Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 07/28/2017


WORLD’S WORT FUNDRAISING ORGANIZATION ASKS GOVERNMENT FOR MORE MONEY BECAUSE IT’S NOT GOOD AT FUNDRAISING – One of the more absurd items in the El Paso 2012 Quality of Life Bond vote was the Mexican American Cultural Center.  No one in the city actually wanted this thing, since El Paso is like 99% Mexican, and the last thing we need is a fucking building to stroke our ego.  But certain “Latino Champions of the People” in City Hall pushed for this asinine project in order to come off as “leaders” for the “poor Latino masses of El Paso”.  The project was so pointless that only a few million was earmarked for the project in the hopes that it would be built quickly like the Digital Wall (remember that project) and then forgotten and placed on the back burner.  The “activists” kept on bitching, however, and the project ballooned in scope and will now wrap around the Abraham Chavez Theatre like some sort of government parasite and will cost tens of millions of dollars.  Part of this compromise for expansion involved a non-profit formed by the “activists” and “Latino Champions of the People” that would spearhead the project and raise millions of dollars to match the increased funding the city was willing to put up.  Naturally, the idiots were incompetent and managed to not only fail at fundraising but actually lost money in the process.  But at least a couple of dumbasses got some cash for being “executive directors” and “board members” and to pretend to raise money.  So now the people in charge of fundraising are giving up and just asking the city to give them all the money to complete their dream project that no one really wants.  Fuck, it’s not like the idiots running this thing know anything about real Mexican American culture.  Just paint a mural with some Aztecs on the side of some random building and put up pictures of Cesar Chavez inside and they can pretend to be enlightened Latino warriors.  Heaven forbid the city use tens of millions of dollars for important things like roads and public safety.  (

TXDOT IS FINALLY GETTING AROUND TO FIXING THE REST OF I-10 ASIDE FROM THE AREA AROUND UTEP.  ALTHOUGH TXDOT ALREADY KNOWS HOW THEY ARE GOING TO SCREW THINGS UP, THEY’RE STILL HOLDING MEETINGS TO HEAR THE PUBLIC’S INPUT AS THEY ROLL THEIR EYES – The “Reimagine I-10” feasibility study is the latest public input project from txdot to go along with their “Go 10” project and every other project that they come up with every few years with “10” in the title.  They are asking for public input on how to improve multiple segments of the I-10 corridor from the New Mexico state line to the Fabens/Clint area, so if you have a concern with I-10 (don’t we all) go to the public meetings and let them know your great idea.  If enough people bug them, txdot might actually do something about it.  As long as they add more freeway access points (especially between Zaragoza and Lee Trevino), and make sure the Gateway has full connectivity over the entire length of the freeway the project should be moderately successful.  And would it kill them to finally connect Pendale under the freeway along with all those other streets that awkwardly end at the freeway and then pick up on the other side?  (

AT THIS RATE, ONE DAY CHICO THE CHIHUAHUA WILL BE ON THE OFFICIAL CITY LOGO GLEEFULLY RIDING A WRECKING BALL WITH NO CLOTHES – If you like corn mazes AND Chico the Chihuahua, we have some great news for you.  It has just been announced that the official theme for the upcoming La Union Maze will be the El Paso Chihuahuas and feature Chico’s giant head right in the middle.  So if you just can’t get enough of Chico now you’ll be able to get lost inside him ……. okay, that sounded weird but the maze promises to be cool and PG-rated.  So go check out the maze come Autumn and support drunkenly wandering around corn fields and anthropomorphic dogs who sell you cheap beer on Thursdays.  El Paso loves Chico the Chihuahua almost as much as it loves booze!  (


LOST AMONG THE DAILY SHUFFLE OF NEWS ITEMS, IS THE PLIGHT OF THE PEOPLE OF YEMEN AND THEIR ONGOING SAUDI-INFLUENCED CIVIL WAR.  THIS IS US ATTEMPTING TO GATHER ATTENTION FOR THIS IMPORTANT NEWS STORY.  PLEASE READ – The BBC just published an excellent report by Orla Guerin on all the problems being faced by civilians in Yemen that their government is trying to sweep under the rug.  The conflict in Yemen between the government and Houthi rebels has been going on for 2 years and it has not helped that Saudi Arabia has decided to use the situation to project its “power” in the region and make things that much worse.  Although North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, Brexit and random terrorist stories get most of the limelight when it comes to international news in America – the situation in Yemen is something that more people should know about.  The sanitation and medical issues facing civilians in the country are massive and it’s possible that Cholera will end up killing more of the population than guns or bombs.  If more people pay attention maybe the US government and UN will focus a little more attention on the Saudi-led clusterfuck in Yemen.  (

TURNS OUT KIDS AND YOUNGER GENERATIONS AREN’T REALLY BETTER AT USING TECHNOLOGY THAN EVERYONE ELSE.  THEY JUST THINK THEY ARE BETTER AT IT THAN EVERYONE ELSE.  THANKS TO SCIENCE WE NOW KNOW THAT ALL GENERATIONS ARE JUST AS FULL OF SHIT AS EVERYONE ELSE – “Digital Natives” was a term coined by trendy educators a few decades ago to imply that children that grow up with computers and new technology develop super powers that let them adapt and learn those new technologies faster than everyone else and in the process need to be taught differently because they can magically multi-task better than everyone else.  Turns out that whole “digital native millennial magic” idea was a bunch of crap.  Research by Paul Kirschner from the Open University in the Netherlands shows that the “digital native” idea is mostly a myth and that all people learn and deal with technology in similar ways and that major changes in educating young people in relation to technology is not particularly effective.  To summarize, just because your fucking kid can play a video game on a tablet does not mean they are fucking geniuses who will one day become tech billionaires and thus need “special treatment” at school.  (

SO ……. STEVE BANNON SUCKS HIS OWN COCK – This week Donald Trump continued to be a complete, fucking cunt and failed miserably in regards to ending Obamacare, fell deeper into the Russia pit as well as saying many stupid ass things as usual.  But nothing sums the incompetence of the Donald Trump team more than the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci who then proceeded to talk to a reporter and go on the record with a profanity-laced rant against “leakers” and the White House staff that included the horrible mental image of Steve Bannon engaging in self-fellatio.  Donald Trump is a true role model for the country and the evangelicals in the red states should be proud that they voted for him.  Some people say that the Scaramucci hire and rant was part of an elaborate distraction campaign to cover up the Obamacare fiasco and the additional Russia news that came out this week, but that’s giving these idiots wayyyyyyyy too much credit.  (

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