Simple Minded Monthly Recap-ITATION! – November 2020


IT’S BEEN A PRETTY BAD MONTH FOR THE REGION WHEN IT COMES TO THE PANDEMIC.  SO KUDOS TO THE STUDENTS AT JEFFERSON HIGH/SILVA MAGNET FOR COMING UP WITH THE “#STAYPOSITIVE TO #TESTNEGATIVE” CAMPAIGN TO MOTIVATE EL PASOANS TO STOP SPREADING THE DISEASE.  I WOULD HAVE JUST COME UP WITH THE “#SHUTTHEFUCKUPANDWEARADAMNMASKYOUFIDGETYFUCKSTHATCANTSTAYAWAYFROMABARFORMORETHANTHREEMONTHS CAMPAIGN – El Paso and the Greater Mogollon region suffered through the worst of the pandemic earlier this month, but things have been looking up lately and it seems we have worked hard enough to lower the infection rate.  We are still waiting to see if the Thanksgiving holiday and the upcoming Christmas season brings a new surge, but I’m hopeful that we – as a community – are not that stupid to let this happen again.  So kudos to everyone who worked hard to get people to comply with restrictions and for everyone, like the Jefferson-Silva students, who put on a brave face to keep things positive during the worst of the pandemic so far.  Let’s do everything we can to stop the spread and not overload our hospitals.  (

AARON JONES, ALVIN JONES, KHALID, CHICO THE CHIHUAHUA AND OZZY THE BAT ARE ALL GETTING INTO THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT AND HELPING OUT PEOPLE IN NEED.  NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY – Things might be a bit bleak at the moment, but many people and anthropomorphic animals are fighting the good fight and doing great things for the community.  From giving out food to the needy and collecting toys for Christmas, El Paso celebrities are going the extra mile to help the community.  So big thanks once again to Aaron Jones (go buy his cereal, it also helps charity!), Alvin Jones, Khalid, Chico The Chihuahua, Ozzy the Bat and everyone else who is donating time and money to make our community great.  Let’s just hope that Chico and Ozzy don’t sell all the toys for cocaine money.  We all know that Chico and Ozzy are El Paso’s top party animals.  (

GET WELL SOON, JUNO THE ELEPHANT – For many life-long El Pasoans, Juno the elephant has been around since they were young and is one of the earliest memories they have of the El Paso Zoo.  Juno underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor from her mammary gland earlier this month and it appears that she is doing well.  We hope that Juno wins her fight against breast cancer and gets to brighten the lives of more El Pasoans for years to come.  Don’t forget to send your prayers and well wishes to Juno to help her pull through.  (


CONGRATULATIONS, AMERICA, YOU PICKED A COMPETENT LEADER IN JOE BIDEN INSTEAD OF A CORRUPT MORON FOR PRESIDENT.  THOUGH IT’S STILL SCARY TO KNOW THAT BECAUSE OF THE STUPID ELECTORAL COLLEGE THE VOTE MARGIN WAS NOT AS MASSIVE AS THE NATIONAL VOTE INDICATED – Even though Donald Trump continues on his toddler-like tantrum over the results of the election, Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.  The new Biden administration is taking shape as more people are chosen for his cabinet, and other positions, and it is a breath of fresh air to see a diverse and experienced mix of individuals listed for the new administration.  After years of inexperienced white male sycophants at the head of the government, we might finally get some normalcy and efficiency back in the federal government.  We just have to survive another month and a half of Donald Trump’s tantrums and bullshit election fraud conspiracy theories.  (

GOOD NEWS, MULTIPLE COVID VACCINES ARE ON THE VERGE OF BEING APPROVED AND DISTRIBUTED.  BAD NEWS, THE SECOND WAVE IS UPON US AND VACCINES WILL NOT MAKE AN IMPACT UNTIL THE VIRUS NATURALLY DIES OFF SOMETIME IN THE MIDDLE OF 2021 – So the coronavirus pandemic is still raging on and the dreaded 2nd wave looks to have already begun.  After months of a steady infection rate in the US, there have been big increases seen already in multiple parts of the country this November – including in El Paso.  With winter approaching, it looks like the COVID-19 spread will get a lot worse before it gets better.  On the bright side, if we survive the upcoming spike things will get much better in 2021 and it might finally taper off if it follows the pattern of pandemics in the past.  Plus we now have fairly effective vaccines that will probably speed up the end of the pandemic.  We just have to keep holding on and then the “Roaring ‘20s:  Part 2” will be upon us!  (

LOOKS LIKE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS GOOD FOR A LOT MORE THAN JUST BEATING AUTISTIC CHESS MASTERS AND SERVING AS A CONVENIENT MOVIE VILLAIN – Researchers at DeepMind have used AI to predict the shape of proteins formed by amino acid chains.  This is one of the keystones of all life and scientists have spent years in the past trying to figure out the shape of different proteins.  Now with AI, the results can be predicted by powerful computers in a fraction of the time.  The results were announced as part of a protein folding competition – and yes, it is amazingly cool and nerdy that a protein folding competition exists.  The information is too complex to be explained by a smart-ass blurb on sarcastic website, so please read the full article and any other info you can get on this.  This is very, very interesting and groundbreaking stuff!  (