Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION! – 05/28/2017


IT WOULD BE AN INJUSTICE IF JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL DIDN’T NAME IT’S NEW STADIUM AFTER EDDIE GUERRERO – After decades of having to play “home games” at Bowie High School, Jefferson will finally get a stadium starting in the 2017-2018 school year.  The stadium doesn’t have a name yet and the district is working out the details, but it would be a travesty if the stadium were not named after Eddie Guerrero.  I can’t think of any famous football or track athletes to come out of Jefferson, but Eddie Guerrero was on the Jefferson wrestling team and eventually became a professional wrestling champion and a WWE legend.  Sure, wrestling doesn’t happen on the field but it’s still a part of Jefferson’s athletic legacy.  And for those of you who say professional wrestling isn’t a real sport, feel free to get in the ring and let the wrestlers know how you feel.  Let’s make Eddie Guerrero Stadium a reality!  And if you go by Wikipedia, the only other famous Jefferson alum is Richard Ramirez the Night Stalker.  So Jefferson either names its stadium after Eddie Guerrero or a serial killer.  Hopefully Jefferson High School makes the right choice.  (

A GREAT WEEKEND FOR WATER LEVELS AT ELEPHANT BUTTE MAKES FOR A NOT SO GREAT WEEKEND FOR RV CAMPERS PLACED TO CLOSE TO THE WATER – Officials at Elephant Butte Dam say the lake is at the highest level seen in 8 years and the waters continue to rise thanks to the high amount of snow that fell in the winter up north that is finally melting and flowing to the Rio Grande.  The lake is over 24% full and increased flow should make the levels rise until it reaches its peak in the summer.  This is great news for a region that has been hit by drought and dry conditions over the past few years.  This is, however, bad news for people that decided to put their vehicles and campers close to the water days in advance in anticipation of Memorial Day crowds.  The rising waters mean that some of these people will arrive to partially submerged property once they get back to the lake.  But if ending the drought means a bunch of dumbasses get their fancy camping equipment flooded, then so be it.  (

IT’S LIKE CANNES IN THE DESERT – The 6th annual EPISD Student Film Festival was held recently and the submitted films have been placed online.  Hundreds of films and videos were submitted by students from around the region and the results are pretty damn good.  Though the festival comes in under the radar, the films and students deserve much more attention than they currently get.  So if you have some time, go to the official film festival website to check out the selected submissions and find your own favorites.  I recommend the fake movie trailers.  Some of those trailers are so good I’m actually disappointed that I’m not able to see the fake movies they are advertising.  (


WORLD’S DUMBEST TERRORIST ATTACKS ARIANA GRANDE CONCERT.  YES, THE STRATEGICALLY SIGNIFICANT AND EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ARIANA GRANDE CONCERT – Tragedy struck in Manchester when an idiot suicide bomber blew himself up outside of an Ariana Grande concert as fans were starting to leave the arena.  Of all the important political meetings and events occurring in Europe this week, a suicide bomber decided to end his life attacking a fucking Ariana Grande concert.  If they weren’t so stupid and worthless, terrorists might be an actual threat to the government and western society as a whole.  Fuck the terrorists and long live all the innocent people who died in Manchester this week.  (

YOU MEAN I NOW HAVE TO WORK UNTIL I’M 70 TO GET A CUSHY RETIREMENT?  I QUIT.  I’M JUST GOING TO BUY A BUNCH OF LOTTERY TICKETS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS – According to the World Economic Forum, the increase of life expectancy in the developed nations to 100+ levels is having a serious impact to retirement ages.  It is recommended that retirement ages be raised to at least 70 in most developed nations to try and minimize the impact of rising life expectancy around the world.  Even then, the rate of young workers to retirees is getting smaller and drastic changes will have to be made to our system to ensure that retirement plans exist for future generations.  To summarize, unless all the old people die from some crazy pandemic … we are screwed.  (

FIRST THE ROBOTS CONQUERED CHESS, THEN THE ROBOTS CONQUERED GO AND NEXT THE ROBOTS WILL CONQUER LIFE ITSELF – Google’s AlphaGo AI super program has defeated many great human Go players and it can now add the world number one, Ke Jie, to its list of victories.  Google’s DeepMind has already reached the peak of Go artificial intelligence and now the world of AI research seeks to find the next peak to climb.  I recommend that the next game they take on is Battletoads for the NES, that game is hard.  Many people fear the rise of artificial intelligence but I, for one, welcome our new game playing robot overlords.  (


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