Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION! – 05/07/2017


THE FIRST ROUND OF ELECTIONS ARE IN THE BOOKS AND IT LOOKS LIKE MOST OF THE RATIONAL CHOICES EITHER WON OR HOLD A LEAD HEADING INTO THE RUNOFF ELECTIONS.  THANK GOD – Dee Margo was the top vote-getter in the El Paso mayoral election, but just missed the 50% cutoff to avoid a runoff and must now face David Saucedo in the final match-up to determine who will be El Paso’s next mayor.  Yup, the same David Saucedo who was deeply involved in the Boys & Girls Club of El Paso during the years when it suddenly became an inefficient mess and who was the “leader” of the non-profit in those final moments when it went headlong into the abyss.  To his credit, Dee Margo has never done something that amazingly incompetent and by default should get everyone’s vote.  Among the other elections, most of the rational candidates ended up with the most votes and have a healthy lead heading into the runoff.  God willing, none of the attention seekers who have made “save the neighborhood, say NO to the arena” their only campaign issue will be elected to office.  It really is amazing when someone from a district that is miles away from downtown decides to spend 90% of their time talking about how the arena should move to the Cohen Stadium site even though none of those areas would have any impact on their district.  But in happier news, Lily Limon lost her city council seat and we anxiously await to see who will wear the crown of most incompetent council member now that she is gone.  GO OUT AND VOTE ON JUNE 10 – THE CITY STILL NEEDS YOUR VOTES TO ELECT THE MOST COMPETENT AND RATIONAL INDIVIDUALS TO OFFICE!  (

THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT TEXAS TECH IS EXPANDING THEIR MEDICAL SCHOOL WITH THE ADDITION OF AN $83 MILLION BUILDING OFF ALAMEDA.  THE BAD NEWS IS THAT THEY USED EMINENT DOMAIN TO BUY OUT A BUNCH OF PEOPLE IN THAT AREA – It’s good to see that Texas Tech plans to expand its research capabilities at their central El Paso medical school, but it still sucks that they keep on using eminent domain in the area to transform the area in their image.  Where are all those “Save The Barrio” and “Anti-Arena” types when it comes to the neighborhoods around Jefferson High School?  I guess the Union Plaza area is more important than central El Paso.  The growth of the medical school shows the bittersweet side of progress, but it is nice to see the medical school/research campus start to grow in this often neglected part of the city.  (

THE RIO VISTA FARM IS STILL ON TRACK TO BE PRESERVED AS A HISTORIC LANDMARK.  THIS BEING SOCORRO, IT’S ALSO POSSIBLE THAT THE PROJECT WILL COLLAPSE IN THE LAST MINUTE AND THEY’LL JUST BUILD A MINI-MALL COMPLETE WITH A BIG 8, A WHATABURGER, A FAMILY DOLLAR AND 20 RANDOM MEXICAN RESTAURANTS – One of the few bright spots among the Socorro government’s constant stream of scandals is the city’s push to restore the Rio Vista Farm and create a historic attraction in the process.  $50,000 in state and federal grants have recently been secured for the project and the planning stage is well on its way for this great development.  Let’s just hope the city doesn’t change its mind and decides to turn the land into an ineffective drainage pond instead.  (


THIS WEEKEND, THE FRENCH PEOPLE DECIDED TO USE THEIR BRAINS WHILE VOTING AND ELECTED A COMPETENT INDIVIDUAL OVER AN OVERBEARING, RACIST MORON WHO WANTED TO BLAME ALL THEIR PROBLEMS ON OUTSIDERS.  MEANWHILE, IN AMERICA … – Emmanuel Macron has been elected president of France after defeating nationalist Marine Le Pen this weekend.  Macron was a centrist candidate who stood against most of Le Pen’s vile and ignorant views about “outsiders” and her skewed view of the problems facing the world.  He received over 66% of the vote and many saw this as a referendum against horrible “nationalist” movements that had swept through England and America over the last year and threatened to spread to other developed nations.  Now the tough part starts for Macron and it appears he will need to form a coalition of different parties to run the government because his party is so new that it has no representatives in the government and getting a majority in the next election will be a tough challenge.  Good luck, Monsieur Macron.  (

FOR GLOBAL WARMING’S NEXT TRICK, IT WILL CHOP OFF A HUGE CHUNK OF ANTARCTICA CREATING THE WORLD’S LARGEST ICEBERG – A massive 110 mile long crack in an ice shelf in Antarctica is rapidly widening and this will soon lead to massive chunk of ice sliding off the continent and into the ocean.  This event will push sea level rise, impact climate and ocean temperature in the area, confuse satellites and cause mapmakers to go back to their workshops and re-draw Antarctica.  There is very little that can be done to stop this and scientists are just monitoring the situation and hoping that the breakage slows down.  This isn’t an end of the world scenario, but it goes to show the many changes that global warming can cause on a global scale.  It’s amazing that even with things like this in the news, people still refuse to acknowledge that global warming exists.  Then again, these are the same people that believe the Devil is responsible for homosexuality.  Because Lucifer has nothing better to do than to go down to Buttfuck, Alabama and tell people where to stick their dicks.  (

THIS IS PROBABLY A LOW POINT FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, BUT THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG – This week, Republican congressmen banded together to “kill” Obamacare even though few, if any, of them had read the bill that would take health care away from many innocent people.  To summarize, most of the Republicans in Congress would gladly let people die just so they can lick Donald Trump’s ass and make him feel good.  This is pretty horrible, but it should be noted that many Republican Congressmen voted against the bill and the bill is already being viewed with contempt by many people on both sides in the Senate.  Now we wait to see if the Senate will modify the bill to try and force it through or if they will actually do the decent thing and allow the thing to die so that sick people don’t have to lose their health insurance.  Here’s hoping the Republicans in the Senate have balls, brains and heart – because the ones in Congress are practically Ken dolls in Donald Trump’s toy box.  (


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