Simple Minded Daily Recap-ITATION – 04/02/2017


ONE OF BETO O’ROURKE’S STRENGTHS IN HIS RUN AGAINST TED CRUZ FOR SENATE IS THAT HE ISN’T TED CRUZ.  A RANDOM PIECE OF GARBAGE ON THE FLOOR WOULD MAKE A BETTER SEANTOR THAN TED CRUZ – Kudos to Beto O’Rourke for having the balls to run for Senate even though the odds are wildly stacked against him.  After months of speculation, he officially started his campaign this weekend and will have to get through a tough Democratic Primary before he even gets a chance to go after Ted Cruz.  Beto O’Rourke isn’t perfect and he has his flaws, but he is way better than Ted Cruz and most of the people currently in the Senate.  So be sure to support Beto O’Rourke in his campaign and go give him a listen if he’s in your area.  He’s been a great public servant for El Paso in the local and congressional level and there’s no doubt he would do great in the Senate.  (

CONTINUING THE CENTURIES LONG TRADITION OF CORRUPT MEXICAN POLITICIANS FLEEING TO EL PASO WITH THEIR ILL-GOTTEN GAINS, EX CHIHUAHUA GOVERNOR CESAR DUARTE IS CURRENTLY HIDING OUT IN EL PASO – The current governor of Chihuahua, Javier Corral, is on an anti-corruption binge and has declared the ex-governor a fugitive from justice over allegations that he abused his power while in office to gain land and business opportunities.  Naturally, Cesar Duarte ran like the wind and is believed to have crossed into El Paso and hiding out in the area.  It should be noted that these are “alleged” instances of corruption and he sort of deserves his day in court.  But the evidence is pretty solid and, since Interpol is now involved in the manhunt, it is safe to assume that ex-governor Cesar Duarte is probably a little on the corrupt side.  Here’s hoping the roles are reversed and one day we are reading about a manhunt in Juarez looking for Greg Abbott and Donald Trump who were ousted for being corrupt and incompetent.  (

WATER IS COMING BACK TO THE RIO GRANDE!  HOORAY! – Because of canals, the dam and extensive farming; most of the water that should be in the Rio Grande in the El Paso area is strategically diverted and gradually released back into the Rio Grande from the Caballo Lake reservoir.  So by looking at how much water was released into the Rio Grande we can determine how bad of a drought we are having and if the Rio Grande will sort of look like a river in the summer months.  Although farmers aren’t getting a full allotment of water from the reservoir this season, it’s been years since that has happened, the water flow reaching farmers via the river is greater than previous years and possible snow melt later this year will hopefully lead to a larger release later on.  So far so good and let’s hope for more water in the Rio Grande soon.  (


THIS WEEKEND MORE PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF MUD THAN DIED BECAUSE OF TERRORISTS.  THE WORLD HAS A SHITLOAD OF PROBLEMS AND SOMETIMES PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION TO THE WRONG THINGS – Although terrorism is bad, abject poverty and piss poor infrastructure is a larger problem that is currently facing the world.  Over the weekend, more than 250 people lost their lives as a result of mudslides and flooding around Mocoa, Colombia.  The worst is not over, as many more people are still missing, and it seems like it will be weeks before clean running water and electricity are brought back to the community as a whole.  This is an avoidable tragedy that could be remedied with better infrastructure and better planning and it is these types of issues the world should focus on fixing.  This problem isn’t limited to developing nations and even major countries have large issues involving infrastructure and planning.  So let’s hope governments around the world get the idea and start spending money on important infrastructure and utilities and not pointless things like, say, giant guns and pointless walls in the middle of the desert.  (

I BET DONALD TRUMP GETS AN ERECTION EVERY TIME HE READS ABOUT ALL THE HORRIBLE THINGS THAT NICOLAS MADURO DOES – Venezuela was one step closer to a full blown dictatorship last week when the country’s supreme court declared that congress had no legislative powers and that everyone should bow down and obey Generalisimo Maduro.  This angered most of the country and, after tons of protests and signs of disgust from even the most avid Maduro bootlickers, the court reversed its decision and gave congress its limited powers back.  But we were real close to Venezuela becoming North Korea Jr. last week and that was very scary.  At least Trump’s America isn’t Venezuela ……. yet.  (

AND OUT COME THE WOLVES.  THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA IS THE FIRST ENTERTAINMENT UNION TO TRY AND RE-UP THEIR CONTRACTS IN THE MIDST OF THE CHEAPO STREAMING BONANZA THAT HIPSTER FUCKS ARE CALLING “PEAK TV” – The WGA is threatening a strike as it becomes the first major union to negotiate contracts after the rise of streaming TV content on places like Hulu and Netflix.  Normally broadcast TV was the major league of television and the medium that commanded the highest pay for writers and other creative types.  But now that broadcast is getting similar ratings as cable and streaming, something’s gotta give.  The new contract will either see a reduction in pay for broadcast content, what the corporations want, or a rise in the pay for cable and streaming content, what the writers want.  A compromise will have to be reached in order to avoid a strike, but it’s pretty hard to root against the writers when the major entertainment companies are claiming record profits one minute and then claiming to be stuck in poverty the next.  Add to this the rather nebulous accounting and claims by the secretive streaming services and we have a situation where if streaming services are making money it’s only because they are paying the creative types sub-cable money to create the hours of pointless content found in practically every corner of the internet.  And we won’t even get started on the horrible health insurance quagmire they’ve got themselves into.  The writers really have an uphill battle ahead of them.  Good luck trying to get any money from online only services that may or may not be making money depending on what random formula you use on any given day.  (


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