Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION! – 04/23/2017


JOHNNY FLOREZ IS A LEGEND IN LAS CRUCES, AND THE SURROUNDING REGION, AND HE NEEDS A HELPING HAND.  LET’S PAY OUR RESPECTS TO THE MAN WHILE HE IS LIVING – Johhny Florez is a mariachi ambassador who has been playing in Las Cruces, and beyond, for decades and who has been a fan of the genre for more than 85 years.  He’s such an influence on the Las Cruces music scene that the city gave him his own day in 2014.  Johnny Florez has been fighting cancer for the past few years and now he needs help with some payments.  It’s tough to be handling a major disease and having to struggle with your bills and it is a very humbling experience to ask for help.  So for everything he has done, the entire community of Las Cruces and across the region should dig into their pockets and give him a little help if they can.  More information can be found at the link.  (

STOP ME IF YOU’VE HEARD THIS ONE BEFORE.  LOU FERRIGNO AND AARON JONES WALK INTO A BAR – El Paso Comic Con came and went this weekend and it was a pretty good event.  One of the more amusing side anecdotes of the whole thing involved Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) showing up for a pre-NFL Draft party at Spirit of ‘66 to support UTEP running back Aaron Jones as he attempts to enter into professional football.  He apparently gave Jones some words of advice and the whole things sounds pretty cool.  So mark your calendars for next year’s El Paso Comic Con, because you never know what random adventures will be had in local bars involving celebrities and UTEP athletes.  Also, good luck to Aaron Jones at this week’s NFL Draft.  (

IF YOU’RE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND RELICS, IT IS LIKE THE CHURCH’S VERSION OF POKEMON ……. BUT WITH HOLY OBJECTS! – A good portion of Catholic churches have relics within them that represent holy artifacts from the history of Catholicism and most are out in the open available for viewing to all.  The churches in El Paso are no exception and many feature unique relics within their walls.  The  El Paso Herald Post website has an excellent photo essay and article on some of the relics found in a few of the local churches that cannot be missed.  If you love history, religion or just like to see unique things; a tour of El Paso’s religious relics is something that might be right up your alley.  (


JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THAT THINGS COULDN’T GET ANY WORSE IN VENEZUELA ……. THINGS HAVE GOTTEN WORSE IN VENEZUELA – After three weeks of increasingly violent protests in Venezuela that have left multiple people dead, it seems like the whole country has gone to the streets demanding an end to the current shit show of an administration that is “leading” the country.  Just look at any of the pictures or videos online from the weekend protests and you will see a massive sea of people marching in cities all around Venezuela.  Even someone as stubborn and deluded as President Nicolas Maduro is getting nervous over this and is trying to establish talks with the opposition.  But it’s probably a little too late for “talks” and the masses in Venezuela might finally have enough support to overthrow the morons that are running the country into the ground.  (

FRANCE HAS VOTED AND THEY REALLY DON’T LIKE THEIR RULING PARTIES.  TWO “OUTSIDERS” WERE THE TOP CANDIDATES IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND NOW THE ELECTION WILL GO TO A RUNOFF – One of the top two finishers in France’s election is Marine Le Pen (the female version of Donald Trump), but luckily most of the country hates her and her opponent Emmanuel Macron looks to have support from multiple factions and should win the run off.  The most important take away from this whole election is that the two parties who have had the presidency for over 50 years did not even qualify for the runoff and that an “outsider” will be president of France.  Although there is a fear that crazy right wing nationalists are the only ones that can win when the establishment crumbles, Macron has shown that centrists and progressives can also win in these situations.  So let’s just hope that Marine Le Pen doesn’t pull of a miracle and win or we’ll end up with some sort of super depression in Europe that collapses the world’s economy.  (

THESE NEW GIANT VIRUSES WILL KILL US ALL!  AHHHHHHH! – Scientists have discovered so-called giant viruses that are often bigger than bacteria and have a complex genome that takes them very close to having full autonomy.  The virus/giant virus/new type of life form is known as Klosneuvirus and is being studied by the Joint Genome Institute.  The giant virus has not decided to kill anyone, yet, and is not really that big, all things considered.  So we’re safe for now.  But if this virus starts growing and learns to use weapons, watch out world!  This is exactly how those craptacular horror movies on Syfy channel start.  (


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