Simple Minded Monthly Recap-ITATION! – December 2020 – FINALE EDITION


2020 WAS A PRETTY CRAZY YEAR.  WHAT DO YOU THINK? – I’m not a fan of dragging things out, so I’ll just come out and say it.  This will be the last Simple Minded Recap-ITATION! In its current sardonic, news-regurgitating form.  The recap-ITATION! will still pop up occasionally for other recap purposes and maybe our periodic news reviews will return some day, but for now we want to take Simple Minded Entertainment in a new direction for 2021 and focus more on “entertainment”, music, movies and other forms of time-wasting.  Who knows, you might just see an expansion of our company in a year or two.  2020 was a year for the ages and the COVID-19 pandemic is perhaps the biggest black swan/dragon king/dragon swan event that most of us will ever experience and the biggest such event since World War II.  So what better time to change course than after one of the craziest years on record.  We hope you enjoy what we have to offer in 2021 and may we all have a great new year (all 4 of you who visit this website)!  (