Simple Minded Weekly Recap-ITATION! – 06/11/2017



EL PASO’S VOTERS (ALL FIVE OF THEM) HAVE SPOKEN AND THEY HAVE DECIDED TO CHOOSE STABLE, AVERAGE CANDIDATES OVER INCOMPETENT, ILL-INFORMED OUTSIDERS.  AT LEAST EL PASO VOTERS GOT IT RIGHT – The runoff election for El Paso mayor and city council took place on Saturday and Dee Margo, Alexsandra Annello, Cassandra Hernandez and Sam Morgan were some of the major winners in their respective elections for mayor and city council.  While this election didn’t feature any spectacular candidates, the voters elected the most solid choices available and rejected some of the over the top morons that were running in some of the races.  The City Council District 8 race was the only one not decided on Saturday, but the runoff features two decent-ish candidates that won’t (hopefully) do amazingly stupid things at council.  So the upcoming El Paso government should be MUCH better than what we had before.  (

IN HINDSIGHT, CHARGING MONEY FOR PEOPLE TO GO INTO ASCARATE PARK FOR A FESTIVAL THAT DOESN’T INVOLVE A COPIOUS AMOUNT OF DRUGS IS A PRETTY STUPID IDEA – El Paso County Parks and Recreation Director Eric Storrie was fired right after the completion of this year’s Sun City Fair and some sources are saying it was because of the lackluster results of the event that many attribute to his poor management.  Regardless of the situation, Eric Storrie is a useful scapegoat for Ascarate’s troubles but the main issue still remains that El Paso County should not be in the “parks” business and should stop wasting taxpayer money on this and merge their few parks with the City of El Paso.  El Paso County charges a fee to enter Ascarate and the Sportsplex and their parks are STILL in worse condition than the City of El Paso parks that are completely free!  Just save everyone’s tax money and create a metropolitan parks and recreation department run by the city that runs all the parks in the area.  Maybe if the parks were free and not run by incompetent El Paso County officials things like this wouldn’t happen.  It says a lot when you can make the City of El Paso government look amazing in comparison.  (

CONGRATULATIONS TO UTEP’S TOBI AMUSAN AND EMMANUEL KORIR FOR BRINGING TRACK AND FIELD NATIONAL TITLES BACK TO THE SCHOOL – The 2017 NCAA Track and Field National Championships are in the books and UTEP came back with a pair of major wins.  Emmanuel Korir repeated as 800m national champion and Tobi Amusan won the 100m hurdles national championship (the first championship for UTEP in that event).  UTEP also had some other athletes with good finishes at the meet and it was a great end to the season for the Men and Women’s Track Team.  Those performances were flashbacks to UTEP’s dominant track teams of the ‘70s and ‘80s that brought multiple national titles to El Paso.  Shine on, UTEP!  (


IN NEWS OF THE HYPOCRITICAL, SAUDI ARABIA HAS ACCUSED QATAR OF FUNDING TERRORISM.  THE SAME SAUDI ARABIA THAT ENCOURAGES RADICAL MOSQUES ACROSS THE WORLD AND THAT PRODUCED MOST OF THE 9/11 HIJACKERS – Because the world is stupid and Donald Trump seems to have emboldened all the dictators of the world, Saudi Arabia has pushed other gulf states to join in on an economic blockade of Qatar because of “terrorist links”.  Nobody is going to point out Saudi Arabia’s hypocrisy because this is obviously just Saudi Arabia bullying Qatar as a way to show dominance in the region and engage in yet another dick measuring contest with Iran.  But just to reinforce the hypocrisy, the very same Saudi Arabia that supports its own weirdo extremist sect of Islam around the world and that is currently driving Yemen to a catastrophe for selfish reasons is accusing another country of having “terrorist links”.  (

THE BRITISH PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN WITH THEIR VOTES AND THEY DON’T TRUST THEIR CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT.  THE CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT HAS RESPONDED BY JOINING FORCES WITH A BORDERLINE RIGHT WING EXTREMIST GROUP TO GET A MAJORITY.  FUN TIMES IN ENGLAND! – Last week the British people went to the polls after Prime Minister Theresa May called for an election and they responded by voting out multiple members of her party from parliament and eliminating their majority in the government.  So it was a borderline disaster for her and her “mandate” going into Brexit.  Not to be outdone, she has joined forces with the Democratic Unionist Party to get enough seats to have a majority government.  Up until a few years ago, DUP was considered a fringe, right wing, extremist party from Northern Ireland.  But now they are partners in Britain’s leadership as they head into Brexit negotiations!  Good show, Theresa May.  That’s leadership straight from Trump University!  (

MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST LET THE BUMBLEBEES TAKE OVER DETROIT.  THEY CAN’T DO A WORSE JOB THAN THE HUMANS – A recent study of bee populations in Michigan by Paul Glum at the University of Michigan found that bees are now being found in higher concentrations in Detroit than have been found in other urban or suburban areas of Michigan.  The main theory is that the urban exodus in Detroit has left pockets of unused lots that are now filled with native overgrowth that provides tons of areas for bumblebees to gather pollen.  Either that or bees would rather chill in Detroit than other cities in Michigan for some reason.  (


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