Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 07/23/2017


IT’S MONSOONAGEDDON 2017!  EVERYBODY RUN FOR YOUR LIVES – The yearly monsoon has taken up residence in the western part of North America and that means vital rain has come to Paso del Norte and the surrounding Mogollon region.  While the rain is a welcome sign in the desert, sometimes too much of it can cause problems for some people that bought houses that were built on top of arroyos or flood plains.  Naturally, the local media lives for making mountains out of mole hills and decided to turn a sinkhole on the Westside and the yearly flooding in Socorro into end of the world front page news.  Though hats off to KDBC for going beyond the absurd and turning some random resident’s idiotic suggestion to bring in the National Guard to protect 5 houses into the main scope of the story.  This is the equivalent of a child asking for Superman’s help because he dropped his ice cream on the floor and then KDBC running a headline that reads, “Superman Expected To Help Children In El Paso Soon!  How Will Duranguito React?”.  So enjoy the rain and never buy a house that was built on land that used to be an arroyo or a flood plain.  Just because you can bulldoze over an arroyo, doesn’t mean that it should be bulldozed.  ( /

ONE DAY EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD WILL HAVE A LAWSUIT OR SOME SORT OF LEGAL PROCEEDING PENDING AGAINST BILLY ABRAHAM – Billy Abraham continues to be his old skeevy self and nothing will ever change him.  Billy Abraham literally killed someone and went to prison and he’s back with crazy business transactions and conflicts with the government within months of his release.  The latest instance of Billy Abraham being Billy Abraham has a state judge accusing Billy of perjury and other things for allegedly trying to get one of his friends to lie to the court over the exact date the elevator at the Toltec Building was shut down.  The elevator in his building was never going to be repaired, so a normal person would have just shut down the elevator on the date ordered by the government and try to make any necessary changes to keep at least part of the building habitable.  Or better yet, just sell the damn building if you can’t afford to fix it.  That’s not the Billy Abraham way, so instead he kept the elevator running and tried to get his elevator repairman friend to lie about the dates and the working status of the elevator in a court setting.  And just to make things wackier, he involved his mom in the entire communication chain that got him in trouble with the judge.  Needless to say, Billy Abraham will just get off with a slap on the wrist and continue being Billy Abraham.  Nothing can stop Billy Abraham.  (

FOR YOUR EDUCATIONAL MORSEL OF THE DAY, WE SUGGEST YOU READ STEVEN COTTINGHAM’S HERALD POST PIECE ON ST. ALBAN’S CHURCH IN CENTRAL EL PASO – St. Alban’s is the latest church to be highlighted as part of Steven Cottingham’s excellent series on the history of El Paso’s religious landmarks.  As always, the article is very informative and includes a beautiful photo essay to compliment the article.  So go check out the El Paso Herald Post and support this and their other excellent historical articles.  It really is a breath of fresh air to have someone do historical research on a building and then publish all the facts in an easily accessible article.  Maybe Max Grossman and the other so-called historians in Union Plaza can use this as a template and actually publish the history of the buildings in Union Plaza instead of using anecdotal evidence to create their mythical Duranguito Neighborhood.  At least one person is doing good historical writing in El Paso.  (


CHECKING UP ON VENEZUELA, IT’S STILL NOT IN A FULL BLOWN CIVIL WAR BUT IT IS PRETTY DAMN CLOSE – Tensions continue to rise in Venezuela as the majority opposition National Assembly appointed 33 judges to the Supreme Court much to the chagrin of President Nicolas Maduro.  Although the National Assembly is within their right to appoint the judges, Maduro is desperate to cling to power and this will weaken his control over the courts.  Not to be outdone, Maduro is trying to re-write the constitution to give himself more power and possibly make himself God-Emperor of Venezuela.  Let’s hope Donald Trump doesn’t read this and gets ideas from Maduro.  So both sides in Venezuela are as far away from compromise as humanly possible and something’s gotta give sooner or later as the crisis continues.  At this point, anything that doesn’t end in a civil war would be considered a success in Venezuela.  (

NOW IF SOMEONE CAN JUST WRITE A SCIENTIFIC PAPER ON THE “ANAKIN EFFECT” AMONG YOUNG ACTORS – Peer reviewed scientific journals are the most up to date and accurate sources of information in the world, but due to the growth in global communication and the internet some low tier “scientific” journals have popped up over the years that have threatened the sanctity of the entire peer-reviewed journal process.  Thankfully, we have scientists and science aficionados that are keeping the ever growing journal industry honest by exposing the charlatans in the community.  One of the more humorous attempts to expose these quack journals is highlighted on the Discover Magazine blog and is based on the much derided Midichlorians mentioned in the Star Wars prequels that supposedly give Jedi’s their force powers.  You might not hear a peep about Midichlorians in the new trilogy, but at least they live on in scientific papers!  Do yourself a favor and read the entire absurd paper that was submitted and actually published by a few “journals”.  Star Wars prequel references have never made more sense.  (

THE ANNUAL SAN DIEGO WAITING-IN-LINE CONVENTION WAS A BLAST! – If you like waiting in a line in order to get the opportunity to wait in another line that leads to another line, then San Diego Comic Con is the place for you.  Simple Minded Entertainment is a comic-centric entertainment site and, as such, we made our yearly trek to San Diego for Comic Con.  We had a great time observing what’s new and important in all things comic books, movies, science fiction, video games and more.  So basically we just walked around, waited in lines, watched panels and partied all under the guise of “working”.  Bless you, San Diego Comic Con.  We’ll be back next year.  (


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