Mayfield High and Las Cruces High beers that are stronger and higher selling than Pistol Pete’s 1888 Ale.  (


IT’S BEEN A CRAZY WEEK FOR TERRORISTS WHO LIKE TO USE CARS AS WEAPONS – Two major terrorist attacks occurred this past week involving cars hitting pedestrians.  First, a white power terrorist used his car to hit anti-Nazi protesters in Charlottesville last weekend then a Muslim Extremist terrorist used a van to hit innocent people in one of the most pedestrian heavy parts of Barcelona.  Dozens of people were killed or severely injured as a result of these attacks and the world has to be strong and fight back to prevent these extremists from hurting innocent people.  All extremists are scum and their terrorist actions will not be tolerated.  (

IF YOU THINK FLOODING IS BAD IN THE LOWER VALLEY, WAIT TILL YOU SEE WHAT SOUTH ASIA HAS TO DEAL WITH – Parts of Nepal, Bangladesh and India have been hit so hard by monsoon rains that they are experiencing extreme floods that threaten to reach historic levels.  Over 16 million people have been affected by the floods and the biggest risk to most of them is disease and lack of food once the flood waters go down.  So if you’re looking at donating some money to a charity in the not too distant future, maybe you can spare a few bucks for any organization that will try to help after the floods end.  (

SCIENTISTS HAVE FINALLY DISCOVERED THAT THE REASON SIMPLE MINDED ENTERTAINMENT IS SO AWESOME AND CREATIVE IS BECAUSE OF ALCOHOL! – For years, society has romanticized the idea of the loose cannon artist who does nothing but drink and do drugs and is thus creative because of his freedom from obligations.  Turns out there might be some truth to that stereotype (a very small amount, but it’s a start).  Recent research has shown that one drink improves certain aspects of creativity, but that excessive amounts of alcohol (obviously) destroy any cognition or functioning.  So if you want a creative boost, maybe you should drink a beer or a nice little snifter of brandy.  Now, if you’ll excuse us, the staff of Simple Minded Entertainment will be at the bar in order to make this site as good as it can be.  It’s a sacrifice.  (


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